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We may well have the most corrupt and criminal State Police and ‘Intelligence Community’ on the planet. This is not the best way to be Number One. First, Satan created the Mafia. That was just for practice. Then he created the FBI and declared he had achieved perfection. ~’sundance’ / Carson Napier / Conservative Treehouse

The shameful ‘lamestream media’ inhabiting the deep state sewer swamp of Washington DC and the glass and steel skyscrapes of New York will NEVER admit, of course, that they are not serious professional journalists. If they were, the appeal of the biggest political story in at least a century or more would surely have had many Woodward and Bernstein Watergate ‘wannabe-studious spy-busters’ digging for the story. Which is exactly what ‘sundance’ and his team do.

Instead, denial and/or indifference reign. They are political hacks and nothing but.

Robert Mueller was brought in by the swamp-dwelling ‘Corrupt Group’ to run the cover-up, which he is heavily committed to personally, because the spying began when he was FBI Director. The entire political spying operation is Robert Mueller’s baby, and they brought him in because he is the architect.

If AG Bill Barr keeps digging, he will find it goes back prior to the 2012 election, and he may even solve the mystery of Mitt Romney’s Project ORCA crashing on election day in 2012.

Enemies of state if ever there were any … every one of them

But I digress.

Thank GOD for the under-the-radar citizen journalist crews like ‘sundance’ and his team busting loose on true investigative success. Too many personalities to mention here but I’ve an inkling you all know who they are already, since they inhabit (as ‘guests’) the hot news spots from 6-11 pm nightly only on Fox.

It can now be proven that the FBI lied on a FISA Warrant, lied about the very nature of the information in the application. It is all but admitted to that they planted evidence/arranged a sting on Papadapoulis ($10,000) to set him up on a bogus charge. It’s also likely that it will be revealed that FBI-302 forms were falsified.

If every bit of the cancerous rot is not excised from the FBI and DOJ, they will be utterly worthless.

Enter the fray, ‘sundance’ and his crew yet again, over at Conservative Treehouse, with an ever-increasing ‘bite’ on the revelations coming faster and faster.

The exit door begins to close. According to the latest leak provided to John Solomon the State Department information -deconstructing Chris Steele-was presented to FBI Agent Peter Strzok a week before they used Steele’s sketchy dossier to prop up the FBI FISA application on Carter Page.

John Solomon – […] The officials declined to say what the FBI did with the information about Steele after it reached Strzok’s team, or what the email specifically revealed. A publicly disclosed version of the email has been heavily redacted in the name of national security.

While much remains to be answered, the email exchange means FBI supervisors knew Steele had contact with State and had reason to inquire what he was saying before they sought the warrant. If they had inquired, agents would have learned Steele had admitted to Kavalec he had been leaking to the news media, had a political deadline of Election Day to get his information public and had provided demonstrably false intelligence in one case, as I reported last week. (read more) [-]

[-] .. So put it all together. Chris Steele was producing the dossier for the FBI to use. Steele told State Dept. official Kavalec about the same information in his dossier. The State Dept. checked, and found out the information was false. The State Dept. warned the FBI. However, the FBI ignored the warning; and a week later used the dossier in the application for a retroactive Title-1 surveillance warrant against U.S. Person Carter Page.

To cover themselves; and because the claim was so central to the purpose of the Steele Dossier; the FBI then redacted the State Dept. warning about Michael Cohen traveling to Prague in the public email from the State Department.

Worse yet, in the application itself the FBI said the information proving Carter Page was an agent of a foreign power came from the State Dept:

Must, must read to conclusion through link down below…

Just in case any of you missed it, John Solomon and Sara Carter (a couple of ‘sundance’ followers, if you will) were on Mark Levin’s Sunday sit-down show a little over a month ago (March 31 actually – link provided down below) and revealed what generally happens to them after they have been on the Sean Hannity show or elsewhere.

The most interesting was the fact that sometimes when they get home, intelligence agents would be waiting, encouraging them to keep following the facts; to keep pounding and get the info out because they didn’t want to damage the use of the legal tools at their disposal; generally because of those who had used it to illegally spy on Americans and political opponents.

Never forget that ‘they’ thought ‘she’ wouldn’t lose. Even the leftist sheep are huddling and growing more quiet these days. They know.

Duly-elected President Trump has made it very clear that this can never happen again to another president. When it happened to him it happened to all of us who voted for him, our families, our nation. He just needs to make sure the leftist media collaborators are taken down with them.

We ‘deplorables’ and ‘hillbillies’ want to see our style of justice exacted on the evildoers. It starts with public embarrassment and perp walks; the degree of punishment requiring to be the maximum of what is stated in the law.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Must, must read ‘Sketchy Steele info delivered to Strzok’ Week prior to FISA submission

Mark Levin show with Sara Carter and John Solomon



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