Peace, prosperity, then decadence…

Go ahead, make my…

What has happened within and without the United States during the past umpteen decades has come about slowly over some fifty plus years, somewhat akin to going bankrupt say, slowly then very quickly; a ’cause and effect’ of major historical events having their own momentum above and beyond the control of we mere mortals. Which is all part of a historical tide or trend, decadence having set in due to peace, prosperity and the feminisation of society.

The real turning point perhaps was 1989-91 with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War when we declared victory, gave in to hedonistic impulses and lost both martial values and maturity of mind. Post Modernism isn’t simply the dearth of God but of masculinity and the ”grown up” attendance-meter.

Take for instance, the state of Virginia with a huge GOP governor victory in 2009, 8 months into OBO#44’s first term and look just what happened. VA doubled down and went fully socialist after that. To this very day until the turnabout a week ago, their Dems and the media were/are spouting white supremacy against Republicans while having a Dem governor wearing KKK sheet and blackface. And more than all the handwringing and remorse they got away with it. Yes, at least until last week! People’s perception of reality has become increasingly (and largely) shaped by the media, particularly Big Tech.

Peace, prosperity, then decadence. OBO#44 crashing in plain sight. They can run but they can’t hide…

Research indicates this is worth some 16-20 points for demoMarxocrats. But more to the point is that had the fickle media seriously investigated the long-term care of Covid-deaths in NJ, Murphy would’ve been forced out of office, never mind winning reelection.

The bigger part of the problem of course, is the large percentage of the population having been so brainwashed they completely misinterpret reality without meaningfully evaluating relative risks. From Covid to climate change, they’re emotionally manipulated to act on faith and not reason.

There’s very little chance of getting Covid for instance, from someone who is asymptomatic, but we locked up billions of healthy people because that risk was expressed by the CDC and WHO as less than zero.

Similarly, muzzle-masks haven’t been shown to be effective, yet millions of people wear them like talismans even when driving alone or walking outdoors. Understanding and ranking risks, recognizing trade-offs, and acting on one’s judgement is the essence of freedom and responsibility.

As H.L. Mencken observed: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” BINGO!

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘The Lessons of Virginia’ …

Suspenseful but not shocking. The last 5, 10, and 20 years have brought on all sorts of surprising and unexpected events. The Virginia election wasn’t really one of them.

In an era when politics is supposed to present you with unexpected plot twists, Virginia was suspenseful, but not shocking. It didn’t have to come out this way, but neither did it break any established patterns. The lessons of the election and the campaign are timeworn.

But implementing those lessons can be a lot harder than grasping them.

Glenn Youngkin had a clear message that addressed people’s needs, that combined a political insurgency with optimism, and he stuck with it, avoided media distractions, and just kept hammering the same points home over and over again.

It’s harder than it sounds, but it’s also basic marketing, public relations, and campaigning.

Youngkin understood that people were angry and frustrated, but that they also wanted hope, he deftly wove between cultural and economic issues, did his best to be non-threatening to suburban women, and effectively used his wife in the campaign, while at the same time inspiring and energizing his base. It was a tough juggling act and yet he regularly made it seem easy. [-]

[+] … But where Republicans fail in so many competitive elections is at connecting with the voters. It’s not a fatal blow to a Democrat whose marketing campaign comes from the same media that tries to distance voters from the idea of even supporting Republicans. The media will aggressively market Dem candidates and, if the Republican candidate doesn’t seem to be much of a threat, ignore his existence, and if he is, spend the campaign attacking him in every possible way. Republicans who get caught up in reactively responding all the time, lose.

People are angry and frustrated. They’re looking for a voice to express their anger and pain. And the issue may not even be the issue. How many of the parents agitated legitimately about critical race theory were really upset about school lockdowns and financial trauma?

It doesn’t really matter.

Effective politicians understand that issues are often a vehicle for channeling internalized outrage. They offer them a chance to be heard. In their own ways, both Youngkin and Trump did that. Successful candidates in competitive races will have to find their own way to allow the people to be heard. [end]

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Peace, prosperity, then decadence…

The hobgoblins are more illusory when they affect others and when they come for your small children they’re not imaginary. When a school board and a governor target one concerned parent, the hobgoblin soothes others by showing the target isn’t them, but someone who’s out of line and shouldn’t be supported. McAuliffe overgeneralized to deny the concern to all parents with the claim that they’ve no business saying anything about the education of their kids, not at college age, but upon entering school.

COVID, media, and bigtech are more psychologically distant than children, and those issues are coming closer to daily attention for many. Just keep on keeping on while saying you love apple pie, the flag, and babies. Don’t offer solutions and cater to those crazy suburban women who thought Biden was bringing hope and change. Right!

Peace, prosperity, then decadence. The plain fact is we need Reagans not Bushies, ‘Bamas, Clintons, and O’Bidens – Ever!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump doing his very best to save America and MAGA! KAG!