Schumer and anti-American antics..

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Culled from the comments thread: “What is a RINO? It’s a Democrat who runs as a Republican to make sure Democrats have the majority of votes regardless of which party officially holds the majority.

What is the RINOs’ purpose? To make sure the Left always has the votes to get done whatever they want also to get out of the way when Ds are pushing their agenda through. Clear the path for the left.

How do RINOs hide their leftists ideology from voters? Their tactic is to play dumb, weak and act like cowards. Their job is to get out of the way and leave voters without any representation, but they must fool people and act like they are trying but can’t. They must pretend to try, but always fail.” [end]


In other words, make reference to a KKK member of Congress past, then use MLK day to cover their rear ends; that ploy. Wait you say, he quotes Robert Byrd and promises to get it done on Martin Luther King day?!?!? Yup, the very same!

Ever hear a demoMarxocrat run on racism? Strange how they use that in their tactics though, as if they (Dems) never run on raising taxes, but they sure do raise them every chance they get. They always seem to promise a better economy, but they never deliver on it; strange how all these fraudulent elections are always – ALWAYS – in the Left’s favor. In manhandling this fraud it’s always the demoMarxocrats using smoke and mirrors to hide the devilish deed!

Schumer and anti-American antics

Who is it for example, that’s trying to destroy any documentation of election integrity? Are we going to see any change from Dominion voting machines and its software? Ever? Mmmmm.

Simply think of it all folks, as “Schumerism”, as if you’re watching imbeciles attempting to reframe history. But remember, these are not intelligent or moral people, honor and truth after all is their enemy. Behind the scenes for example, are K Street lobby people who directly influence everything they say, including “stuff” that they sign into law. Behind the scenes for example they’re very evil, greedy people, but very intelligent coordinated groups.

They definitely present a certain shock value when mincing facts, figures and plots so you might notice that occasionally, but then again not pay attention to what they’re actually doing: aka using their power to literally run the country to their own whims. In other words we don’t have a fully functioning demoMarxocrat republic; rather, we have idiots who are installed by corporations to protect their specious territories.

Schumer and anti-American antics. There are no free thinkers in DC. Not anymore. One doubts if we ever really had any.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Schumer Threatens to Change Senate Rules without Votes’ …

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is using the J6 ‘threat to our democracy‘ narrative in an effort to gain support for legislation that will permit the federal takeover of elections. In a letter today, Schumer sets a deadline date of January 17 for a change in the Senate rules to remove the filibuster.

Schumer writes this letter without actually having the needed number of votes to change the rules, but he’s attempting to create pressure on fellow Democrats. Full propaganda letter below, but here’s the part that matters:

WASHINGTON DC –  Chuck Schumer is attempting a filibuster Hail Mary as Democrats’ agenda on both elections reform and President Joe Biden’s economic plans remains stalled at the beginning of a critical midterm election year.

The Senate majority leader warned Monday that the Senate will debate and vote on changes to the chamber’s rules by January 17, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, unless Republicans get out of the way on elections reform. His threat seems inevitable, since Republicans are almost certain to block Democrats’ next attempt to bring up their priority legislation. (read more)

As we previously noted, the entire roadmap for Democrats in the 2022 mid-term election is predicated on exploitation of the J6 ‘danger to democracy‘ narrative. They have multiple approaches, most of which will evidence as efforts in stupidity, toward using the J6 narrative.

With the current landscape of diminished support for Biden and Democrats, and with the Biden administration increasingly looking ridiculous as they try and rebrand their messaging, the political outlook simply does not look *good for their success. However, it’s likely they will keep trying.

*Note of caution – it must always be remembered, no political group has more experience than Republicans at turning an easy win into a convoluted hot mess of failure, simply because almost half the GOP idiots are closet Democrats. There are approximately 16 to 18 Republican senators less conservative than Democrat Senator Joe Manchin….

Full link below………

Schumer and anti-American antics. Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal missing Graham. The enemies at the gate…

Schumer is part and parcel of the “danger to democracy” that cheated to steal the 2020 election. Their election bill will attempt to make their cheating “legal”. DemoMarxocrats ARE the insurrectionists who overthrew the govt of the rightful winner of that election. Period!

RINOs lie to the GOP base to get elected then do exactly the opposite on key issues to deliver a win for the demoMarxocrats. If the GOP base held these traitors accountable and purged them it would stop. But they rarely do. Which is why the RINOs have only contempt for the voting base and dump all over them. The poster boys are forever  McConnell and Graham.

It is crystal clear to anyone with a working mind that they’re planning another election heist in 2022/24 and have their media partners already dishing out the propaganda to groom their zombie droid followers to parrot their prompts. Check the NPR link below highlighting the launch of one of their first choreographed Gleichshaltung projects of the new year, which issues an ominous warning that members of the military may take part in an actual election coup in 2024 unless “steps” can be taken to prevent this.

Schumer and anti-American antics indeed!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump working his way up to the first Trump Rally of 2022 in the great state of Arizona come Saturday Jan 15 … MAGA! KAG!


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