Seriously-(H)ill(ary) the Sick Puppy


Seriously-(H)ill(ary) on life-support…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

According to more than a few comment threads coming and going my way yesterday, what frosted most people about the ‘debate’ Monday night was the hubris of seriously-(H)ill(ary) in bemoaning ‘prisons for profits’ and ‘mandatory sentencing’ that disproportionately affect ‘African-Americans and Lah-teen-os’. By way of educating seriously-(H)ill(ary) let We The People remind her that those were part of Bill Clinton’s signature legislative programs while he was in office and she was flinging valuable antique Chinese vases at him over his sexual-predatory escapades.

People have very short memories when it comes to political history, which makes the job of political cartoonists that much more important in educating the masses on the T R U T H underlying the pathological prevarications emanating from the elite ruling class of career-politicos ensconced in Washington D.C.

As Russ Vaughn puts it in American Thinker: 

Political cartoonists are in a tough, very competitive business, having to be many more things than just gifted artistically.  They must be politically intuitive in an absolutely up to the minute manner so that their creative gifts can evoke at least a chuckle and more hopefully a gleeful belly laugh from a far more sophisticated audience than those artists who draw for the funny papers.

One of the best of the current lot is Antonio Branco, who has an uncanny ability to come up with imagery that conveys more truth and insight into our current political state than the wisest of political pundits could impart in several paragraphs of sage observations.

Over the years and thanks to the internet, we’ve been able to determine that Big Media is well over 90% either registered or unregistered liberal-progressive DemoMarxoCrats. Big Academia about the same. Then there are the inter-racial incestuous marriages between the three; Big Bureaucrat Government Establishment, Big Bureaucrat Media, and Big Bureaucrat Academia, wherein they cross-pollinate, moving between the three legs of the liberal-progressive DemoMarxoCrat stool. And all colluding to get seriously-(H)ill(ary) elected.

Back to Russ Vaughn:

America has never witnessed an election where the unbridled support of the media for one candidate and one party has been so in-your-face-America brazenly obvious as what is going on now.  Even so, it seems the Democrats have saddled themselves with a sick old socialist simply because in their goosestep minds, it’s time for a female president, and this obviously debilitated contender is what they just happened to have waiting in the wings. Waiting a long time – so long, in fact, that it has just become an assumption by those on the left that Hillary is entitled to our presidency, as if it is her presidency.  That is not an idea that goes down very well with those of us who are fed up with the sense of entitlement that pervades so many of Clinton’s supporters.

In a race between tyranny and liberty (and right now tyranny is way ahead) it is time for resounding voter turnouts for Trump to flush this Baby Ruth look-alike and the press be damned.

Seriously-(H)ill(ary) is a tired old Alinsky-ite Marxist politician without the intelligence or fortitude to manage her own bowel movements, let alone a world-class military in an increasingly-dangerous world.

Looking at Branco’s spot-on art, one can only hope that those in-the-tank networks will keep pushing until their rigid goddess of big government pitches forward into a very long, steep drop.


Then there’s the T R U T H of the matter … This mix is about as pure as you can get. Matter of fact it is a clear indication of the truth, and how down and deep the collusion and corruption goes as far as the leftist media is concerned in attempting their darnedest to get the seriously-(H)ill(ary) female criminal elected. Propped up by Soros’ millions, don’t be misled by whatever CNN or the WashPo or MSNBC etal decide to skew the results with .. Variety got so upset with the trending that they closed the poll down. Which is exactly what needs to be done to the liberal-progressive DemoMarxoCrat Party.

H/T Russ Vaughn/Antonio Branco at American Thinker…