Giggle queen ascendancy nightmare

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Check this out with me … THE CAL/SF power cabal, been in operation for donkey’s years: Pelosi; Willie Brown; Newsom; Kamala Harris; various state legislators; octogenarian senator DiFi., all of which takes place in the most radical part of California; San Francisco wields the most power in Sacramento and a lot of equivalent power in D.C. The current crop of dangerous demoMarxocrats know that any “Official D” from California will get millions of votes, so they ran a black female who was as ineligible as the prior rogue they ran (aka OBO#44), whose father was a British Citizen and Pelosi signed off on it as a high ranking demoMarxocrat on the forms to the various secretaries of state. Mayhem!

San Fran Nan brought us sanctuary city; people crapping (pardon my language as my mother would insist) openly in the street, and remaining naked on the street as they did so. Then her nephew by family ties, Gavin Newsom devolved California into a sanctuary state, even as illegals were raping and killing Californians at will. In the meantime the giggle queen was sleeping her way to the top level in the state, all as Willie Brown’s mistress while he was (gulp!) still married. Now she’s very well positioned to take over when the demented village idiot becomes so far off in space, he will manage to fall asleep on TV.

Giggle queen ascendancy nightmare. Overpowering stench of nepotism.

Giggle Queen’s parents were both foreign citizens at her birth, thereby she’s not a natural born citizen. Worse yet her record is pathetic even against jailed black inmates in California. She’s done absolutely nothing whatsoever to distinguish herself, preferring to nervously laugh and giggle at very serious issues inappropriately, especially when put solidly on the spot; which is a sure sign of neurosis. But the scurrilous demoMarxocrats have given us two molesters in the last 30 years together with an ineligible black man, so why not an incompetent ineligible black woman?

As for OBO#44 he appealed to the Muslim Brotherhood in his Cairo incendiary speech; brought the Brotherhood to power in Egypt; and strengthened the Brotherhood everywhere in all its variations (Hamas, Hezbollah, CAIR, Squad, etc.) both domestically and abroad. The Egyptians were quick to deal with these terrorists to the point where OBO#44 is not allowed to return there, yet half of American voters reelected this monster.

And now we’ve morphed dementia Joe. What next?!

Rajan Laad, American Thinker: ‘Why Kamala Harris?’ …

When Joe Biden declared Kamala Harris his running mate in the 2020 election, it perplexed many among his allies and detractors. Why on earth did Joe opt for a relatively youthful individual who makes him look even older than he is in contrast?

What caused Joe to choose somebody who lambasted him during the primaries and accused him of racism?

It has to be remembered that Kamala couldn’t win a single state during the primaries and was compelled to drop out before the election commenced. She, therefore, brought no electoral benefits to Joe. Joe had pledged to select a female running mate.

But among the myriad able, capable, and respectable female politicians in Washington and around the country, why Kamala? Before there could be any more questions or speculations, the liberal media began the celebrations — even where I am, in India.

She was a woman who had pigment in her skin. She was biracial, her mother is from India while her father is black and from Jamaica. Since diversity is the flavor of the moment, she satisfied all the criteria with flying colors.

There were fawning interviews, obsequious television profiles, and copious flattering magazine articles.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that the sinister puppet-masters pulling Joe’s strings were behind this, they knew Joe wouldn’t last long owing to his rapidly declining cognitive abilities. At some point, Kamala Harris would replace Joe as president so that the far-left agenda can be implemented. [-]

[+] … Afghanistan is another crisis during which Harris appeared largely missing in action, despite claims that she too was involved in the decision to withdraw. She continued with her trip to Asia which involved a stop in Vietnam, which many saw as awful timing considering the incidents in Vietnam are quite similar to those unfolding in Afghanistan.

Her lack of skill as a public speaker and as a foreign policy operative became apparent as she showed considerable hesitation for every syllable she uttered.

She struggled to answer questions about Afghanistan and her poorly timed giggles continued. In fact, her performance was so atrocious that she eventually refrained from taking questions. A BBC correspondent said that she made America appear like an ‘incompetent, uncaring and unreliable’ ally.

It is now amply obvious why Biden’s handlers chose Kamala. They saw in her someone who was so inept and amateurish that she made the somnambulist Joe look like the brighter one.

Joe may be an utter fiasco, but he still isn’t the completely calamitous catastrophe that Kamala Harris is. Kamala Harris has made Joe unimpeachable.

It was a cynical but smart move by Joe’s handlers. Sadly in all this chaos, the future of the United States of America is like that of a kite dancing in a hurricane.

The crisis in Afghanistan is merely the beginning. [end]

Giggle queen ascendancy nightmare. JoeBamaHarris & ‘killing America’…

Just as the demented village idiot was OBO#44’s insurance against being impeached, the giggle queen plays the same role for dopey Joe. Historically no one has paid much attention to the VP choice, typically chosen to secure a section of the country that the Presidential candidate was weak in. Hopefully after the disaster that the giggle queen is, we will have learned our lesson and won’t vote for a ticket in which the VP is so incompetent as to be nothing more than impeachment insurance fodder for the Presidential candidate. Oops!

We must maintain of course, that we have a Constitutional mechanism for removing an incompetent president — Article 25. Just because giggle queen will be a disaster doesn’t mean we should fail to do the right thing. When she does something impeachable as president – one assumes within 24 hours – she should be impeached. Fear should not stop us from doing what is right.

And interestingly, on several occasions, the dementia-riven village idiot has offered that he would freely step back and make way for her to take the title, should it be deemed appropriate. To which mostly everybody replied “that’s OK, Joe – never mind”. Keeping him around as the Bungler-in-Chief is our best way to drive home the unmitigated incompetence of the demoMarxocrat Party for all to clearly witness. But I guess on the other hand, that with Commie giggle queen squawking like a hawk, we’ll still get the unmitigated incompetence, so it’s more than likely just a wash!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-president Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to reinstate a valid presidency to the Constitutional Republic – MAGA! KAG!


Rajan Laad, American Thinker: Why Kamala Harris?

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