Incompetent USA cabal needs to go

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“You know, I’m probably going to get myself in trouble for this, but would it be the worst thing?” asked Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe regarding secession. “I don’t know, I’m sick and tired of people who hate this country, I’m sick and tired of [those] who say the flag is some sort of sign of evilness or oppression, who despise the country we live in. I’m tired of the government now, you know, people like Biden want to weaponize the government against people who supported Trump.” ~ Lisa Boothe, Fox News Contributor, July 19, 2021

Faced up close and personally, the current iteration of the Federal government is far more than incompetent. It is lawless. It never lawfully acquired power, plus it was never given the consent of the governed to represent them.

Rather more unnerving is the plain fact that the demoMarxocrat lawless have every intention of holding on to their unscrupulous power. It isn’t easy to win an election fairly in America, especially by the aforementioned demoMarxocrats, and especially-so outside of cities. They count the votes and harvest what they make up primarily in the cities. Then the machines kick in and finish what even massive local fraud couldn’t conceal.

Incompetent USA cabal needs to go. A republic if you can keep it…

So, now that the power has been successfully stolen, do you really think they’re going to allow it to be won back via an election process?; demoMarxocrats in power control the process, in the cities, and through machines, which is more important to them than winning, more important even than convincing people what candidates they should vote for.

To expect the demoMarxocrat Left to obey laws, processes, traditions, customs and the outcomes that would in a just and fair world keep them forever not just in a minority but insane asylums and prisons, is to have a desire to join them in the looney bin.

Before November 3rd, 2020, they followed the Constitution in the breach or only when they felt they could use it to their advantage. They attempted to overthrow the duly elected president in 2016 and succeeded in rigging/sabotaging the true 2020 result. The sobering reality of what took over 100 years to achieve.

God forbid that America has ceased to exist, since the ever-abiding question of what comes after will have very little to do with the Constitution. The incompetent USA cabal needs to go…

Jay Whig, American Greatness: ‘The Competence Question; What Can Lawfully Replace USA Government?’…

The lesson we can learn from Afghanistan is not that Joe Biden lost what Donald Trump could have won. Nor is it that Trump, and his deplorable supporters, are to blame. After all, withdrawal was their plan. Nor is it—God forbid—that the United States should stay in Afghanistan forever.

The lesson is a hard one. The national government of the United States is incompetent.

The United States has been defeated in Afghanistan. The United States set incompetent, unachievable war aims, spent as much as $2 trillion over 20 years in the attempt, and achieved none of them. None. The Taliban are stronger, better financed, better equipped, more likely to remain in power, more able to harbor terrorists, more sophisticated, and more popular than they were in 2001. Women in Afghanistan will return to their former abject condition. China will be the Taliban’s partner for the extraction of Afghanistan’s natural resources, and for the promotion of the heroin trade.

The United States famously employs 16 intelligence agencies, a massive State Department, and a fabulously equipped Department of Defense. None of these institutions had the foresight to predict their failure. To say they were blind is unfair to the blind. They either willfully did not look or were consciously deceiving their country. Yet, the heads of these institutions have suffered no loss of prestige. There have been no dismissals, no reckonings, no resignations. The brass, the top bananas at the State Department and the intelligence agencies are, in fact, proud of the role they played. They are incompetent even to address their incompetence. [-]

[+] … On January 6, 2021, rioters who disbelieved the election results entered the Capitol building. The reaction of the national government to this event has been to militarize the Capitol, to praise the forces that failed to secure the Capitol, devise their expansion into a national police force, and charge hundreds of people, and imprison as many as 60 of them—many without prior criminal records—without bail, without access to evidence against them, whether inculpatory or exculpatory, and without a trial date. [-]

[+] … The incompetence goes on and on. Congress has ceased to function effectively as a legislature. It passes bills in length comparable to the Holy Bible, which its members could not read even if they desired to do so. These bills invariably delegate rule making authority to the agencies. What does Congress do if not legislate? It fundraises. In essence, Congress has become a fundraising body with a legislature, much like Prussia was an army with a state. [-]

[+] … The calling today is to consider, lawfully, what form the government should take and how it can be done. As a nation, the United States has faced this challenge before. In 1787, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, which required unanimity to amend, had proven incompetent. The nation was mired in recession, and corrupted by ubiquitous debtor-creditor fights and sovereign debt and currency issues that so undermined the nation that the possibility of reconquest by Britain loomed.

A constitutional convention was called. A new constitution was proposed, one that addressed the incompetence of the national government. It needs to be done again. As for the critics aghast at the suggestion, ignore them. That’s what self-government is. Few things could be more American. [end]

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Incompetent USA cabal needs to go. Red States rule! President Donald John Trump MAGA! KAG!

In 1787 Patriots the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Hamilton, Adams and many others, squabbled amongst themselves constantly; as a group they were a minority of American citizens. At least a third of the country wanted to remain subjects of the British crown. Another third desired a quiet life and hated all the squabbling of the Patriots. Times have changed but men haven’t. We don’t need everybody on board to “keep” our self-governing republic.

The American Way has been the biggest political winner in history and if history has not yet “ended,” it can continue to be a winner. Our Constitutional structure is sound but We the (90 million+) People must be of a mind to be able to instruct those who will govern on our behalf honestly and with honest elections and integrity. I believe we refer to it as “true the vote and transform the nation”.

Yours truly could well be crazy but say, an Article V convention led by someone the likes of Mark Levin would be useful to shore up the structure, but other than that, anything that proposes to replace the Constitution should be smacked down with prejudice. The probability of anything to “replace” it as an improvement is zero. The incompetent USA cabal needs to go…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still in touch with reality President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep the Constitutional Republic of the United States on level ground – MAGA! KAG!