Wait – there was a debate? Where?

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Wait – there was a debate? Where? As ‘Sundance’ introduced it last night in Conservative Treehouse:

“Tonight Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris square-off in the vice presidential debate from Salt Lake City, Utah. The debate is being held at The University of Utah in Salt Lake City, and is being moderated by Susan Page, Washington Bureau chief, USA Today.”

“Moderator  Susan Page, a deep Washington DC insider and party ally of the Democrats, is currently writing a biography of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and has been working closely with the speaker for several months. [Livestream Links Below]” [end]

Matter of fact, to cut to the chase, some 2,000 comment responses – 2 THOUSAND – made their way into the annals of Conservative Treehouse aka The Last Refuge. Pelosi? Biography? Say no more!

And we were off to the races – hey, watch it, I’m no racist. (Ahem!)

A Testament – as if anybody needed it – to how seriously We the (63 million) People were taking the ‘debate’ in Salt Lake City. But wait, not everyone was that enthusiastic; Stephen Kruiser in PJMedia for one (he did finally come around):

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing fans. Is it happy hour yet?

So much for what I wrote yesterday about the 2020 vice-presidential debate being one to actually look forward to. You’d think after 2016 I would have learned to stop making any predictions about politics. It’s a good thing I’m not a gambler, I’d be eating dry ramen for every meal.

Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris squared off in the only vice-presidential debate this election. We knew it was 2020 because the stage featured some COVID kabuki theater choreography. There were some ridiculous plexiglass screens that were there, more to heighten the COVID panic porn and aid the Democrats than to keep the virus away.

I really hoped that there might be some fireworks but it was an evening full of duds for the most part.

Tyler wrote a recap last night, and his take was a lot more optimistic than mine:

“Vice President Mike Pence dissected each of the arguments for Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, during the vice-presidential debate. Pence schooled Harris on issues ranging from the coronavirus pandemic to packing the Supreme Court to the Green New Deal and from China to the riots to the false “white supremacy” attacks on Trump.” [end]

Full link available below…

Patricia McCarthy chimed in from American Thinker:

In the debate Wednesday night, Harris proved herself to be an intellectual lightweight without a grasp of the issues, or the truth of the issues she attempted to elucidate. She thinks she is informed, but to quote Reagan, so much of what she thinks she knows is wrong.

She is the Washington, D.C. version of Alyssa Milano, an idiot who has achieved a level of celebrity that is not only undeserved but toxic.

She displayed zero depth of knowledge of a single issue that was addressed. Susan Page, Chris Wallace in a dress, framed every question as a Democrat talking point, but then she is the author of a fawning book about the wicked witch, Nancy Pelosi. At least she did not become part of the debate, but she did try to give the advantage to Harris. It didn’t help.

Of all the people Biden could have selected as a running mate, Harris is without a doubt the worst. Her incessant smirking, inappropriate grinning, big flashing smiles, even when talking about COVID, were bizarre. She must have been channeling Jane Fonda: “COVID is God’s gift to the left.” That is how Biden, Harris, and the rest of the left see this virus, as an opportunity to exploit in the most despicable ways.[end]

And this from Selwyn Duke …

One tragedy of this election season, and all modern election seasons, is that the Democrats’ radicalism is being hidden from the American people by a complicit media establishment.

It would have been nice, then, if Wednesday’s vice presidential debate could have been a teaching moment where light was shined on Kamala Harris’s and Joe Biden’s toxic positions. Unfortunately, moderator Susan Page’s bias made this impossible.

Page, USA Today’s Washington Bureau chief, made sure to inquire about how Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court would affect abortion, exhibiting the typical leftist obsession with prenatal infanticide. She asked Vice President Mike Pence how he thought his state of Indiana should legislate on the matter were Roe v. Wade struck down (I didn’t know he was again running for the Hoosier State’s governor).

This might be a fair question — that is, if Harris had been asked about her and Biden’s radical pro-prenatal infanticide positions. Harris supports “‘abortion on demand at any time, any where [sic], and under any circumstances,'” LifeNews.com quotes president of National Right to Life Carol Tobias as stating. And both she and Biden advocate taxpayer funding of prenatal infanticide. [end]

Six links available below…

Wait – there was a debate? President and Vice President winning…

Wait – there WAS a debate alright, and We the (63 million) People benefitted from it. From President Trump’s 2015 CPAC speech and the first time he hugged the flag, he has been waking us up to – wait for it – “Love of Country” He’s right, “Love of Country” is the glue that holds our country together. And by President Trump’s example, we now see that this election is about; “Love of Country!”

Our neighbors have lost their way somewhat, but wait, they’ll come around once they come to their senses. VP Pence has tactfully set the stage for the blueprint of future debates. Ignore the moderator-biased questions and take control of the talking points. Well done to VP Pence. If necessary call out the blatant lies being spread by the media and DemoMarxocrats on issues.

So, fellow-Americans, spread the word far and wide: this is a “Love of Country” election! How about 100 MILLION + VOTES FOR TRUMP-PENCE 2020. It can happen!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence – MAGA! KAG! … FOUR MORE YEARS!


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