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Since reality took root and it became increasingly obvious that Donald Trump was about to turn the American political spectrum fully on its head, the liberal Leftists have made it abundantly clear that they will have their way by force if they can’t compete and win in elections. That means that the liberal Left no longer considers winning elections to be the only, or even the priority path to power. In turn, that means that we have no choice but to enforce the law with great energy, including the use of as much violence as is necessary to defeat the now ever-rising violent liberal Left.

The conservative Right on the other hand needs to overcome its fear of exercising power. We are in an either/or situation that leaves us no acceptable alternative to mass arrests and determined prosecution. If “shoot to kill” orders are necessary to stop the lawlessness and revolution, then we should be grateful that we have the upper hand while the Trumpit is in office.

Once back in power the liberal Left will likely never relinquish it ever again and we will be oppressed in ways we never imagined. Currently We the People are now forced by the liberal Left, and by the exigency of survival that they have forced upon us, to declare war on any and all organised, seditious political crime that comes menacingly across our transom. We have laws that prohibit their activities and we had better find the moral clarity and will to enforce them unapologetically, or consciously choose to submit to the hell they have planned for us. If we won’t fight for our freedom and our country, we deserve neither.

As Daniel Greenfield expresses it in today’s FrontPageMagazine …

Daniel Greenfield…

Keep Portland Weird.

After Trump won, thousands of leftist thugs rampaged through Portland smashing windows and starting fires. They threw fireworks and bottles at police. And they caused a million dollars in damage.

A Homeland Security report described the leftist thuggery as domestic terrorist violence.

Who was “Portland’s Resistance” fighting? 73% of voters in Multnomah County had backed Hillary. Only 17% had voted for Trump. The odds that any of the drivers whose windshields were being smashed or the small business owners coming back to a destroyed shop had voted for Trump were vanishingly small.

But the thugs were making a point. Keep Portland weird. Keep it leftist. And intimidate everyone else.

The email that shut down the 82nd Avenue of the Roses parade made that point much more succinctly. “You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely,” it warned.

The parade organizers considered wisely. They asked members of the Multnomah County Republican Party to leave the parade. The Republicans refused so the organizers cancelled the parade.

No more pony rides or face painting for the kids. The #Resistance had struck again.

The leftist thugs had threatened that they would have “two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push them out.”

Direct Action Alliance disavowed the threats and claimed that they only “intended to stand between them and those who they wanted to intimidate.” Never mind that they were the ones doing the intimidating. DAA accused Republicans of “normalizing” Trump. “No Portland child will see a march in support of this fascist regime go unopposed,” they vowed.

And no Portland child will see the 82nd Avenue of the Roses parade at all. Because the left shut it down.

Once upon a time, Portland was known as the City of Roses.  During the first Bush presidency, it earned the nickname Little Beirut for the deranged and violent tactics of the leftist protesters which included the use of blood, feces, vomit and phlegm. There’s no room for roses in the left’s Little Beirut.

And there’s no room for free speech either.

This is reminiscent of the beginnings of the Republican Party and the resistance of the Democrats who were the backers of slavery. It is the Civil War redux. Instead of the enslavement of blacks, it is the enslavement of everyone that is at stake here. One could well describe it as “Antifa – the new liberal Leftist Klan.”

Berkeley protesters causing havoc and mayhem…

President Trump has the authority to go over a Governor’s head and use the National Guard. This is a power that he probably shouldn’t have, because this power in the wrong hands (ie Obama) could use it for their own constitutionally abusive goals. But whoever could have dreamed that a sitting governor would not uphold the law and allow violence to suppress free speech?

Once upon a time this anarchist swamp had another daily paper, the Oregon Journal, which competed for 80 years with the now progressive-left rag, the Oregonian. Atop the opinion page of the Oregon Journal was a quote ostensibly from Voltaire which read, “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

It is curious and dark how a clinically deranged liberal mind works – they can take even the most noble of intents and pursuits and taint them with ignorance and vanity – in this case regurgitating, “I may disagree with what you say, and if I do I will beat you to death if you think you have a right to say it.”

More Daniel Greenfield…

Daniel Greenfield…

The arrogant entitlement of the leftist thugs was summed up by protest organizer Gregory McKelvey after the Inauguration Day riots, when he complained, “I gave the city so much. No freeways. No blocking of transit.”

And the police still broke up the riot after leftist thugs threw bottles, flares and rocks at them.

“The City allowed this cancer of lawlessness to grow to the point where its leaders are now bragging, like some sort of comic book characters, that ‘the police cannot stop us’. But this is no laughing matter,” the Multnomah County Republican Party warned.

“The participation of political parties in public events like the Parade is not only an American tradition, but also reflects the most fundamental constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of assembly.”

And those are the rights that the left is striving to eliminate.

Portland isn’t the only sanctuary space for leftist violence. Berkeley has gone from the free speech movement to the anti-free speech movement. The violent assaults on pro-Trump rallies are aided and abetted by a weak police response. Just as in Portland, the leftist fish rots from the head down.

Hillary won 90% of the vote in Berkeley. Trump finished behind Castro fan Jill Stein with 3.2%. There’s no room for conservatives in Berkeley. That’s the point that Berkeley authorities made when they stood aside and allowed conservatives to be assaulted by leftist thugs.

When leftist thugs attacked Trump supporters at the Tax Day riots in Berkeley, the police did little to stop them. Mesh strung on plastic poles was the only barrier keeping the leftist thugs at bay.

It didn’t last very long.

“If the police went in more aggressively, more people could’ve gotten hurt,” Mayor Jesse Arreguin famously explained.

The “people” who Mayor Arreguin was worried about getting hurt were his thuggish leftist friends from BAMN. BAMN stands for By Any Means Necessary. The name is self-explanatory. The leftist hate group has been linked to “terrorist activities” by the FBI. And to Mayor Arreguin who is a fan of the group.

BAMN organizer Yvette Felarca, a friend of Mayor Arreguin, had boasted after the violence, “If they try to come back, we are going to defend against them again.”

The constant battle against society…

So many young people have been set adrift from parental guidance and authority that we, as a nation, are seeing “The Lord of the Flies” play out before our very eyes. As a former teacher from long ago who stays informed, I can tell you it is not getting better; it is getting worse.

The cultural Marxist’s goal of deconstructing the family has been very successful and the violent minions you see on the streets are a direct result of that goal brought to fruition. Trust me when I say these people will never accede to authority. These are people who were never guided by the norms you and I were raised with and they live for nothing other than to satisfy their most basest of needs.

Multiply what you see in your own town by a million and you will see the depths of depravity we are facing as a nation.

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