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While president Trump entertains the masses with his latest rally from Milwaukee tonight, six remaining hopefuls – ie what’s left from the almost 30 Democrat presidential wannabe’s who began the process of tearing each other apart last year – will be attempting to out-do each other over in Des Moines, Iowa in what qualifies these days as a ‘debate’ on issues relevant to attaining the heady heights of the the highest political office on the planet.

Guess who stands to win the biggest audience award!

What should alarm We the (63 million) People more than anything else – or give us cause for a chuckle – is the content of those remaining 6 contestants made up of 4 men and 2 womyn – only one of whom, remember, will be thrust forth to battle with We the (63 million) People’s president. As the Federalist explains it:

Laughable Democrat list of wannabe’s …

Still in the race but missing from the platform include former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang, former Maryland Rep. John Delaney, and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. As the Democrat National Committee’s qualifying thresholds have risen, the number of candidates who will appear on stage have shrunk, with only six candidates participating before the Iowa caucuses less than three weeks away.

To whit:

  • Businessman Tom Steyer – polling 2.7%
  • Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren – 16.0%
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden – 20.7%
  • Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders – 20.3%
  • Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg – 18.7%
  • Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar – 7.0%

Of more importance to yours truly, is the overriding question of questions – is this all they’ve got; THIS?

Bernie (the free-loader) Sanders has been a jobless hustler his entire life, making literally millions from nothing but raising campaign dough and has never been an authentic American. His wife is evidently an incompetent and dishonest person as well. He’s a three house-owning multimillionaire, from where, who knows? A typical socialist leader who lives like a king while forcing the peons to live a dreary existence and share their cat food. After he fails to be nominated again, he will have a great time, spending all of that left over campaign fundraising moolah.

Then there’s Pocahontas. Say no more. Joe Biden – Seriously? Toss in a South Bend mayor whose city is still one of the most dangerous cities in the United States and basically we’re through. How’s that for leading candidates against arguably the best ever sitting president in United States history. Sometimes I honestly feel like I’m living in the twilight zone!

William Murchison has a wonderful take on it all in today’s American Spectator: ‘Still Feeling the Bern?’…

The best thing about Bernie — need I explain, in the year of grace 2020, which Bernie ? — is how a frosty-haired old coot old enough to have been a high-school classmate of mine fires up kids who never heard of our era’s icons: Leo Durocher, say; or Robert Q. Lewis.

This happens, coincidentally, to be the worst thing about Bernie. A youthful constituency for socialist measures and methods in the Bernie manner is a scary thing to behold. In a less mixed-up political environment than ours, Candidate Sanders might rise, with some exertion, to the level of Marianne Williamson.

That is because of a once generally obvious point — that America needs a socialist president, even a self-billed “democratic” one, the way it needs reparations for the War of 1812.

Mucking up things that run relatively well without government oversight and insistence is the vocational specialty of socialists — such of them as remain among us, dreaming, Bernie-like, of the warm feeling that comes with narrowing the running room for human freedom.[-]

[+] … Here is Bernie, all the same, carbonating at the top of various polls in Iowa and New Hampshire while he enjoys the nearly $100 million his campaign received in 2019 mostly from small-fry contributors. Non-liberal columnists — Jason Riley in the Wall Street Journal and Bret Stephens in the New York Times — are assessing the possibility of a genuine Sanders connection with voters who could put him in the White House.[-]

[+] … Sanders’ socialism doesn’t take in public ownership of the means of production and distribution; it’s all about big government — “Medicare for All” would be the biggest initiative — signaling government’s belief in its own superiority, its ability to make the right decisions for the incapable.

Under President Sanders, we’re going to receive paid parental leave and a Green New Deal that results in the phase-out of fossil fuels. Really? We don’t need an oil industry? Why didn’t we think of that ourselves? It took good old Bernie — our would-be guardian-in-chief, our philosopher king (in the Platonic mode) to awaken us to the deep needs we obviously hadn’t considered. The I-Know-It-All attributes of the committed socialist are plainly on view here.

Could Bernie the Socialist capture the Democratic presidential nomination? This I’ll say. It might better serve national purposes for the Democrats to go on and pick him so we can have it out, in November, over a major question: To wit, what’s better for the country, a government that decides what’s good for us in all important cases, or one inspired wherever possible to let people figure things out for themselves? [end]

Full content in link below…

Pres Trump and tabs on Democrat Bernie Sanders

Bernie the man has never had a real job in his entire life, neither managed a payroll, made a sale, supported a customer, created a product of value, nor has he embraced any other redeeming value towards fellow-citizens; yet fancies himself as qualified to run everyone else’s life. Despite all of this, he appears to be viable to a certain demographic, which speaks unpleasant volumes about our fellow countrymen. Dim Democrat isn’t simply a slogan. It’s a fact.

The thieves and liars making up the other half of voters, ie the other side of We the (63 million) People, represent the leftist Democrat army. The tenets of morality, patriotism, God and Country vie against a wall of leftist, socialist, communist Marxists and their Jihadists lined up with evil intent to enslave us all.

It was about all We the (63 million) People could do to last through Democrat Mullah #44 and his evil sidekick HillaryRob’em and the rest of the entire Democrat machine, including but not limited to, their party-wide activities finally coming to light on their evil coups intent against our warrior-president.

Should Bernie in his wildest dreams succeed in becoming the Democrat nominee, the good news might well turn out to be our warrior-president Trump against Bolshie Bernie and Loony AOC and the rest would break FDR’s 1936 electoral count record of 98.4%. And that’s a FACT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


See William Murchison, American Spectator: Still Feeling the Bern?

Also Tristan Justice, the Federalist: Your Guide to the 7th Democrat Primary Debate

And Grady Means, The Hill: Political Earthquake propelling Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

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