Electoral integrity out the window…

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When the Communist dictator of China has his own bought and paid for American president, complicit w/ the blessings of the DOJ and FBI, it’s the opinion of yours truly that it isn’t too difficult to figure the end is near. Shucks, Xi even has his own Pentagon. Just “axe” General Milley with his own version of the English language for goodness’ sake.

Talking about which, it’s also my opinion that Xi ordered FJ B to leave 85 billion dollars-worth of military gear to the Taliban and leave Bagram intact for them (communist Chinese) to use. In talks (ahem, “negotiation”) w/ the Taliban for the use of Bagram and the rights to mine Rare Earth minerals, Xi is probably telling them it was because of him they got that 85 Billion dollars-worth of military hardware scot-free. So what, the world’s a stage and Xi owns it – well, he believes for now anyway.

On a much broader scale, We the (90 million+) People spent four years listening to the Left drone on about Trump being investigated every time he increased the fortunes of the Constitutional Republic – “If he has nothing to hide he won’t mind an investigation” – yet demanding the same of the Left regarding election fraud elicited the response of a stuck pig. It appeared to matter after all, that if “Brandon” got 81 million votes, an audit of swing states would be be an opportunity to rub his victory in our face. Yet they moved heaven and earth to prevent such investigations. To this day even!

The forever-problem with the demoMarxocrats is that there aren’t any valid election reform laws that matter to them. For instance, as long as there are “voting months” not voting days; mail-in balloting; voting machines; “drop boxes”; no picture/registration ID; and demoMarxist-election officials controlling the precincts – to name just a few – there will be fraud (as there is now!) and on a massive scale.

Electoral integrity out the window. Biggest presidential fraud in history…

At some point those who love America and freedom aren’t going to stand by passively while their liberties are stolen en masse by America’s home-grown enemies. This mess exists in part because the United States Supreme Court refused to do that for which it was originally created – ie arbitrate disputes between the states. The idea that Texas and 19 other states had no “standing” regarding their dispute with at least four other states over their illegal election practices, is stupid to the max. National elections after all, affect all states and if ever there was a case the court was created to hear, it was the very one that Justice Roberts ignored.

January 6th has become emblematic as the result of the USSC’s cowardice, simply because the facts are these: If the alleged voter fraud on a massive scale is true, then the Jan 6th protests weren’t / aren’t nearly enough. A coup after all deserves a massive response on a national scale and what happened at the Capitol Building could be viewed as a pimple on a gnat’s rear-end. On the other hand of course, if the allegations of fraud are untrue then what happened Jan 6th is a lawless over-reaction and those who participated should be arrested or fined and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Fact could be stated that President Donald John Trump has been so far the most spied-upon and investigated politician EVER. Nothing has been unearthed that indicts him remotely. Meanwhile his dementia-riven demoMarxocrat village idiot presidential-wannabe is now widely proven to have attempted to frame him for being a traitor with the help of all the federal intel agencies. Hopefully this whole mess of messes will come back to bite the Left, big time. Either way if the feds were involved in “ginning things up” heads need to roll; this is on the Court after all. Electoral integrity out the window.

They could’ve, should’ve done their job and we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in right now. In the entire annals of history, no one deserves it to a greater extent than a rogue outfit out to wreck the greatest nation ever created and all for their own aggrandizement and purpose.

Lucretia, American Greatness: ‘Electoral Integrity for Me but not Thee’ …

What will happen when a significant portion of the electorate believes that a free and fair election is no longer possible because the system is permanently rigged to keep the ruling party in power?

As a tumultuous 2021 draws to a close, it is interesting to note how the controversies and crises that have defined the political landscape in the United States have further deepened the partisan divide.

The governmental response to the COVID-19 pandemic has become a largely Left-Right issue, with constant fear-mongering and governmental mandates on vaccines, testing, and masks pushed largely by Democratic government officials and supported—sheeplike—by Democratic constituencies. Republican officials who mostly resisted the over-hyped hysteria and draconian measures were roundly vilified, but have ultimately been vindicated in their approach of balancing common-sense measures to stem the worst effects of COVID-19 with policies designed to protect the economic, social, and mental wellbeing of their constituents.

The Biden Administration’s disastrous policies toward such issues as illegal immigration, the Afghanistan withdrawal, U.S. energy independence, and the economy have led to a massive loss of support from Republicans and independents, but most polls indicate that upwards of three-quarters of Democrats still approve or strongly approve of Biden’s job performance. A critical problem for Democrats, however, is that elections cannot be won on the basis of these loyal Democratic voters alone. [-]

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Electoral integrity out the window. Streaming future-forward anyone?

47 European countries, all have voter ID. France banned mail-in ballots. Most all European countries require a form of ID to even pick up an absentee ballot. Why, the question becomes, is voter integrity anti-democratic? Answer “because the demMarxoocrats can’t win without cheating – period – and they know it. We need to stop this Marxist madness. Guantanamo by the way, is still open, and we need to fill it with all the bad politicians, FBI agents, and CEO’s who think WE THE PEOPLE aren’t the ones in charge.

Electoral integrity out the window.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!