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During the first 100 days of the Trump Administration it has been absolutely stunning to witness the rulings from the unelected black-robed executioners acting as District and Circuit Court ‘judges’ without any actionable merit other than their own flailing egos, going against the Constitutional responsibilities of the President. The very same black-robed executioners who wouldn’t stand against the lawlessness of the Obama administration, being rather more complicit in his anti-Constitutional actions that led the nation into eight years of absolute chaos.

One of President Trump’s first actions was to make good on his immigration policy which he forcefully mentioned over and over again during the election campaign. Upon his issuing the required Executive Orders however, we had the holdover deep-state rogue judges nullifying those orders without any opposition.

Unelected judges can coerce states to change natural marriage law but elected feds can’t coerce states to follow national sovereignty. Meanwhile, these same judges coerced states to grant driver’s licenses to Obama’s illegally amnestied aliens. Whatever happened to the States’ and We the People’s rights annotated in the 10th Amendment?

Unlawful bench orders are not legal and therefore do not have to be followed. While conservatives never like to advocate chaos by disobeying a court decision, at what point are we going to draw the line?

James Robart Senior Judge of the United States District Court, Western District of Washington

Congress needs to grow a set and remove impeach these judicial tyrants! There is no excuse for not making sanctuary cities the issue in the budget, so let the minority DemoMarxists go ahead and shut down the government over sanctuary cities.

The Circuit Court judges’ claims that the Attorney General cannot deny grants to cities that actively obstruct enforcement of federal law has absolutely no basis within the law. With these rogue judges tossing out everything Trump is doing on immigration, it is all the more scandalous for Trump to uphold Obama’s illegal amnesty. Congress must put in the budget conservative policy riders, such as codifying Trump’s previous executive order by defunding refugee resettlement.

There is no law that gives federal judges (up to and including the Supreme Court) the authority to review any United States laws or the Constitution. Their actions are a form of treason.

Daniel Greenfield in today’s FrontPageMagazine …

Daniel Greenfield…

When the left lost Congress, it retreated to the White House. Having lost both Congress and the White House, it has retreated into its remaining state governments, corporations and the judiciary. The latter has begun to function like Venezuela’s judiciary. Except it’s functioning not as the arm of a sitting executive, but as the shadow government of a former executive.

Repeated illegal and unconstitutional interference by Federal judges with President Trump’s policies is creating a serious crisis. Nuking the filibuster means that the Supreme Court may eventually be able to resolve some of these crises, but the left is betting heavily that judicial sabotage alone will shut down some moves, such as the travel pause, while running out the clock might give it a shot at Congress.

The scale and scope of the sabotage is unprecedented. As is the crisis that it’s ushering in.

President Trump is being given three choices, to either abandon his key policy initiatives, spend indefinite amounts of time fighting just to begin implementing them or to go ahead anyway. None of these are good options. But they are the work of a left that clearly does not care how much damage it causes.

This power grab, by a small group of unelected, essentially unaccountable people in black robes is deeply harmful to the nation, but here is a proposed strategy (from poster ‘Nahalkides’ on one of the threads) for dealing with DemoMarxists in black robes who are trying to force Hillary Clinton’s policies on us by judicial fiat:

ICE dumping thousands of migrants at Texas bus depots…

1. Trump makes a joint announcement with Republican Congressional leaders that the illegal orders of the Democrat judiciary will not stand, and either higher courts reverse them or they will be ignored and Congress will remove the authority of the courts even to hear such immigration cases using its power under Article III of the Constitution. It is important that he explain to the American people that these drastic measures are necessary because the judges are refusing to obey the Constitution and the law.

2. The DOJ insists on expedited appeals to the Courts of Appeals or perhaps to the Supreme Court. Since the SC’s term only goes through May, the latter might be better as time is short. But the Justices need to understand they have two choices: reverse the lower courts’ orders or affirm them and have their judgments ignored.

3. The Supreme Court rules 5-4 or 6-3 in favor of Trump. If not, Congress goes ahead and removes their jurisdiction and Trump carries out his immigration policy.

Keep pushing them up the chain until the judges get the slap down they deserve.

More from Daniel Greenfield…

The left has gained a great deal of power in part because of its willingness to bend and break the rules in any sector of government. When the left controls the legislature, it demands that a Republican White House defer to it. Even as a minority party, it demands the right to dictate the agenda of the majority. When in control of the White House, it acts unilaterally, ignoring both the legislative and judicial branches. Now, in control of little except portions of the judiciary, it’s pushing that limited power far beyond the boundaries of decency and constitutionality.

The left’s Deep State functions as a mobile dictatorship that pops up and reemerges anywhere. The end of Obama just meant that the mobile dictatorship moved from the White House into sections of the judiciary. And that’s a troubling, but inevitable development. All of this poses a grave threat to the survival of the Republic.

The left’s blackmail comes down to procedural thuggery backed by the feigned moral authority of the media. And the question, as always comes down to whether we are a nation of laws or a nation of leftists.

One hopes that President Trump has learned that he will never be able to enjoy the same power as the demon did before him. He obviously needs to get strong support from Republican leadership before he does his executive orders. It’s no big secret that Republicans need to unify and display resolve, a willingness to fight, and a willingness to confront out-of-control judges and courts. With a limited ‘view’ of what is going on in Washington, it is somewhat disarming to me to witness the lack of support that the president has from his own Party against these judicial swamp-dwelling DemoMarxists.

It would be mightily encouraging to everyone involved to hear a ‘peep’ from Congress about limiting judicial jurisdiction. I can’t imagine what they are waiting for, as it is well within their oversight powers to implement it. And while they’re at it, they should also deny the judiciary any authority over what ‘marriage’ is or isn’t, plus deciding over what each state does or doesn’t legislate regarding the beginning of life in a mother’s womb. As I stated up above – Whatever happened to the States’ and We the People’s rights annotated in the 10th Amendment?

Of course the big part of the problem is that the Republican Congressmen are generally a bunch of eunuchs. Congress has the power to, could, and should, impeach these lawless judges, but it appears to be simply that they don’t have the stones or the resolve to do it. Sad, sad, state of affairs.

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