Congress And The Enemies Within

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Meanwhile, getting lost behind all the rigmarole surrounding a fainting, feeble, very sick communist nominee for president of the United States, and a character assassination coup against her opponent, the devil’s minions scurrying around the carpeted confines of Congress, have secretly been colluding in the dead of night with a covert plan to undermine the sovereignty of the Constitutional Republic by selling it out to the hated enemy, Islamic Jihadist Muslimism. Which I suppose registers yours truly as an Islamophobe.

It turns out that Congress people the likes of Keith Ellison, Andre` Carson (the first and second Muslims in Congress) together with the Congressional Progressive Caucus (and who could imagine the need for such an animal?) plus other assorted traitors to the Constitution have all magically come together in support of Obama’s veto against the families of 9/11.

As Daniel Greenfield describes it in his opener to Progressive Traitors Stand With Saudis Over 9/11 Families: 

The left shows its true Islamist colors again. On September 28, 2016, the two co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Keith Ellison and Raúl Grijalva, betrayed the country they claim citizenship in by standing with Saudi Arabia and Obama against 9/11 families. Joining them in this political treason was Progressive Caucus Whip Barbara Lee.

Ellison’s treason was unsurprising. He was the first Muslim elected to Congress. Andre Carson, the second Muslim in Congress, also joined Ellison in siding with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, also known as the King of Saudi Arabia. Saudi money has sponsored the international spread of Islam.

Keith Ellison has made multiple visits to Saudi Arabia, including a religious “Haj” visit to the terror country that serves as the center of the Islamic religion. His visit was sponsored by the Muslim American Society, a Muslim Brotherhood arm that had been aided by Saudi Arabia. Ahmed Elkadi, a key MAS figure, was the personal physician to the Saudi king.

Ellison had defended aid to Saudi Arabia and insisted that we needed to learn from the Saudis “what they had to offer.”

We learned it all too well on 9/11.

As poster truebearing puts it on the comments thread, the left hates any kind of truth, so this thorough naming of traitorous names won’t be popular with them. It’s just a shame that this isn’t an obituary.

Caliphate Emperor kow-tows to his leader...

Defying Congress, Caliphate Emperor kow-tows to his leader…

People need to look at how the left votes when it has a choice between supporting American victims of Muslim terror, or the deranged, homicidal cult known as Islam. The left, it turns out, are the real “enemies of the people.” They always side with Islam, a pseudo-religion that is pursuing a massive, 1400 year long conspiracy to kill any human who won’t abandon their most cherished beliefs, or their freedoms.

The American left has chosen to ally with those who killed 3000 Americans rather than with the victims’ families. They are saying that Americans have no rights, including to life, and they certainly have no right to justice. Likewise, they are saying that Islamic Jihadist Muslims, even when they are complicit in the mass murder of Americans, won’t be held responsible or accountable.

The left and Islam are both death cults. Their one solution to every issue comes down to procrustean method. They both hate and want to destroy humanity, and their respective histories are parallel in that regard. Whether it is abortion or beheading, enslaving people or throwing them in gulags, the left and Islam share an identical telos as anthrocidal cults.

frontpage_logoWhile we would expect nothing better from Ellison, the Islamist on the Hill, his contemptible actions were aided and abetted by a royal list of political progressives.

In the Senate, Bernie Sanders and Tim Kaine, Hillary’s VP, were too busy campaigning for her to support 9/11 families. Only Harry Reid had enough guts to actually come to the Senate and stand with the enemy.

So did the radical leftist who billed himself as the “Congressman with Guts” and then as the aspiring “Senator with Guts”. Alan Grayson had once accused his Republican opponent of being the Taliban. But he was one who backed the Saudi Taliban by voting against the override of Obama’s 9/11 veto.

Grayson however didn’t have the guts to explain to his constituents why he stood with the Islamic enemies of America over the American families victimized by Islamic terrorism. But, interestingly enough, Alan Grayson had his own hedge fund operating out of the Cayman Islands that invested in companies doing business in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Pakistan. All three countries sponsor terrorism.

And Grayson had visited all three with congressional delegations.

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