Dr Mengele lives: aka grouchi-Fauci

En Garde in the bunker…

There’s a dementia-riven village idiot wandering around forever bumping into stuff and muttering things like “what am I doing here”, and “you know, the thing, the THING”, by the name of Joe Let’s Go Brandon who knows less and less about more and more and who eventually will likely know nothing about everything. On the other hand there’s yet another, even more dangerous village idiot who’s been round and round literally for decades by the name Grouchi Anthony Fauci who definitely knows more and more about less and less as he stumbles and bumbles his way to eventual oblivion where, in his quiet daytime solitudes he will eventually come to the conclusion of knowing everything about nothing, but definitely knowing nothing whatsoever about “science”; absolutely nothing at all.

My purpose by the way, in citing Dr. Mengele as an erstwhile reincarnation of a grouci-Fauci, is that one of the saddest and most infuriating aspects of modern history is that the Nazi monster Dr. (first name Josef) Mengele “got away with it.” Mengele was never captured after WWII and was never brought to justice for his horrific crimes against humanity. So the question lingers as to whether the perpetrators of the current crimes against humanity will also get away with it?

Dr Mengele lives: aka grouchi-Fauci. A fraudulent fascistic Fauci failure…

As I opined in yesterday’s post (linked below) this “Omicron” nonsense has already fallen flat on its face with South African medical professionals poo-pooing the latest attempt to control us. Grouci-Fauci hitting the Sunday shows was also fully exposed for the dark and gloomy charlatan that he is. Quite fascinating to watch a serial liar squirming and losing his composure as the sensational “news of the day” was being fully exposed literally before our very eyes.

Seems like history is about to repeat itself as Grouchi-Fauci brazenly lies knowing that he’ll never be held accountable. Big Pharma laughs in our faces with the massive profits they’re making off the bioweapon(s) and their total immunity to all liability for the damage being caused by the vaccines. Thereby it becomes understandable why so many believe that there’s no justice in the world, simply because true enough, things happen when people en-mass begin to feel they’ve nothing left to lose.

All one has to do to learn the truth, is seek it with a discerning eye. It’s there, in exquisite detail. Dr Mengele lives: aka grouchi-Fauci…

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Lara Logan Swings Atomic Sledgehammer into Omicron Motives’ …

Lara Logan hit Dr. Anthony Fauci and the cabal of science manipulators with the atomic sledgehammer during her remarks today about the latest COVID variant omicron and the political crew who manipulate the public through fear.

In this segment, Ms. Logan is subtle as a brick through a window as she compares Dr. Fauci and his beagle killing narcissism to the ideological efforts of Dr. Josef Mengele. She’s not the first person to make that comparison.  WATCH:


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis responded to the remarks from Dr. Anthony Fauci yesterday and from Joe Biden earlier today about the new Omicron variant of COVID and the possibility of lockdowns.

The Governor was very specific and clear about no lockdowns when he spoke today at an event to celebrate increased salaries and bonuses for law enforcement officers in the state. Florida will continue to emphasize prevention, optional vaccinations, therapeutics and quick responsive treatment – with accessible monoclonal antibody treatments – as the state COVID mitigation protocol.

So far, the approach by Florida Governor DeSantis has been effective as the state now holds one of the lowest COVID infection rates in the nation, yet the state is wide open and free from any mandates or restrictions. If people want to live in fear, they can go live somewhere else.

The full press conference is below, plus other links… Dr Mengele lives: …

Dr Mengele lives: aka grouchi-Fauci. Fauci sinks deep & deeper into hole…

Having lived in Florida in a past life (early 1980s) it is a wonderful and beautiful state, these days full of tourists from all over the world yet still a Mecca for senior citizens. And yes – the Covid case-count has virtually disappeared. There are two very important reasons for this. Gov DeSantis does not let the labs doctor up the PCR test cycles to pad case counts, plus he encourages *early* therapeutics for symptomatic patients to keep them out of the hospitals.

The sad part is it’s really not that complicated. So why isn’t every other state Governor doing the right thing by their people? Wouldn’t it be nice if every GOP governor, senator, and congressman behaved like Gov. DeSantis? Wouldn’t it be nice if they all cared as much about their voters as Trump and DeSantis do? Instead, we get back stabbers like McConnell, McCarthy, and others as our leaders in the house and senate, thereby making a disgusting and no less wilfull “non-action” committee out of it all.

In simply following “the science of immunology” and public health (grouchi-Fauci take note) Gov DeSantis is leading the way for others to respond in a positive way to the benefit of their constituents, and to the Constitutional Republic as well. Perhaps We the (90 million+) People can rise up and pronounce him the nation’s science governor, aka ‘Governor Ron DeScience’. 

There – problem solved! And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our duly elected President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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