We have met the enemy and it is us

Go ahead, make my..

We have met the enemy and it is us … The cartoon character ‘Pogo’ knew well of what he spoke. If you missed Mark Levin last night and his tête-à-tête with Sidney Powell unraveling the connection between Mueller, the infamous Andrew Weissmann, and the real purpose behind the special counsel’s dirt-digging (and the ultimate already-planned outcome) the link is provided down below. Additionally, believe me when I say that the extensive accompanying expose` featured from ‘sundance’ and his team over at Conservative Treehouse can’t be read and absorbed in one sitting. It needs to be addressed one chunk at a time, a little like the old adage of ‘how do you eat an elephant? – one bite at a time’.

Yours truly is not, nor ever has been, one for over-extended hyperbole, but the true fact of the matter is that there are evil forces at work, and have been since the infamous electoral cave-in illustrative of the DemoRINOcrat defeat on the evening of November 8, 2016 when the assured ‘shoe-in’ of Hillary Rob’em (I’ll never, ever, forget Billy-Bob doing his little jig when the early results were overwhelmingly towards Rob’em) flew right off the radar screen into eternal oblivion. Almost (she has, after all, already laid out a possibility for 2020) – strewth!

The president swamp-draining…

As was very evident at the time, the left couldn’t believe it. Especially the deep state big fake news media and government bureaucracy.

Enter into the arena a president of unprecedented accomplishments in recorded United States history, and the apoplectic media and their evil surrogate minions (fronted not so secretly by the shadowy DC swamp-dwelling global elitists) join in military-style subterfuge attacks on said president to get him the h***l off center-stage to the world in an attempted impeachment with specious intent.

Make no mistake, patriots, We the People are the enemy. Take heart though from the immortal words of Winston Churchill to Hitler who threatened to twist England’s neck like a chicken during WWII – ‘Herr Hitler will find us to be ‘some neck; some chicken!’

The opener from ‘sundance’ and ‘Media, The Enemy of We the People’…

Michael Isikoff highlighted how media is enmeshed within “Spygate” in February when he admitted his reporting was being used by the DOJ and FBI to advance the political objectives of the intelligence community. Additionally, FBI investigator Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page were shown in their text messages to be leaking stories from the Clinton Investigation, the Trump investigation, and the Mueller investigation to journalists at Politico, The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. –SEE HERE

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was busted by the Inspector General leaking stories to the media and then lying about it to INSD and IG investigators. FBI Director James Comey admitted to leaking stories to the New York Times, hiring his friend Andrew Richman (off-the-books), giving him access to FBI and NSA databases, and then leaking information to Richman along with another friend Benjamin Wittes at Lawfare blog.

Lest we forget, the IG report on how the FBI handled the Clinton investigation revealed that dozens of FBI officials were actually taking bribes from the media for information:

IG REPORT – We identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters. Attached to this report as Attachments E and F are two link charts that reflect the volume of communications that we identified between FBI employees and media representatives in April/May and October 2016. We have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel that we have uncovered during our review.


Later it was revealed that Andrew Weissmann, Robert Mueller’s #1 special counsel prosecutor, was coordinating investigative efforts with the full support of four AP reporters who were giving Weissmann tips. That is information from journalists, provided to Weissmann, for use in his court filings and submitted search warrants.

Make sure you grasp this: The AP journalists were feeding information to their ideological allies within the special counsel.

Nuts; simply, well, nuts.

Link to extensive completion down below…

So, let’s take stock … Some senior admin concocted ‘the insurance policy’ (Mueller / Weissmann etal) and the Russia collusion ‘investigation’, the intent being to cover up, hide, obscure, and destroy any evidence of the smear; the failed coup; the means, methods, and persons involved by legal, or illegal means; intimidation; subversion; Gestapo tactics; and large scale abuses of the power of both the DOJ and the judiciary. 

They would also attempt to ‘muddy’ the waters by attacking, indicting, and using process crimes and intimidation against any and all in the Trump Administration; including anyone on the fringe.This was all concocted in early January 2017, mentioned in the memo by Susan Rice during the meeting on her last day before President Trump took Office; the ‘by the book’ memo and the meeting described therein. There you go. (continued .. see ‘sundance’ link below).

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


See full Mark Levin / Sidney Powell conversation right here

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