Orlando Obama’s Wounded Knee….

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Following on from yesterday’s hit piece on the interventionist black AG currently aiding and abetting Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorism by removing any and all references to this devilish ideology of murder, mayhem, misogyny, and madness, welcome to Bill Whittle and his latest Firewall on the very topic. As we all know (well, we watchers on the wall that is, not the DhimmiMarxist Socialist party who spend their lives spewing white hatred and licking Obama’s boots) the Clown Prince of Fools and his recent black AGs has consistently supported the demonic Islamic Jihadist Muslims worldwide, even inviting them to come spread their murderous evil right here in the very heart of We The People. As a result, he has 1) cleared the way for them by undermining or outright removing governments who stand against them; 2) trained and armed them; 3) returned their leaders to the battlefield; 4) funded them to the tune of billions of dollars; and 5) crippled our domestic intelligence agencies. J’accuse! – Yes indeed, I accuse him of treason.

It’s almost as if Obama wanted an Orlando shooting like this to occur. That’s why he had no problem telling the FBI to stand down. As a result we had the second-worst mass shooting in the nations’ history which happened on his watch.(Wounded Knee is the worst, with anywhere between 250-300 innocents who, having turned in their guns, were slaughtered at the hands of the US military). He and other radical leftists, WANT this violence to occur, so long as we have a second amendment. They WANT these violent incidents so they can ram through gun control by pulling on heartstrings.

While politicians and their media organs hysterically shriek about violating the 2nd Amendment by proposing new laws to ban powerful weapons from American citizens, has anyone but me noticed that the California and Florida terrorist attacks were by government contract employees who had previously been investigated, officially vetted, and cleared by the FBI? Omar Mateen was trained and licensed to carry those same types of weapons, which is how he was able to so easily purchase them without a background check – he had ALREADY been qualified. Obviously the gun store is not the problem! It’s also interesting that Donald Trump is the only 2016 presidential candidate questioning our wide-open borders and suggesting we had better immediately figure out, “What the Hell is going on?” Skeptics need to do some thorough fact-checking and deep re-thinking, ASAP!

DhimmicRats are now the new right-wing conspiracy theorists. Next time a leftist brings up the fringe on the right who believe 9/11 was a conspiracy, remind them that their “president” and his Shill AG are now the ones who redacted all mention of “Islam” and “Muslim” from terror reports and that the left wing media are the ones who desperately tried to tie the Orlando shooting to white Christians despite there being no evidence whatsoever of a connection.

The ultimate TRUTH is, Islam is a religion of terror. Islam is a cancer that is spreading throughout the civilized world. We have to destroy Islam. Sad to admit also that Obama the ISIS commander and his shills Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood who infect the White House multiple times per month, are all desirous of burning Western Civilization down to the ground.

We must not allow Obama, his shills, and their terrorist Muslim Brotherhood to win.139 days from today and D-Day, November 8th is the vote for survival. Period.

Indeed, as Bill Whittle pleads at the end of his Expose` … “Obamaphiles, what is the matter with you?”