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John OB replying to Monticello: “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” ~ Charles de Montesquieu

There have been three Undertakers who have carried out three cover up’s under the shield of law. Comey white-washed the Clinton crimes and began the trilogy against Trump. The Mueller/Weissmann Specious Counsel moved it forward. Barr, the worst of them, gained the President’s trust, buried the bones and set the Republic on a road it may never, ever, recover from.

In effect, Bagpipes Bill Barr suffocated the Trump presidency to protect the institutional dynamics of the deep state. His foot-dragging sacrificed an incredible president, Donald John Trump, to the same criminal hierarchy that conspired for years to remove him as a candidate and then as President.

Billy Barr-the Door, surreptitiously and deviously, implemented the Durham Special Counsel to assuage the criminality of fourth-branch operators, thereby protecting their institutional dominion. He enabled the former political Mob to get away with crimes and misdemeanors, to seize power, weaponize its law enforcement agencies against the people, and all while completely chilling free speech. Barr, in other words, facilitated the rigged election.

Durham report:Lee Smith:Bill Barr: … plus all the illegals.

His FBI sat on devastating evidence – Hunter Biden’s laptop, which notoriously affected the outcome of the 2020 election. As PA – AG McSwain wrote to President Trump: “Attorney General Barr, however, instructed me not to make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding possible election irregularities.”

And Barr’s phone conversation with Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer asking him to stand down about a whistle-blower postal driver, indicated he was an active participant in shutting down any investigation of the stolen election. THAT!

Literally millions have been fooled by Bill-Katy-Barr-the door because he came out and said so many things that led us to believe we were going to finally get to the bottom of what took place. Go back and look at all the times he came out and cited all the wrongdoing that took place, shaking hands with all and sundry, we watchmen on the wall assuming there’s no way he can walk it all back. More to the fact is that he put way too much “truth” out there disguised under the cloak of deceit. But unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. He simply sat on it.

Assuming that was the plan all along, Sundance knew right from the start that Barr was a fraud of frauds, taking most people a while to catch up only to flip at the end. We know, they know, the world knows that anything “swampy” is fraud. All swamp rats are fully compromised and dedicated protectors of said swamp. Anything the swamp produces, is – as Sundance says about the Oversight Committee – Chaff & Countermeasures – “You can baffle them with brains or dazzle them with “Bull S**t” – the decision is yours. THAT!

Smart fella that John Durham. Nellie Ohr – a former CIA open-source expert on all things Russia; a woman who used HAM radios for communication; a woman who approached Fusion GPS owner Glenn Simpson for a job in December 2015; she was the impetus for the information that ended up in the Chris Steele Dossier.

Gee, go figure. Darned Suspicious Cats, always being, well, suspicious… I wonder if Durham tracked down the Michael Cohen art dealer in New York (😂), the guy that went to Prague on business.

Live your best life and laugh more than a little.

Durham report:Lee Smith:Bill Barr: … Durham gone AWOL … Bagpipe Bill Barr-ed outed …

The Durham report uncovered ACTUAL Crimes – is anyone (Let’s start with Hillary) ever going to be punished for their misdeeds?? Oh, I forgot that being on the left means never having to say you’re sorry. Meanwhile, FJBiden refused to budge on budget talks, and home prices fell 11%, so name one thing he’s done in almost three years that has been good for this country – Such stark contrast with the Trump years, when gas was cheap, the economy was booming, we had no wars, our allies liked us and our enemies feared us – and no one – NO ONE – crossed the border without first having been completely vetted.

The individual crimes are there, for certain. But because everyone was involved, they can all cover for each other. Steele will say that even though he was a Trump-hating non-US citizen, he was only providing information that he was being paid to create. “What? They used it for a legal proceeding? They told me they were running a hypothetical political analysis…” or some such bull. Because of the cover-of-many, each individual had plausible deniability. Durham report:Lee Smith:Bill Barr:

Now yours truly isn’t saying a compelling case can’t be made, or shouldn’t be made, but in the DC courts there are few if any who have the (1) resources/time and (2) political will, to bring such cases. Also, one can’t imagine the threats of bodily harm that must be well-known to anyone who strays too far toward a grand jury. Likely, impeachment may be our only recourse, and MTG is getting that train fired up and moving down the tracks. Hopefully others will climb on board. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!