DNI declassification Clinton/Russia

Go ahead, make my…

DNI declassification Clinton/Russia … You gotta give the devil his due. Whoever dreamed up the idea of using a foundation as a means of laundering bribe money was brilliant. The other method of charging a huge “speaking fee” instead of exchanging money in a suitcase for bribes was also brilliant.

Devilish kudos then to the Clintons and their Chelsea-morning daughter, who are certainly the masters of both methods. The ability to openly conduct pay-offs and bribes without getting caught has been raised to an art-form by the three of ’em. That is of course, until DNI John Ratcliffe upended the applecart of incrimination yesterday.

All those super-rich charity foundation-people and politicians are always there to hide something scandalous. Having pictures taken with some poor children in Africa or elsewhere makes them look like such compassionate humans, when in real life they are anything but. Yet it often does the trick for the public.

Not only is James Comey a liar for instance, he’s also responsible for helping the OBO#44 White House in carrying out the first surveillance of the Trump campaign and then a follow-up soft coup after the election. The fact that almost four years later, Comey, Page, Strozk, McCabe, Yates, Rob’Em and others are not in jail – and are all richer than before – says volumes about the deep state swamp and its proliferation. To say nothing about its protective abilities, either.

Enter DNI John Ratcliffe, stage left.

DNI John Ratcliffe to the rescue .. declass Clinton/Russia…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our ‘PREMIERE’, top of the heap intelligence agencies, have been eliminated and substituted by Clintonistas, and Pelousies, Feinsteins, and Waters and Schumers, Nadlers, Schiffs and their ilk, rank with low morals and subterfuge willing to lie and coverup crimes over decades of corruption. The old FBI has been replaced with the Clinton cabal as pacemaker and the mantra of ‘by any means.’

In my getting to be 77 years, there has NEVER been a more corrupt, dishonest level of lawfare, attempting to hide their treachery in plain sight, and failing in all levels of credibility. None.

It has been a good many years since we have had a correction of our political system, and I’m not talking about a correction due to sexual ‘indiscretions’ but a correction due to high level political corruption. President Trump has made a promise about that correction and I for one believe he will deliver. The time lag is solely due to the level and depth of that corruption and the political overtures of those involved.

President Trump is not behaving as if all this is going to be a nothingburger. He’s calm, relaxed and his usual self, despite ‘wuflu’. I for one have the feeling he knows exactly what’s around the corner for the swamp creatures. So stay tuned!

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