The Enemy At The Gate…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

All you need to remember about this piece, is that murdering Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorists like this cretin are what has turned Britain into an ever-increasing nightmare of barbaric, murderous, rapacious, ungodly activities, the likes of the recent revelation of child sex-slavery in the small Yorkshire town of Rotherham – See article following the video. If We The People don’t exterminate the enemy at the gate with this rotting ideology and soon, we’re going to find ourselves under the same Satanic Shari’ah Law savagery that they’re threatening. At the most fundamental level the West has been at war with Islam since the 7th century. The enemy at the gate is not a religion of peace, and it is completely pagan. It is either them or us, as there is no middle ground with these people. Islam is NOT a religion – it is a Satanic ideology and should not be afforded any Constitutional protections. They have said they want all westerners dead and I for one, take them at their word; the enemy at the gate.

Like I keep preaching – You cannot negotiate with cockroaches – you must exterminate them – And once again I will remind of my debate with Muslims in Manchester in the summer of 2001 and being labeled an “alarmist” for my “extreme views” … I call ’em as I see ’em and 13 years later the problem has morphed into extreme danger – By the way, they don’t label me “alarmist” any more when referring to these cockroaches as the enemy at the gate …

Now to the Rotherham child sex-slavery piece from Richard Fernandez…

My mother remembers how in late 1944 grandpa heard a knock on the door in their apartment in Japanese occupied Manila.  Since he was active in the underground, gramps cautiously peered out and was relieved to see that it was only his compadre.  He hastened to open the door only to see in the shadows beyond his gibbering compadre the dread figures of the Japanese kempeitai. By then it was too late to run and for the next three days, mom and the rest of the family waited at home in despair, knowing he almost certainly never return. But on the fourth day, to their surprise and delight, gramps (then aged 52) staggered back home battered but whole with an extraordinary story.

He had been brought to Fort Santiago and once the preliminaries were over, taken to a chamber where he was hung upside down and beaten with oar handles and burned with cigarette butts.  There is a Japanese phrase for “we have ways of making you talk”.  From that upside down view of the world he glimpsed other prisoners like Hans Menzi, later to be owner of the Manila Bulletin, scuttling past the corridor outside carrying buckets of ordure under the direction of the Japanese jailers.

Then an unexpected figure looked through the gap.  It was his pre-war Japanese mining engineer friend wearing the uniform of a full colonel in Japanese intelligence.  ”Ramon, the colonel said, ‘what are you doing here?’”  Since the Kempeitai had nothing definite yet, the colonel could pull strings and sprang him from the darkest dungeon in wartime Manila. Gramps went on to fight Japanese stragglers in the battle of Manila. The compadre survived, though gramps never spoke to him again. That unnamed Japanese colonel almost certainly died in the inferno which engulfed Luzon. Grandpa died many years later, one day short of 99, with my mother and I at his side.

The old family story came to mind reading the New York Times account of a modern betrayal: ‘Betrayal of Yazidis Stokes Iraqi Fears of Return to 2006 Sectarian Horrors’. The core of the article is a story of how one Yazidi family was betrayed by their closest family friend, an Arab, Mr. Mare.

The men had helped one another over the years: Mr. Mare brought supplies to Mr. Habash’s community in the years after the American invasion, when travel outside their northern enclave was too dangerous for Yazidis. Mr. Mare bought tomatoes and watermelon from Mr. Habash’s farm and sometimes borrowed money.

But his friend’s assurances did not sit right with Mr. Habash. That night, he gathered his family and fled. Soon afterward, he said, he found out that Mr. Mare had joined the militants and was helping them hunt down Yazidi families

There’s a moral here, but the most appropriate is probably that the more things change, they more they remain the same, allowing for differences in costume between the Kempeitai and ISIS. It has ever been thus. It’s the guys you trust who can betray you. The enemy will fight you, but you know that already.

Betrayal was in the news again today, when Britain was rocked by allegations that the entire English town of Rotherham had for years been in the grip of an “Asian” gang which raped or kidnapped or abused some 1,400 mostly white underaged girls. The town authorities apparently knew as did the police, but they suppressed the facts out of the fear of being called ‘racist’ and more probably, the physical menaces of these ‘Asians’.


Source .. Truth Revolt/PJ Belmont Club