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As a codicil to yesterday’s piece on the first 100 days of the Trump Admin, the Democrats have absolutely nothing to show for the 8 years of misery they put us through. Obamacare is in shambles as planned, Afghanistan remains a quagmire, Iran is well on its way to U.S. funded nukes, North Korea is ready to go off the deep(er) end, the Middle East is on fire again, Russia is its old aggressive self, and now Trump is systematically dismantling Obama’s House of Clay regulations and the only thing temporarily propping up what’s left is the illegal actions of far left activist judges.

Result? Democrats are desperate to distract their base and try to show them they still have some sort of power. What did it gain them in opposing Neil Gorsuch? Nothing – in fact, they’re now in worse position after the nuclear option has killed the filibuster. Rumor has it that Kennedy is eyeballing retirement and a similar appointment as Gorsuch would make for a solid 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court and restoration of Constitutionally-guided law for a generation.

Most of us believe Trump will follow through with Repeal, Taxes, Infrastructure and The Wall, but if his only triumph was in appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Court it would have been worth the price of admission. If anything is to be accomplished however, Paul Ryan has got to go and a new Speaker who will push Trump’s agenda is needed. Until that happens, we’ll undoubtedly see more wasted time.

In the meantime, what are liberals to do with the reality of their own powerlessness? In the words of uber-leftist Samuel L. Jackson, who is so vehemently anti-Trump that he makes up racist fantasies out of thin air to make his case – “You have made me very desperate.”

The Desperation will continue… Joseph Smith, American Thinker, “Trump’s 100 days: Democrat rage abounds”..

Amid the flurry of reports on Trump’s first 100 days, one thing is for certain: the president has produced “100 days of Democratic rage,” as a Politico column by Gabriel Debenedetti is titled.

Debenedetti contends that the furious display of outrage and resistance by the party base against President Trump has allowed the Democratic Party to delay a reckoning with its “serious problems”:

Yet Trump’s first 100 days in office appear to have resuscitated the party, if for no reason other than the rank and file loathe him so deeply and furiously. Grass-roots activism and organizing is surging.

… But while the president has generated a vibrant culture of resistance on the left, it’s obscuring the depth of the hole in which the Democratic Party still finds itself.

The party’s damaged brand was a factor in the party’s narrow defeat in the recent Georgia special election, according to Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan: “We had a great candidate and great energy running under a very negative brand.”

Politico observes that the party has “infrastructure” problems as well:

Democrats got dragged back into a redux of the presidential primary fight between Hillary Clinton and Sanders during the first month of Trump’s presidency in the race for the DNC chairmanship between former Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison.

With non-Democrat Bernie Sanders the de facto leader of the Democrat base, and party chairman Tom Perez shouting, “Donald Trump, you didn’t win this election,” it is no wonder that “the Democratic Party is viewed as more out of touch than either Trump or the party’s political opponents,” according to a recent poll:

Two-thirds of Americans think the Democrats are out of touch – including nearly half of Democrats themselves.

What is patently obvious is the loss of government attention to We The People. Much like sanctions against nations that don’t behave only hurt the citizenry (and not the government’s leaders) the power struggles in Washington only prevent the American people from taking back their country.

Consider that Obama, just back from a three-month sojourn somewhere in Polynesia, is almost about to depart on a post-presidential tour making hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech (well, not so much a “speech” as a jumble of words on a teleprompter); Paul Ryan continues to live comfortably in his mansion with a wall in Janesville, Wisconsin; and let us not forget all the arrogant racist-bickering members of Congress on both sides of the aisle who are not exactly going broke (don’t you imagine just HOW 78-year-old Maxine Waters took delivery of her $5 million-dollar mansion in LA?) while ordinary Americans struggle to pay their bills and get consumed by ever more taxation; not forgetting their having to share bathrooms with degenerates, while listening to the likes of Al Gore and others drone on with their specious lies of an imaginary science.

Busted poverty warrior Maxine Waters’ plush $4.5 million LA mansion .. Indoor swimming pool, outdoor gates and walls.

The reality of it all is that it’s been well over twenty years since the tragedy of America’s downfall began with the Clinton debacle, followed by the RINO Bush administration, and topped off with the final nail into the coffin dealt by the Muhammad Obama Islamic cabal. The only people who who have suffered in every one of these disasters are the hard working ordinary Americans trying to do what’s best for themselves and their families. Not one single Congressional member from either side of the aisle has ever paid a price or had to sacrifice anything to make themselves rich and wealthy, whether they were the majority in power or not.

Under their control, Washington D.C. became nothing more than a failed exercise of partisan politics, enriching themselves at the expense of patriot Americans. We the People didn’t look too kindly upon the ruin the great destroyer, Obama brought upon everything he touched, including the total destruction of his own party. He illuminated the extreme left for all to see and we the people didn’t like it. With a new Sheriff in town who doesn’t take fools gladly, the revolution has only just begun to start paying dividends.

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