Baghdad Bob had better cadence!

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Right up front and personal while definitely to the point – Our true freedom to throw off the shackles seems clear because evil walks free throughout the land. Nobody – but NOBODY – including Fauci has been prosecuted for the “vax” or the “lockdowns” – Hunter is a free man. The FDX crypto guy is out on bail. The FBI and Dept. of Justice ignore subpoenas to answer for their wrongdoing. Joe and Milley ignore a Chinese spy balloon as it traverses our country.

Just how much money have they taken or how compromised are they really? Our border is over-run and the Press simply won’t cover the story. Big tech censorship is thriving, although social media is far less attractive these days. Just how can we get honest elections back when we can’t even get judges who follow the law? One simply has to give credit where and when due, in this case President Trump for yet again, revealing all the corruption. Millions will vote for him again, while NOT voting for anyone else.

Baghdad Bob had better cadence!

Kevin McCarthy for one, was really looking good, very calm and collected with “that face” squarely focused on winning the moment. Strong. Even. His demeanor absolutely perfect, since he’s hardly a crazed lunatic the likes Nancy Pelosi and her lunatic mobsters who blatantly and illegally rip up State of the Union speeches, as he takes on the commitment by more and more fitting beautifully into the role as Speaker of the House. A truism!

Consider yourself as a village idiot the likes of cellar-dweller-FJBiden – and you were hell-bent on doing everything you could to bring down a country in every way possible. You’d likely tend to affect Covid issues, open borders, destruction of military through attrition and “wokeness“, drugs shamelessly killing our future generations, jobs disappearing, energy independence given away, freedom of speech attacked and finally, trending to being able to arm your money-laundering created country way, way, out in Europe or someplace where everything – totally – would all be on the list.

Most all of us have had it all wrong, this MoeJoe FJBiden guy is a master at it, nailing every single action. Or is it indeed, the China Guys (Guise?) who’ve got him and his wayward son on the leash? Just how many people can do all that in 2 years on the job, without of course both sides helping in every way possible, simply because they hate us all as well.

We the (90 million+) People are on our own, nobody on the camera tonight is coming to help us. But off into the distance, we can see our fearless president Donald John Trump playing 3-dimentional Chess. Pray!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Jim Jordan Outlines FBI Whistleblowers and Transcribed Testimony’ …

Interesting background stuff.  The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government has scheduled their first committee hearing for Thursday, February 9th at noon [LINK].  There are no details on the agenda for the first meeting; however, there are indications of the seed and targeting process that is being used.

According to a press announcement today from House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, who is also the Chairman of the select subcommittee, the larger Judiciary Committee is currently taking transcribed testimony from FBI whistleblowers about the political targeting within the Dept of Justice.

Against that backdrop, it is possible -perhaps likely- the agenda for the select subcommittee will be tailored as an outcome of those whistleblower depositions.  This would seem to make sense as the scope of the subcommittee needs to be narrowly tailored and focused on specific operations by government officials.  Using the whistleblower testimony to frame the investigation of the subcommittee makes sense, in that the testimony creates the basis for the investigation to follow.[-]

[+] … The U.S. government weaponization of the FBI is clear from the influence operations in elections, to the hiding of the Hunter Biden laptop, to the targeting of parents at school board meetings, to the entirety of what is evident in the Twitter files, domestic social media operations and even the FBI activity in the J6 events.

The FBI issues are widespread and clearly visible. However, only those who have followed the weaponization of the FBI realize the scale.  To the larger U.S. electorate, the FBI targeting remains unknown because the mainstream media has buried it.

Should the FBI weaponization be the primary target of sunlight?  The likely answer is yes.

In line what that approach, making first use of the FBI whistleblower testimony makes sense.

Additionally, the Democrats have now announced their NINE members for the House Select Subcommittee.  They include: Ranking Member, Stacey Plaskett (VI at large); Stephen Lynch (MA 08), Linda Sanchez (CA 38), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL 25), Gerry Connolly (VA 11), John Garamendi (CA 08), Colin Allred (TX 32), Sylvia Garcia (TX 29) and… wait for it…. DOJ/Lawfare/Impeachment operative Dan Goldman (NY 10). 

The 12 Republican members previously announced: Darrell ISSA (CA), Thomas Massie (KY), Chris Stewart (UT), Elise Stefanik (NY), Mike Johnson (LA), Chip Roy (TX), Kelly Armstrong (ND), Greg Steube (FL), Dan Bishop (NC), Kat Cammack (FL) and Harriet Hageman (WY). [end]

Full links of all attachments available below…

Baghdad Bob had better cadence! Ballot count jitters not going away. Squeaky bums=squeaky seats alarm…

Once you realize the current rendition of the U.S. government is an organized crime syndicate of massive proportion with unlimited resources and in control of the national security apparatus as well as the mass media, everything that is happening immediately makes sense. Most importantly, the cabal has complete control over the outcomes of our elections since 2020.

The plain truth of the matter is the nation is a massive surveillance state run by a criminal conspiracy, which uses the illusion of a constitutional republic filled with impotent actors merely to mollify the public. This all done in order to convince citizens they’re somehow still in control via elections and there’s a peaceful path somewhere “out there” which will lead them (us!) to freedom.

Then there’s “We the (90 million+) People” – ie the vast majority of the American public busy trying to work their jobs and raise their children – which pure and simply hasn’t any spare time to monitor what our specious government is up and doing. Anyone on board here who’s been through that “work-family-immediate needs” drill knows exactly that’s what they gotta do. We all may know in a way that things are terribly wrong, but until circumstances are forced brutally upon them and us (think Peal Harbor or 9/11), we won’t react as a majority. Baghdad Bob had better cadence!

Once you know that elections won’t change anything, that changes a lot. And thus it goes.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still our Warrior-President Donald John Trump exercising his darnedest to adjure, protect and defend the Constitutional Republic of the United States – MAGA! KAG!


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  1. I love and go along with all that is posted here … except … that it started in 2020 on the election steal…. I grew up as a young kid going with my grandfather when he went out to hang out with his friends at the local BBQ hangout , and would listen to the old folks talk about elections and their feelings… I heard from that early stage of how lots was saying what we are saying now … how we the people with our votes wasn’t electing people , that our votes didn’t mean a thing, that the Gov. already knew who was going to win and our votes was just a game to having us THINK AND FEEL that we had a vote , that we really didn’t
    My freshman year ’69 , one of my teacher was discussing the elections and I threw that in and we had a long discussion on that and how wrong I was …. ummm amazing how years later me AND the older people from back all those years had been right . Just pointing out that this is not something that had just started , that it had been going on for years and years and no one ever was brave enough to bring it up .. THEN Trump came along and proved it , multi multi years later . I know of several old folks that is smiling in their graves now knowing that they was proven right , and yes even me knowing I was right back in ’69 when I stood up to my teacher and stated it. They got braver about it or not caring , didn’t think anyone would say anything but 2020 they was wrong .

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