Obo#44 lackey Paul Ryan offs maga

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Paul Ryan, like the Bushes, is a simple-minded, undisciplined fool who only managed to accumulate wealth by deceiving taxpayers and ignorant donors. He, and his merry band of stooges, will be the albatross president Donald John Trump hangs around the neck of DeSantis, were he to be stupid enough to allow it. Most “wannabe’s” thought DeSantis was much smarter than that but it definitely doesn’t seem to be appearing so. And that’s just for starters!

Apparently DeSantis was completely subservient to Ryan when he was in Congress, becoming part of the specious Freedom Caucus, Boehner’s retirement gift towards preventing Kevin McCarthy from becoming speaker. Eventually settling on Ryan as the ‘compromise’ candidate, DeSantis became one of Boehner’s lackeys backing Ryan for Speaker. Talk about a mess!

Going a few steps further, Ryan was part of the Romney/Ryan Presidential race disaster, Mitt Romney becoming such a monumental wuss that could suck the air out of just about everything – (like a giant wet blanket, for instance) – over-shadowing almost any one in his wimpy beta-male way, that most had forgotten that Ryan was running with him. Two weak males letting everybody down, how could anyone ever forget that? JEB Please Clap becoming the very epitome of the Republican wussie-male offering – Romney/Ryan Reprobates!

Paul Ryan aka globalist rattlesnake…OBO#44 lackey Paul Ryan offs MAGA

Fact of the matter is that people tend to forget who was collaborating with whom whenever any of the sunlight begins to shed its beams on the backs of the impertinent. Ryan, in case you didn’t know, was also involved with Pence and many others trying to get rid of President Donald John Trump way back in 2016, and there was actually somewhat of a campaign floating a Pence/Ryan ticket two weeks before the convention. Talk about “back-stabbers”!

It all coincides with the economic facts. Rinos and demoMarxocrats are indeed bad for the middle class! Bush and OBO#44 each presided over 8 years of declining middle class income. BidenTimeFJB has, so far, presided over almost 2 years of declining middle class income. Warrior-President Trump on the other hand, presided over 4 years of rapidly rising middle class income.

It’s a private club so they can do whatever they want with their own money. If you need their financial backing, as all these candidates do, you will in fact, kiss the ring and do as they say. That was the big “Oh Shit” when Trump came along. He didn’t need them, nor their money. First candidate in modern times that couldn’t be bought right out of the starting gate and they’ve been unsuccessfully chasing after him ever since. Fascist haters that they are!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Corporations Will Win’: Paul Ryan ‘OUTS’ 75 Million Member MAGA Movement….

This interview is excellent news as Paul Ryan delivers a full-throated dismissal of Donald Trump and puts himself as the arbiter of “acceptable republicans” moving forward.

This Big Club operation in public is exactly what we need to see happen in order to wage a war against uniformed enemies within the republican party. Keep in mind, as Paul Ryan talks about winning elections he recently campaigned for Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger in their failed 2020 midterm reelection campaigns.

Nothing about this interview where Paul Ryan positions himself against the blue-collar working-class MAGA movement is bad. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and for Paul Ryan to openly proclaim his anti-Donald Trump allegiances, which will soon evolve into open promotion for Ron DeSantis, will only help the awakening as we highlight the Republican Club strategy for 2024.

As I have said for years, there was no doubt in my mind that Paul Ryan was positioning himself to lead the “establishment” republican wing of the UniParty. He has now openly and publicly embraced that role.  Pretenses are dropping, and that is a glorious thing. However, in reality, Paul Ryan as a candidate for Vice-President in 2012 received less votes in his own state of Wisconsin than candidate Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020.

The ‘America First’ national agenda, both economically and in larger global terms, was not represented in either wing of the UniParty system until Donald Trump came into politics. The economics of the thing, the financial graft that oils the wheels of politics, is the source of all opposition.

On the part where Ryan outlines his view of the current financial situation, I can only laugh in his face.

This is the guy who was Speaker of the House of Representatives when he dispatched regular budgetary order in order to facilitate President Obama’s need for omnibus spending and continuing resolution bills. Obviously, Ryan needs to pretend not to know that, and counting on, as Jonathan Gruber would say, “the stupidity of the American electorate.”

This battle into 2024 is going to be epic and fun.

Ryan named Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott as his three favorites. {source} DeSantis fighting Disney was “really good for him, from a political perspective,” Ryan said. [-]

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OBO#44 lackey Paul Ryan offs MAGA. And all of them traitors to the Constitution…

Paul Ryan is open borders, and globalist excrement. His path is destruction of this country and freedom. He’s nothing more than a loser and a vile, minuscule excuse for a man. Why would anyone listen to the filth and lies that spew from his mouth? Bemused FOXNews putting up with all of this? Anybody wonder just what Tucker and a slight few of others are wondering just what’s coming down?

Difficult to believe this guy led the house for R’s and was our VP candidate – but I guess when we see Romney it all makes sense. Question for Mr. Ryan – was Lynn Cheney a “main stream Republican” he would’ve endorsed? (Of course!). Mr. Ryan also “Gave the House” to Nancy and the D’s and he fought “the wall” tooth & nail.

He’s obviously no friend to conservatives. He would rather lose elections than to allow a MAGA agenda. He’s so concerned about debt but no mention of the $91B “the big guy” funneled through FTX? He became a Never Trumper which precludes him from ever being a “Never Again” Trumper. Obo#44 lackey Paul Ryan offs maga.

Instead of uniting and going after what should be an easy path to the WH, the feckless republicans, party of stupid are self destructing. The demoMarxocrats meanwhile are perfecting their vote-cheating mechanisms for a 2024 victory. Despite record inflation, high energy costs, Ukrainian funding, food shortages and massive corruption, the demoMarxocrats will steal another election while the befuddled American people are told it was the most legitimate demoMarxocrat election ever held. TRULY!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!