Surprise! Obama Praising Obama…

Go Ahead, Make …

Obama praising Obama addressed a group of soldiers yesterday, making the ridiculous claim that his policies had “broken the back of terrorism”. With the exception of a few tepid claps from a very small percentage of the captive audience, the praising Liar-in-Chief was met with sullen silence.

What is far more closer to the truth is that he, praising “my Muslim faith”, has been responsible for this:

From the DEBKAFile:

Mosul offensive folds

“The failure of the US-backed Iraqi army offensive to liberate Mosul – nine weeks after it began – could no longer be denied when a delegation of ISIS chiefs arrived there Sunday, Dec. 4, traveling unhindered from Raqqa, Syria.”

“Altogether 54,000 Iraqi troops and 5,000 US servicemen – supported by 90 warplanes and 150 heavy artillery pieces – were invested in the Mosul campaign when it was launched in October. They proved unable to beat 9,000 jihadists.”

“Iraqi forces have gained no more than one-tenth of the territory assigned them. This lack of progress has damped their initial impetus and sapped their morale. While Baghdad keeps on pumping out reports of good progress and new fronts opening up, the Iraqi army has come to a virtual standstill and does nothing more than exchange fire with ISIS fighters.” [end]

Obama The Delusional Mad Hatter… Finis.

Obama praising Obama knows full well what the country thinks of him and his policies. After his disastrous administration, Democrats are lucky to still be in existence.  An increasingly delusional, smooth talking con man, Obama praising Obama seems to have finally convinced himself that he is who he has been waiting for.

Imam Obama praising Obama’s latest statements are nothing more than some parting lies to the infidels – some taqiyya to pass the time as he waits to vacate the White House – or should we call it the “White Mosque”?

In reality, there has been no greater ally than Obama praising Obama for the jihadists and terrorists who wish to bring down western civilization and inaugurate the new “universal caliphate,” but that small detail always seems to be absent from those fawning mainstream media reports that follow the man. Obama praising Obama’s followers are nothing if not brainwashed.

It’s over Barry, now just go over into the Obama praising Obama corner, sit down and shut the heck up.

Over to Jack Hellner in today’s American Thinker. Short but sweet…

President Obama is saying this week how his policies are beating the terrorists.

This certainly isn’t the first time he has said this.  In 2012, before the election, Obama repeatedly said the terrorist groups were decimated and on the run. (Of course, most of the media went along.)

The obvious reason why the narcissist Obama is out there repeating the same garbage he said four years ago is because Trump is taking too much attention away from him.

One of Obama’s greatest achievements, according to him and the media, is the Iran deal, where he has given them hundreds of billions to continue to fund terrorism around the world and continue to pledge death to America and death to Israel.  The world would have been much safer if Obama had let Iran collapse instead of lifting it up.

Terrorism attacks are actually up substantially worldwide since Obama took office.

I am sure that the NYT and Washington Post and the rest of the mainstream media will cover this factually instead of just repeating the Obama talking points.  After all, they are so against fake news.


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  1. Hard to believe anyone would believe that garbage he puts out!!!!
    Our country has suffered SO MUCH from his attitude and policies!!!
    He can’t be gone soon enough!!!

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