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Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

OBO the Clown Prince of bloviators droning on and on and on and on about a non-scientific phenomenon at the Global Warming Conference yesterday in Paris. The only thing that is changing anything on earth are these pompous tyrannical narcissistic global government shills bloviating their foul breath into an atmosphere of blatant fear. To say that this nincompoop is way out of his depth is only confirmed by his ignorance of the metaphorical yank-staff used in vaudeville for real bad acts. Real Vaudeville shows would Drop the Cow on bad or overly long acts with “the hook”, a shepherd’s crook extended from offstage to pull away the performer. Those beeps! beeps! beeps! you hear in the video at around the 8:50-minute mark is the frantic UN trying to get this idiot off-stage. You can tell by his teleprompter demeanor that he doesn’t believe anything of the trash he’s speaking about. The Liar-in-Thief lying through his teeth yet again, a doofus indeed, and an embarrassment to We The People for his boorish and semantic behavior before the world press. There is NO global warming!

OK, now on to some real down-to-earth facts about what he was just droning on about, and the findings from almost 20 years ago of a study known internationally as The Vostock Ice Core Record, the results of which have been purposely omitted from the Global Warming/Climate Change Cabal because of the inconvenience of its end results. No “hockey stick” nor changing rising heat numbers to conform to fake results to suit an agenda from this research, titled simply…


Opener from Joe Martino. The global warming debate is one of the biggest topics of the last few years. It makes its way into the political, financial, environmental, entertainment and social arena. While it appears as though the verdict is in and we are in fact responsible for the recent warming, we must take the time to really look at all the possibilities here. What will be presented in this article is an in depth look at data from research done at the Vostok station in the Antarctic. Hardly new data, it still remains more of a quiet topic as it without a doubt, draws questions to how big our role is on global warming. Don’t confuse this with environmental degradation, it is more than clear that as humans we are completely destroying our environment and we need to stop, but it’s important to know the full details about what we’re doing.

The research (known internationally as The Vostock Ice Core Record) was done over many years by a group of Russian and French scientists. Why it is important to know who did this research is because we can better remove the potential bias due to financial or political gain. Before we jump into the data, I want to make it clear that this is not false data, made up or hypothetical, it is very real. One final note, when it comes to the treatment of our environment I will be the first to say that I do not agree with the use of harsh chemicals, fossil fuels, clear cutting, dumping, toxic waste disposal, etc. I know that what we are doing to our environment is a serious issue, but is very overlooked due to the attention and distraction global warming creates. We need to change our ways, but global warming is not the biggest issue.


420,000 years of Vostok ice-core record...

420,000 years of Vostok ice-core record… Click to enlarge

So, how are we able to ascertain the global temperatures from the last 400,000 years? Core data, kinda like reading a factual book that is 99.9% correct. Different techniques are available. One of them (most likely the one related to this article because of the Delta seen on the graph) is the difference between two isotopes of oxygen trapped in the ice. The formula is O18/O16 or the other way around and it gives you the purity of the air. Thus the less pure, the more other components you have. Also analysis of pollen trapped in solidified mud can give hints of what type of vegetation was present at a certain location, which would be correlated to the temperature of the area. Many other techniques are used but I only know the use of these two.


Joe Martino: From what I have seen, every interpretation of the data published in science journals, or other places around the internet who have shared the information, all conclude the same thing. “According to Barnola et al, (1991) and Petit et al, (1999) these measurements indicate that, at the beginning of the deglaciations, the CO2 increase either was in phase or lagged by less than 1000 years with respect to the Antarctic temperature, whereas it clearly lagged behind the temperature at the onset of the glaciations.”
(Barnola, J.-M; D. Raynaud; A. Neftel; and H. Oeschger, 1983. “Comparison of CO2 measurements by two laboratories on air from bubbles in polar ice”. Nature 303:410-13)

Also we know the level of emissions that humans add to the the system as we measure that. What we don’t know for sure is:

  1. How much of it goes into the atmosphere truly.
  2. How much converts to limestone and never sees the atmosphere.
  3. Whether or not CO2 has any affect on temperature. While the current hypothesis is that it doesn’t, it has yet to be proven for certain.

Fact of the matter is, the cycle suggests we are heading to a major cooling period, and do we really think our incredibly small addition of CO2 is truly going to reverse this entire cycle?


Once I began research downloading and reading actual studies (I did, after all, graduate in Mechanical Engineering decades ago!!), including some by Dr. James Hansen, I realized that they are understandable to me, a “layperson”, and that Dr. Hansen, and other scientists’ studies, USUALLY do NOT come to the conclusions assertively expressed in biased op eds, most often written by people who have an agenda bias towards one or the other positions on this topic. For my own part, having researched this issue extensively, I have come to a somewhat solid conclusion that climate change is caused, primarily, by the interaction of the Sun, cosmic radiation and the various constituent gasses of our atmosphere. I won’t go into detail here as I very likely would bore the reader. However, it is fairly well known that the Sun is capable of “blowing away” a lot of the cosmic radiation which impacts our planet when it is most active, and more cosmic rays hit the atmosphere when the Sun is relatively quiet. Cosmic radiation is theorized to interact with gasses in our atmosphere to create more clouds, and thereby reflect more radiation from the Sun, making the planet cool down over time. Or something to that effect!

What a lot of hot air!

What a lot of hot air! Click to enlarge…

The converse would be true when the Sun is more active over greater lengths of time within the variability of its own cycles. There may also be periods of time when we are exposed to greater amounts of cosmic radiation as a result of our Solar System’s location in its orbit around the center of the Galaxy. Currently it is my understanding that we are at a point in this orbit when the Solar System will be rising “above” the plane of the ecliptic of the Galaxy, and therefore may be subjected to greater cosmic ray exposure. It is also interesting to note that it is during these periods, which occur roughly every 60-70 million years, that we see the mass extinction events(!) Maybe, perhaps, one of these periods would be instrumental in getting rid of global warmists/climate changers for ever and putting the true science to bed once and for all…


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