COVID morphed into Omicron; Xi?

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Posting this one again, as it’s worth repeating: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” ~ H.L. Mencken

How we’re doing on the statistics this go round is number of deaths per 1,000; hospitalizations; severity of hospitalization (intensive care vs. regular bed) and from where these numbers are published. Added to which, most would like to ask, if needed will the Joe ‘faux president’ send a hospital ship to NYC, and if so will it be fully utilized?

If I didn’t know any better I would swear they’re getting us ready for an Ebola outbreak and never mind that we should have been on better alert for viruses due to the last two years of Covid. But hey, we’ve had Ebola around for decades without an outbreak, but wouldn’t you now know that due to our sh***y luck, we’re having our first ever international outbreak of multiple viruses. As our headline evokes, “COVID morphed into Omicron; Xi?” (yup, pronounce it “zhe”).

COVID morphed into Omicron; Xi?

The demoMarxocrat Left is always forever and away ‘getting us ready’ for the next big thing, which is to say they have a Plan. Well, of sorts, that is. The Right? Not so much, or as Sundance would put it, “keep watching”; ie don’t touch that dial or you’re liable to miss your own funeral. Put another way – load up on the antiviral supplements and what generic drugs you can.

There are actually three scenarios on deck:

  1. Gates called for the gaming (similar to ‘Event 201’ in 2019) of Smallpox (30% fatality rate). FDA approved a drug a couple of weeks ago for the treatment of Smallpox.
  2. WHO warning about the outbreak of a Marburg (Ebola like) virus (24-88% fatality rate).
  3. WHO warning about Nipah (acute respiratory, fatal encephalitis) virus (40-75% fatality rate).

Believe them when they’re telling you the bioweapons they’re preparing to unleash on the population. Anyone else wondering if COVID-19 was a trial run? Starting to understand how the medical experimentation under Hitler took place? After all, indemnified hospital treatment is EUA (emergency use authorization) except for intubation/ventilation. Then there are those of us among populations with our own natural immunity.

Yours truly has been advocating patience for the past year or so but on the other hand let persistent panic carry them into their stampede for endless boosters from which they won’t survive. All of this tyranny will evaporate after the foolish have passed from this mortal coil when thankfully none of their kind will be left to bully us who choose freedom and stability over mayhem and darkness. COVID morphed into Omicron; Xi?

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘NY Gov Hochul Goes full Emergency over COVID Variant OMICRON’ …

All the totalitarians will quickly follow suit. New York Governor Kathy Hochul declares a state of emergency, granting herself additional power and authority as the threat of Omicron is utilized. They are moving fast on this one; no time to waste. How long before new lockdowns? Keep watching…

New York – New York Gov. Kathy Hochul issued a state of emergency order on Friday in response to the identification of the COVID-19 omicron variant.The emergency order is intended to increase hospital capacity in New York and will last until at least Jan. 15, when it will be reassessed.

According to a copy of the order, the state will utilize the “surge and flex system,” which allows the Department of Health to limit non-essential and non-urgent hospital procedures in situations where a hospital has less than 10% staffed bed capacity. (read more)

Place your bets… who will be next? Newsom, Whitmer or other?

Wow, 72 hours ago no one even heard the name Omicron variant. Now, in less than three days, a variant has been identified, global travel has been halted, states of emergency have been declared, and now we see a pharmaceutical company announcing the variant specific vaccine trial that will begin in the U.S. in a few weeks. This government relationship with Big Pharma is certainly generating some fast action, eh?

If a person was cynically inclined; while knowing governments’ need to control inflation yet cannot raise interest rates or stop purchasing debt because current legislative spending continues – a remarkable control option would be to halt demand; and a person might think this was suspicious, or something.

Nov 26 (Reuters) – Novavax Inc said on Friday it had started working on a version of its COVID-19 vaccine to target the variant detected in South Africa and would have the shot ready for testing and manufacturing in the next few weeks.

The company’s COVID-19 shot contains an actual version of the virus’ spike protein that cannot cause disease but can trigger the immune system. The vaccine developer said it had started developing a spike protein specifically based on the known genetic sequence of the variant, B.1.1.529.

Novavax’s vaccine received its first emergency use approval earlier this month in Indonesia followed by the Philippines. Other vaccine developers, including Germany’s BioNTech SE and Johnson & Johnson, have said they are testing the effectiveness of their shots against the new variant, which is named Omicron by the World Health Organization (read more) [end]

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COVID morphed into Omicron; Xi? Fortitude in the face of evil intent. BiteMe the clear & present danger…

Omicron. anagram: Moronic. Get it? … Omicron. anagram. Moronic. Yes folks, it would appear that COVID variants are the new weapon against returning to normal life. Whoever “They” are, will keep inventing it and re-inventing it to demand compliance until they have the last man or woman on earth under their thumb.

Is it just me or do others of my ilk remember that we didn’t have social media when we were impressionable kids growing up, going to school, university/college etc., etc. Maybe we would also be hooked on it if we had, no? Doubtful! Consider this for instance: 1988-1992; HIV/AIDS was going to kill us all – also brought to us by Fauci & Co. Hysteria mysteriously ended (along with the homeless crisis) when Clinton was elected (and only because Ross Perot was – ahem – “invited to withdraw from contention”) or else!

The proof is definitely in the pudding with Florida Gov. DeSantis doing an end-run using govt approved monoclonal antibodies, which resulted in Florida’s numbers plummeting very quickly. There’s an obvious reason why other Red State governors aren’t making MA treatment available to anyone over 12 years old who tests positive — but yours truly is beyond understanding why! The Nebraska AG now allows doctors to prescribe HCQ and Ivermectin, so there is hope… COVID morphed into Omicron; Xi?

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to get back in action to MAGA! KAG!


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