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I know I’m wasting my time with all the global warmist crowd but here goes anyway…

On the last day of August, 2009, scientists spotted a teeny-weeny sunspot, breaking a 51-day streak of blemish-free days for the sun. If it had gone just a bit longer, it would have broken a 96-year record of 53 days without any of the magnetic disruptions that cause solar flares. (That record was nearly broken last year as well).

But wait, it gets even more exciting.

During what scientists call the Maunder Minimum — a period of solar inactivity from 1645 to 1715 — the world experienced the worst of the cold streak dubbed the “Little Ice Age”. At Christmastime, Londoners ice-skated on the Thames, and New Yorkers (in those days “New Amsterdamers”) sometimes walked over the Hudson from Manhattan to Staten Island.

Now put on your thinking cap. A new, 11 year-long solar maximum should have started around 2009 but it didn’t. We are currently seeing the lowest sunspot activity in a long, long time, just like the low sunspot activity observed during the Maunder Minimum. So what do we think these historic lows portend for the future?

Scott Pruitt arrives to meet with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump December 7, 2016…

Just curious as to what brilliant high-tech solutions the leftist “climate change scientists” have come-up with to combat this terrifying global warming threat? Well as it turns out it’s not really very high tech at all, in fact it could be called low-tech, since it simply consists of converting the current living standards of the American people, to the living standards of the Russian peasants in the Soviet Union in the 1930’s.

The “bunny jumpers” have been wrong for 40-plus years or so, having first claimed that a new ice age, then global warming, and now “climate change” would end the planet as we know it; yet, here we are. A return to sanity in the EPA under Scott Pruitt is a welcome change.  If Chuck Schumer and the EPA bureaucrats hate Scott Pruitt, then I know that he’s the right man for the job!

Maybe people should do more reading and research. Seems I just read the day before yesterday that the United States has now discovered how to provide 165 years of oil and gas out of its own reserves and use less water to get at it. I also read a while ago where huge new reserves of oil and gas in Texas have been found and are now available. Maybe this is why the environmentalist-whackos are saying no to pipelines. Too much oil and gas is available which leads to cheaper prices and more of it. OPEC and its price-fixing destroyed at last.

Watch this and be “warmed up” to the myth of the global warming capitalist agenda…

So on now, to Ed Straker and his piece in today’s American Thinker .. “Trump’s EPA Nominee makes Folks Howl”

Donald Trump made another excellent nomination, of Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt for EPA administrator.  But you wouldn’t know it by reading the mainstream media, who criticized Pruitt for being “too friendly” to fossil fuel producers in his fight against Obama energy regulations.

At the heart of Mr. Obama’s efforts to tackle climate change are a collection of E.P.A. regulations aimed at forcing power plants to significantly reduce their emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide pollution.

They are being forced to reduce their emissions, all right – by shutting down, reducing the overall power supply available to the nation as a whole, as part of Obama’s illegal “Clean Power Plan” regulations designed to shut down coal and other fossil fuel power plants, even though we currently have nothing to replace them with.

As Mr. Pruitt has sought to use legal tools to fight environmental regulations on the oil and gas companies that are a major part of his state’s economy, he has also worked with those companies. A 2014 investigation by The Times found that energy lobbyists drafted letters for Mr. Pruitt to send, on state stationery, to the E.P.A., the Interior Department, the Office of Management and Budget and even President Obama, outlining the economic hardship of the environmental rules.

Continues in American Thinker…

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