RNC refused Jan 6 vote & got Biden

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“In government, the secret is Integrity. Use it, and you’ll be like the polestar: always dwelling in its proper place, and other stars turning reverently about it. If you use government to show them the Way and punishment to keep them true, the people will grow evasive and lose all remorse. But if you use Integrity to show them the Way and Ritual to keep them true, they’ll cultivate remorse and always see deeply into things.” ~ Confucian Analects

As Joe Hoft puts it in Gateway Pundit: “Whose side are these guys on? The Republican Party acts like they are stepsisters of the corrupt Democrat Party. These people are lost without Trump. Today [yesterday] the Republican leadership and Ronna McDaniel provided their take on US citizens and soldiers being murdered in Kabul. Republican leadership doesn’t seem to know that none of this would have happened if they stood behind election integrity and demanded the 2020 Election be fully forensically reviewed before anyone was certified in the election. Instead, McDaniel and Republican leadership stood behind senile Joe Biden.”

RNC refused Jan 6 vote & got Biden. When tyrants shrill in vain redoubt all Hell breaks loose…

“Now as the result of their efforts to remove President Trump from power, the world and Afghanistan are blown apart.  As of this writing, 10 US servicemen are dead and billions in US military guns, planes, and choppers are in the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Well done Republicans. You always seem to amaze us all.”

So far, Republicans have done nothing to correct the fraud that occurred in the Nov. 3 election. Although a number of states wrote and passed some voter integrity laws, none have banned voting machines in going forward. Furthermore, laws were already on the books in many states where the processes were illegally changed by others than what their state legislature laws required. Although Arizona has done a partial forensic audit, a final report has yet to be reported, and the AG is only stripping away 10% of the county’s election funding if they do not comply with the subpoenas.

Also, every swing state where a forensic audit is requested has been obstructed by Republicans, such as the Maricopa Co. Supervisors, the GA. Sec. of State, the WI. House Speaker, the MI. Senate leader, and the PA Senate leader, all RINOs. If these RINOs cannot be displaced during the 2022 midterms, then maybe all MAGA and America First supporters should finally dump the GOP and create a new Trump Party.

Terry Paulding, American Thinker: ‘Are we Helplessly witnessing America’s Destruction?’ …

We have a complete lack of integrity in every facet of our government, leading to a lack of faith by the people. Is it ironic to choose ancient Chinese wisdom to explain this? Nope. What we have done by installing Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrat-run Congress is sell our country’s soul. The beneficiary will be the Chinese communists. Hopefully, we haven’t gone too far to wrest it back if we can just wake up our impotent congressional toadies and weak-wristed courts and demand that they find the cojones to take appropriate, immediate, drastic action to end this threat to our existence.

The worst, most in-your-face example, by far, is what’s happening in Afghanistan. Coupled with our chaotic border, we are inviting a violent and destabilizing reign of terror aimed squarely at our homeland.

The Biden administration was installed through deceit, and it is rapidly (finally!) becoming an albatross, even to Democrats. Biden’s actions have exposed the abject degradation of our government … We knew that Biden sold out to the Chinese well before he assumed office, and he proves it every day, with the most recent example being his plattering up billions in sophisticated weaponry, served like luxury hors d’oeuvres, for our enemies to take from within Afghanistan, and turn against us. Even if it all goes to Pakistan, not China, terrorism against us will serve them … [-]

[+] … The inhumanity of Biden’s ineptitude is treasonous, and I’d never use that word without intention. Listen to our citizens’ anguish. They face torture and death, and they know it. They are trapped, with nowhere to turn and no faith in the military and our government to rescue them. The government doesn’t even know how many people need rescue. [-]

[+] … We who endeavor to live with integrity have always seen through the farce. We’ve shouted, but nobody listened. Greed and a thirst for absolute power permeate our government-tech complex.

Biden used Hunter as a playing piece as he sold out to China, so the Chinese have moved ever closer to power over us. But it doesn’t even stop with him. Everyone, from the highest echelons of power to the Deep State peons, has a stake in our ruination for their personal gain.

Too bad we’re all getting the bill. Their gain will prove illusory, as our economy and strength crumble. The greatest country in the world could be destroyed in just a few months more. We can only hope it’s not too late to stop it. [end]

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RNC refused Jan 6 vote & got Biden. When tyrants shrill in vain redoubt the good guys get forgotten…

James Madison architect of our constitution put it this way: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – Biden, Harris, Schumer, shifty-Schiff, Pelosi etall are neither moral nor religious. They hate religion and America as a founding nation of Christianity.

So the question remains are we old enough to do something about it aside from snivel? Once we acted as if we thought we were free. Now, cringing in fear from CDC lies we obey. President Donald John Trump for all the faults thrown at him from the egregious demoMarxocrat leftists, was indeed a legitimate President. Following the November coup and the shenanigans of January 6, we have unwittingly become morphed into a satellite of China. RNC refused Jan 6 vote…

So are we willing to be free or do we want it as a gift from the State. Patrick Henry today would bluntly say “Eleftheria i thanatos” ~ (The Motto of Greece) – Make no mistake about it. These are the direct consequences of swallowing and acquiescing to a STOLEN ELECTION. Demented village idiot Biden and his hideous giggle queen is just a puppet of those who pulled off the heist. This is now a de facto Banana Republic, without rule of law, without honor, and – as you might infer – without integrity. Time for real President Donald John Trump to take the stage yet again for the sake of saving the Constitutional Republic!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!