Affirmation of fraudulent president

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Maximus-Cassius from the thread: “This must stop or our Constitution will become as meaningless as the one in Communist China”. Well, yes it must stop. But it’s doubtful that Christopher Wray or William Burns or Merrick Garland will suddenly have an epiphany of conscience and smother their totalitarian impulses. Tyrants are usually brought to heel not by conscience, but by force – raw, brute force. Unfortunately, not seeing that on the horizon this morning”. [end]

Once again beginning at the beginning, what are the chances that it’s more than highly likely at the very least that FJBiden has sold to the highest bidder, every office he has ever been elected to – from cheap mafiosi and crooked businessmen in Scranton, to credit card execs in Delaware all the way up to our greatest global enemies as a Senator, VP and now figurehead puppet “president.”

Affirmation of fraudulent president. Stare vacantly while picking your teeth…

For that he should perhaps face multiple life sentences and possibly the death penalty for what he sold. The irony and quandary is that it’s the DOJ – at the heart of the corruption that finally succeeded in overthrowing what was left of America in 2020 – that should lead the investigation, but, the Constitution dictates, if I remember correctly, that Congress is the entity to authorize that. Or is yours truly mistaken?

As far as expecting a guy who showers with his daughter to suddenly start making class moves while constantly swatting away Dementia doesn’t quite work that way. The incest occurred years ago when he had his full faculties in tow. We can expect his moral code to have progressively degenerated from there.

Fast forward a few years and FJBiden’s lawyers – none with security clearances to view classified docs – are rummaging thru his private residences reading everything they can find with no repercussions (remember how the FBI kept Trump’s lawyers at bay when they raided his home?)

Just more of the same and here’s the solution: this budget battle now on the table in Congress – defund the FBI and the Justice Dept by about 75% and do away completely with the Patriot Act and The Dept of Homeland Security; any Republican unwilling to do so needs to be publicly outed and primaried – no exceptions. Vote to defund or find another job. This single point at once infuriates and befuddles the ultra-radical leftist demoMarxocrat commentariat aka “permanent bureaucracy in Washington”.

President Donald John Trump WAS president and in complete, plenary control of the administrative state, who, with its social and cultural institutions having been unable to deal with this fact for six years now, having paid a horrible price.

Adam Mill, American Greatness: ‘Capturing the Presidency Without a Vote’ ….

The intelligence community must remain subordinate to our elected officials or we no longer have a functioning democracy. The intelligence community hates this.

On January 20, 2021, documents with classified markings in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, though not actually moving even a square inch, embarked on a figurative journey—traveling from the control of a president into the control of a former president. More than 1,000 miles to the northeast, batches of documents also containing classified markings made a journey in the opposite direction. As Joe Biden took the oath of office, documents in his Wilmington home and at the Penn Biden Center came into the possession of the president of the United States. Two years later, the Justice Department is now using both cases as a pretext to interfere in the next presidential election. In both cases, the larger scandal is the Justice Department’s unconstitutional seizure of authority over classified documents at the expense of elected leaders.

It is a legal impossibility for a president to mishandle classified documents. In general, the executive branch of the government should not keep secrets from the voters who, as the sovereign, hold exclusive legitimate political power over their subordinate elected leaders. The classification system that keeps secrets from the public falls under the president’s constitutional powers as the commander in chief of the armed forces. Legitimate secrecy can only be justified when the material bears on the security of the nation. And it’s ultimately up to the elected president (who only has that power because the sovereign people delegated it to him by his election) to determine and define under what circumstances these secrets may be revealed to third parties. [-]

[+] … This sideshow isn’t about securing secrets. This is about intimidating and controlling presidents and meddling in the process of picking future presidents. Everyone knows what’s really going on here. Is this any different than what the FBI did in 2016 when it used criminal investigations to gain leverage over both presidential candidates? The FBI should have no role in determining who should run for president and what can be said during election campaigns. Yet in the mad dash to grab power, the FBI and other government agencies have abused their authorities to do both. This must stop or our Constitution will become as meaningless as the one in Communist China. [end]

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Affirmation of fraudulent president. Cellar dweller’s creed, seed of greed…

Had Donald John Trump never hired Paul Manafort, the whole crazy story would never have made sense. But it DID make sense if you consider how much the entire narrative meshes with what we now know about FJBiden – and especially FJBHunter. The hookers, recordings of bizarre trysts, the hotel rendezvous, the pay-to-play in Ukraine schemes. THAT’S Hunter – not Trump. The Clintons simply slapped a new label on the dossier.

Fearless President Trump on the other hand – being the proverbial new kid in town in 2017 – simply didn’t trust his instincts to clean out the entire rats nest in the three-letter intelligence agencies the minute he sniffed their odor. The rest is (unfortunate) history.

The fully compromised FBI raided Mar-a-Lago for one reason: Confiscate the proof of the timeline. One simply has to think that President Trump is definitely aware of the contours – if not, indeed the grains – of this entire story, too. But, for the time being, he’s lost the ability to prove it, since the specious FBI took it back with them to Washington D.C. to burn. Spuriously outrageous behavior for a so-called “supreme operation“. Affirmation of fraudulent president. Deadly if you ask me!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to uphold the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America and keep it great again – MAGA! KAG!