A Republic If You Can Keep It…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

A Republic if you can keep it. Way to go Mark Levin! If all Republicans would talk this way they would be looking at super majority status in the Senate just two weeks from now and beyond. The DemoMarxists should get their butts kicked every election, but because American kids are herded into corrupt government “skrules” of indoctrination, follow corrupt lamestream-media “news” telecasts, and consistently vote for corrupt, inept, criminal politicians, we get a government that continues to be infected by the Party of Corruption. Do you want deadly diseases to come into the country? Do you want higher prices for the essentials in life (food, gas, etc)? Do you want black-outs across the country due to the closing of coal-fired power plants? Do you want more stifling/burdensome/costly government regulations? Do you want more violation of the individual’s unalienable rights? Do you want Islamic jihadist Muslim terrorists supported by the Muslim Brotherhood (whose members wander in and out of the White House every week) to become even more powerful across the world and threaten America even more? Do you want America to become Detroit? Do you want more racial tension in the country? Do you want more government spying (eg. NSA/FBI/DHS/VHA etc.) on the American people? Do you want to eliminate what few remnants of capitalism and individual liberty still remain in America? Do you want to kick the can down the road and never face reality? Do you want to have your cake and eat it too? If you like it, then VOTE DEMOCRAT. Otherwise – “Out wid’ da’ bums!” A Republic if you can keep it.

In that three-or-four minute history of the DemoMarxist Party, Levin exposed them for what they were, and for what they are still – traitors to the Constitutional Republic of the United States. From the top down, all the way through to their foot-operatives on the ground, they are nothing more than a bunch of American-hating Bolsheviks intent on “fundamentally transforming” the greatest free Republic ever placed on planet earth. “The fact of the matter is none of these Democrats that are running are moderates; they’re all radicals. None of them believe in small government. They all believe in massive centralized government. None of them believe in the working man and the citizens of this country. The Democrat party is a disaster. It’s become a radical party. I have problems with the Republican party but the Democrat party really has lost its way and they need to get a good swift kick in the ass in this election.”

‘Nuff said! A Republic if you can keep it.

And to end with a very telling wrap from Charles. We can trust in what Dr. Krauthammer, a board-certified psychiatrist, says about the rogue fraud “president” here – he can put Obama on the couch. And yet we still don’t know who this rogue fraud “president” really is, no thanks to how he sealed his records AND his past from normal examination. Mark Levin predicts that, after midterms, Obama will go “full Mussolini” – and who can argue with that? File this under “An animal is most dangerous when cornered”. A Republic if you can keep it.

In closing, I would remind us all once again, that Dr. Charles is a psychiatrist, and I for one would be VERY interested in hearing his medical evaluation of the rogue fraud “president.” From this distance of 10 years study since he came out of nowhere (one might name him “the original Nowhere Man of which the Beatles sang) my diagnosis would be that he’s a highly-strung, tight-functioning narcissistic, compulsively-pathological liar, with little personal ambition but to put himself first and foremost as the center of attention. He is a terribly flawed man. In a dangerous way. And he needs to be fired before he does any more damage to the world – particularly this (for now) precious Constitutional Republic. PERIOD.

A Republic if you can keep it

Source .. Hannity Show; O’Reilly Factor; Real Clear Politics; and personal archives.