The Fairy Tale Of Global Warming..

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

As an intro to this piece on yet another global warming/cooling/heating climate change fairy tale (pending the visit of Political Pope Francis the First to OBO the Clown and his menagerie of misfits) consider this little maxim:

The reason Greenland was named “Greenland” when Greenland was first named Greenland, was because Greenland was (guess what?) a Green Land! .. (Unfortunately Global cooling deniers won’t get it with less than 4 or 5 repetitions)

Then there’s this: “There are Lies, and there are Damned Lies and then there are Statistics.”Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain

Global Warmists (the rogue fraud “president” of the United States amongst them) routinely hide and falsify data to ensure that the “models” (which are built by this same bunch of clowns) are accurate. We saw that with the fraudulent “hockey stick” graph that Michael Mann (who has been called the “Jerry Sandusky of climate change”) used to further the goals of the global warming nutbags while lining his own pockets with grant money and speaking fees in the process.

In recent years the warmists have carried on a fight against history itself. They have claimed the Medieval Warm Period was no warmer than today AND that it was confined to a small area of the earth – this despite the fact that Greenland had working farms and Iceland exported wheat, plus extensive evidence of the same warm temperatures in China and Japan. The reason they desperately need to get rid of anomalies is that their models can’t explain them and these anomalies occurred when there was no possible way for which humans could be held responsible. If you accept the fact that climate fluctuates, then, if you are honest (and that would not include virtually any present climate scientist) you have to entertain the notion that the simplest explanation for today’s climate change is natural. Not only do anomalies have to be eliminated, all change has to go in the same direction. (h/t Red State)

Even as you read this, history is being scrubbed and data being created out of whole cloth to cook the books. Ground zero of this criminal enterprise is in the US government: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). For a while NOAA has been involved in “updating” data. By “updating”, I mean they simply change previously recorded temperatures to higher ones.

The current enemy is the “pause” on our inevitable path to the scorching future imagined by the warmists after a couple of martinis (or lines of blow). This “pause”, generated by actual observations, shows the earth’s temperature to have stabilized. Stability is a bad thing if your livelihood depends on fear-mongering. If the satellite temperature data produces a trend line like this, and you are a warmist fanatic then you might find it to be less than helpful …

satellite-temp-data Red State Sep 2015...

This is a fraud unprecedented in the annals of science. It is exactly what the Soviets under Stalin did to remove inconvenient persons from history. (h/t Red State)

In closing, I have been following Goddard and some others (Watts Up With That? is another one of the gems) for quite a few years but hey, the LSM doesn’t count them as “real scientists” since they do not subscribe to the current and long range criminal activity of pseudo-science, a science that proves the old adage … follow the money! I cannot bring to memory a great scientific piece I read a few years ago about the Earth’s temperatures during one of the ages millions of years ago. I don’t remember if it was the paleolithic age or another. But what I do remember is that the temperatures at that time were on average higher than they are today. So where were all the man-made elements, factories, fossil fuel burning refineries, etc, to cause those higher temperatures back then? The $64M question.

And nobody in the quackery media of The Game of Lies is paying any attention to the serious proposition of the solar activity of the Sun, a scientific behavior that is looking more and more like it can, and has, had a massive effect on Earth’s weather and temperatures. I could go on and on and on for the rest of the day until I expire at the frustration, anger and disgust at these talking heads … and those chief worthless, hypocritical talking twin-heads Barack Barry Soetoro Harrison J Bounel Hussein Obama and Al-Global-Warming-Gore. Better quit while I can, before I get a knock on the door in the middle of the night from Obama’s Apparatchik Ministry of Truth, and leave you with this even better chart from John F. Di Leo, Cliff Harris and Randy Mann going back through 4500 years of Earth’s rise and fall of average mean temperatures. Shalom!

GloBULL warming hoax ...

GloBULL warming hoax …

I can’t really imagine anyone who knows me still believing the incredible hoax of the “manmade global warming” argument… But just in case, I like to share this handy timeline, showing the perfectly natural swings in temperature across the earth’s surface over the past 4500 years of recorded history. As you can see, they have nothing to do with such human activities as raising cattle, using hairspray, and operating internal combustion engines. If you want to live on a static planet, fine. Move to Mars or Pluto. Earth has natural temperature shifts, and always will, so governmental meddling of what we do is both irrelevant to climate, and absolute tyranny to humanity. ~ John F. Di Leo

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