Roger Stone predicted arrest raid

Go ahead, make my..

Surprise, surprise (sarc) Roger Stone was arrested a few hours ago by the FBI and charged with 7 counts of ‘criminal activity’ .. Yup, folks, one of those cave in the doors of a private residence at some devilish, dark early time of the morning with the target fast asleep and cart off said suspect in a paddy-wagon in pajamas, bare-assed or not.

Ain’t America great?

No surprise by the way, that Clinton News Nobodies and their cohorts MessNoBodyCares Morning Jo’ had (another ‘surprise, surprise’) TV cameras already positioned for the takedown.

Mmmmmmmm …….. Silly me, and here’s me wondering about the Venezuela mob government when it’s right here among We the People… 

Oh yeah … I forgot, it’s Friday, ‘take-down day’ and Trump has been winning Bigly the past week or so… Wake up folks, the Constitution is calling…

Just this past Wednesday, Tucker Carlson had Roger Stone actually predicting what was about to come down…

Absolutely insane double standard. But, but, Hillary… But, but Obama … But, but, Comey; Clapper; Brennan … But, but, Mueller and his cohorts … The FBI has, most basically, been rotten since its inception. When the Swamp denizens (see: Obama, Hillary, Mueller, Pelosi, etc) collide and collude with their fellow swamp-dwellers in the top levels of the FBI, this is the sort of travesty one can expect:

Stone has his house raided for using leaked materials revealing Hillary Rob’em as a criminal. The Left is despicably evil.

Suffice to say this (like all the other middle-of-the-night-raids) is a bit excessive to arrest a senior in the middle of the night who is not a flight risk. They are sending a message to everyone. Fear your government, and do NOT go quietly into the night…

Time for today’s (make it a rather LARGE one this time) MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J Trump – MAGA!


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