Historic dopey-joe vote-fraud team

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FACT – nearly every person with power and prestige today hates America and regular Americans. President ’45 promoted America and We the (90 million+) People and was succeeding “hugely”. The demoMarxocrat Left couldn’t allow that and thereby stole the election from ’45 and We the (90 million+) People. Then they impeached him twice, sabotaged his presidency and are still attempting to destroy him. Not only him alone, but also We the (90 million+) People who actually put him in place! The demoMarxocratRINO Left and their media talking heads even have major corporations and organized religion ranting firmly against Patriot Christian Americans, followed now by the Health Care Industry in full lockstep, pushing compliance with government mandates and endorsing the punishing of individuals who won’t obey the government/media dictates.

Then along comes a topsy turvy demented village idiot having been hidden in a bunker for God alone knows how long, arising in hell-bent fashion on “repeat after me – We’ve assembled the most extensive vote-fraud team in history” – to which we can all take him at his word on that one. But just WHO gave it to him – just who is calling shots for topsy-turvy idiot? Joe Biden is a bad president because he wasn’t elected, his mind is constantly failing, AND because he’s a man of the lying, evil, leftist demoMarxocrats. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It is absolutely all!

Historic dopey-joe vote-fraud team. 54 years of snake-oil evil intent slowly eats itself…

The village idiot isn’t just anti-American. He’s not even an ideolog. He is however, another sleazy, grifting, professional pol working the process as he has learned over his 54+ year career in federal politics. The blame lies with the political system and what it requires of people who want to survive and prosper within it. OBO#44 administration’s corrupt incompetence and the consequences of it all are simply byproducts, not causes.

It’s a mistake to label him an ideologue just as it is a mistake to blame his dementia for his current run of stupidity and atrocious decisions. He’s always been a grifter, a loudmouth, a party hack, and a dumb SOB (pardon the lingo, but…). The entire purpose of his existence in the Senate was to do as his party bosses and paymasters demanded. Every word out of his evil mind has been calculable nonsense for whatever political advantage he thought it would bring at the time. Historic dopey-joe vote-fraud.

The man is utterly unprincipled, and ought to be put away for life. If not to be totally executed along with the other half of his cabal. Just like his raucous sidekick Ted Kennedy before him, they’re all utterly outrageous consequential traitors to our American sovereignty. Period.

Antoinette Aubert, American Greatness: ‘It’s Not the Dementia, Stupid’ …

The conservative media have stopped whispering the word dementia. When discussing the horror show in Afghanistan and Joe Biden’s many failures, dementia is being blamed, loud and long. This is a mistake. Blaming dementia is in its own way letting Biden off the hook. After all, no one can help getting old and sick. Tucker Carlson even said he feels sorry for this poor, addled old man, who just got 14 U.S. service members killed. In playing the dementia card, conservatives are, once again, snatching defeat from certain victory.

The problem is not Biden’s illness. The problem is Biden’s lifelong commitment to the left-wing ideology of America hatred. To blame dementia is to let Democrats off the hook for a half-century of disasters.

Throughout 2020, Biden was portrayed as a moderate by the mainstream media and NeverTrumpers, but I repeat myself. I suppose when the opposition is Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), even Lenin looks like a moderate. The truth is that as a senator, Biden’s voting record was to the left of Barack Obama. For his entire long career, Biden pushed state overreach and America-last foreign policy. All of the actions Biden has taken so far as president are completely in keeping with his history.

Biden didn’t start hamstringing our allies because of age-induced dementia. In 1975, Biden told President Gerald Ford he would not vote to protect our allies in South Vietnam; not one penny for protecting our endangered allies. As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden refused to even attempt to save those in South Vietnam who had aided the United States. Biden insisted that our South Vietnamese allies be left to the mercy of an enraged Vietcong. [-]

[+] … This disaster did not happen because a very old man is very old. This is an anti-American leftist following the same playbook he has used his entire life and career. Biden has always rewarded America’s enemies and punished America’s allies. Biden of 40 years ago did the same thing supposedly dementia-stricken Biden does today.

This is what the Left is and what the Left believes. America’s enemies first. America last. Biden is not a bad president because his mind is failing. Biden is a bad president because he is a man of the Left. Any other left-wing president would make the same mistakes, and cause the same disasters. That is the salient point conservatives must make. Stop feeling sorry for the poor, old, sick man in the White House. Start railing at the left-wing philosophy that damages our country again and again. [end]

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Historic dopey-joe vote-fraud team. 54 years of snake oil evil intent. Lethal enemy prowls in plain sight …

The days of simply coasting on a defunct American reputation of strength, integrity, freedom or whatever current propaganda myth is being floated by pollsters is OVER! The people of Delaware must be a bunch of lazy, shiftless, corrupt, good-for-nothing scofflaws and criminals, and instead of liberty from sea to shining sea, there’s nothing but corruption from golf course to gutters. The people of DE deserve much blame and condemnation for the very existence of dementia Joe’s faux-ministration. There are those of the opinion who believe most people would vote for the panhandler or any number of homeless people before they’d cast a vote for this village idiot, yet Delaware did so for decades and decades. Just who was he paying off?

The village idiot is just that, nothing but an avuncular avatar with no power – a symbol to bring just enough idiots to the polls, with prevarication enough to win by fabricating only hundreds of thousands of votes, not tens of millions. And those all nothing but fraudulent! Historic dopey-joe vote-fraud team.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump waiting in the wings to resume his commitment to MAGA! – KAG!


Antoinette Aubert, American Greatness: It’s Not the Dementia, Stupid

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: Grieving Mother of Marine has FB, Instagram Suspended over Joe Biden

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