Donald, Hillary & Debate Wrap-up

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead. ~Thomas Paine, Founding Father

More fodder as a wrap-up from Monday’s Lester Hillary-Holt’s Debate Lie-athon…

For more than half a century, the demagoguery-bureaucratic Big Mainstream Media has been self-perpetuating, with the views and beliefs of those within it not allowing anyone of different outlook to enter. As the electronics media was developed over the years and became nationally broadcast, its pioneers the likes of Winchell, Huntley/Brinkley, Cronkite, Rather and others, became “heroes of truth”. They sat on their thrones of exclusivity, dominating the early-evening news slot of 6:30 pm. And “that’s the way it was”. Sacrosanct.

Holt just proved to tens of millions of Americans that absolute media power corrupts absolutely.  If trust and confidence in the media have fallen to the lowest in history, as recently reported, Holt, in his total abandonment of any semblance of objectivity, has lowered both even more. ~ M. Catherine Evans

Wars were won or lost (Cronkite/Vietnam); weak Republican candidates were chosen; Presidential elections were decided; and Camelots created by what NOT to include in the news like the corruption in Chicago voting that took Kennedy into the Oval Office in 1960.

How can you do a presidential debate without a question on Obamacare? Three years into the Affordable Care Act exchange, the state’s largest insurer is grappling with hefty losses and ongoing uncertainty on the marketplace. BCBST is open to coming fully back into the market once uncertainties about policies and the membership wane. The insurer is projecting losses approaching $500 million by the end of 2016. BCBST is not alone, as many insurers have been saddled with uncertainty and significant losses in the federally run marketplace. ~ Silvio Canto

It peaked you might say, with the styrofoam columns of the Obama inauguration. Ironically, it would have perpetuated itself had they not ‘railroaded’ upon the electorate the worst president in history, and thereby becoming the instrument of their own demise.

Mrs. Clinton, however, has more than a crossed eye. She has a complicated medical history including severe concussion, blood clot, chronic Coumadin therapy, and a host of other concerning signs such as possible seizures, balance issues, collapsing, and her coughing fits. Regardless of the actual diagnosis, it doesn’t take a physician to realize that something is wrong with her health. Yet those questioning Mrs. Clinton’s health are conspiracy kooks, part of the “vast right wing conspiracy”, card-carrying members of “The Deplorables”, called “healthers” as the new “birthers”. Mrs. Clinton is not running for Chappaqua town council, but for commander in chief of the United States. Her health is a legitimate concern. Despite her “Lyin’ Eyes”. ~ Brian C. Joondeph, MD., MPS

Today the internet rules (for now at least) and the Crowley’s, the PMS princesses, and the Holt’s are no longer tolerated; they are exposed virtually the same instant they commit their acts of partisanship and bias. The exterior voices are being heard, the “applause meters” have new dimensions, reaction is both instantaneous and polar.

In these early exchanges the other night Hillary spoke of her experience, of her knowledge of the system, of her years as a professional politician. That was not wise when you think of the audience beyond the stage in Hempstead, New York that thinks the country “is on the wrong track.” The majority of those voters want change and increasingly Donald is their candidate. Perhaps Hillary did not notice it because Donald talks like an ordinary American rather than a standard-issue politician, but he was talking to America and she was talking to official Washington. As for Hillary she has made her case. She has more experience governing than Donald. Another way of putting it is she is part of the problem. America is, as the pollsters say, on the wrong track.

The other night Donald Trump appeared to be every inch a president. ~ R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

It’s like We The People are watching an Italian Spaghetti Western and the guy wearing the Serape` is named Donald Trump. Pay attention Mr. Wallace, and Mr. Cooper, Trump just swaggered by the undertaker on his way to the next debate and said, “Get another coffin ready.”


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