Dr Jill narcissist by any other name

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By calling herself “doctor” – as in “Dr. Jill” – FJBiden’s sidekick is as bad as a retired military officer calling himself “major or general“, which is fine in a military setting or ceremony but not in public. A PhD is an academic honor and nothing else, having absolutely no meaning outside of a formal setting, being, as it is, improper to use in public since it implies that you are an MD. It is therefore, used by people who seek attention and adulation rather than purity of substance – including honesty!

The crowd chanting Lets Go Brandon was awesome, especially so when the most irritating use of the Dr. title is that by seminary graduates. In the one profession in which the guiding tenets advocate humility and servitude, many seek elevation through language. There are pundits around for example who would aver that Dr. Jill should be allowed to do brain surgery on Whoopi and the other brain dead macaroons seemingly lodged forever within and beyond the demoMarxocrat Party. But I digress.

Dr Jill narcissist by any other name. When there’s no ‘being there’, there … Biden cabal outrage

Traditionally speaking, were they working towards a principal or administrator for the school board, people advanced to a doctorate in Education. No one gave them any thought, and certainly no one addressed a principal or school administrator as “Doctor.” This woman is not even active in the education venue, and having the presumption to insist that people call her “Doctor Jill” seems to indicate some massive psychological deficit in self-esteem.

Let’s just say, for purposes of discussion, yours truly has a doctorate in mathematics. Should anyone attempt to call me “Dr.” outside of the halls of academia, I wouldn’t dare be slow in firmly correcting them, or even getting them to call me by my first name or stick to “professor” even within academia. The only people not to give up on with this effort would be students, since they always seem to want to give Professors with a Ph.D kudos while insisting on using “doctor” as the expressive.

But let’s face it, a doctorate doesn’t count for much outside of individual pride/effort, being as it is, a lot of work but then again, so are many other efforts (becoming a really first-rate electrician or auto mechanic, for example). I’m much more impressed with someone like a nurse practitioner, highly skilled in medical services even though they do not have the highest of medical credentials. Top notch, however!

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: ‘Megyn Kelly Calls out Jill Biden for using ‘Dr. Jill’ at NFC Championship Game’ …

First Lady Jill Biden was unaccompanied by her husband, President Joe Biden, when she attended the NFC championship game in Philadelphia. Joe went to their Wilmington mansion (looking for more classified documents?), so Jill sat next to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has presided over the NFL’s embrace of woke themes.

The Fox announcers and chyron operators faithfully called her Dr. Jill Biden,” which occasioned responses from Chuck Ross and Megyn Kelly, among others, pointing out that she is appropriating a title that really ought to be used for medical doctors. Whoopi Goldberg famously touted her for surgeon general on The View, stating she was “a helluva doc.”

Well, David, I have a Ph.D (from Harvard, if it matters to you), and I resent the hell out of Jill, who has an education doctorate, an Ed.D, cheapening the title of doctor, and I resent you conflating her shameful, ungrammatical, shallow, “dissertation” with the actual “tireless years of work” it takes (or took 45 years ago when I did it) to earn a Ph.D. Don’t lump me in with someone who wrote:

“Three quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one quarter of the class will be African American; one seat will hold a Latino; and the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens.”

And her dissertation was accepted at the University of Delaware despite her belief that there are five quarters that make up a student body. Thomas Lifson chimed in with “As a matter of fact, I never use the title “Dr. Thomas Lifson” because it misleads people into thinking that I can write them a prescription. The only time I would use it would be in an academic setting, where the credential mattered to people.

Jill deserves to be mocked relentlessly for her pretentiousness. Her use of the title “doctor” is an insult to those who actually earned it. [end]

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Dr Jill narcissist by any other name. Joe Biden dementia not presidential…

Pundit Pete chimed in from the comment thread: By the standard of Dr. Jill’s dissertation, I should have several PhD’s on top of my Bachelor’s degree just for the reports I’ve done for work over the years. And I’ve had to defend some of those reports in court, so they have to pass the scrutiny of other consultants, attorneys and a judge. No room for error or agenda. That’s a bit different from the scrutiny of a panel of junior college professors who might lose their funding (or tenure) if they question the facts or grammar of a “star pupil” like Jill.

Apparently it matters if the wife of the president has recognizable mental issues and is propping up said president. Dr Jill narcissist by any other name.

It really is about time to get demoMarxocrats to clean up their inner city slums in Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St Louis, Newark, Oakland, SF, LA, etc., etc., etc. All they appear to do after all is pump in drugs and encourage poverty and violence, run worthless schools, and never help make things better. Just too busy attacking political adversaries to ever accomplish anything of any substance – similar to losers Biden/Pelosi/Newsom/Clinton, etc., etc., etal.

Surely it’s time for their booster shots – plug in the electric car? Contrary to what they were told by meteorologist Al Gore, aren’t they happy to see snow? People can respond as they see fit, complaining all they like, as control freaks usually do. There are no “goalposts” for free people that leftist/demoMarxocrats are in charge of. None!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: Megyn Kelly Calls out Jill Biden for using ‘Dr. Jill’ at NFC Championship Game