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Yes folks, on the lighter side of things (a little pun thrown in there for you strategists) you read that right. PDJT, our fearless unwired president last night letting loose on the crazy leftist loons who inundate us with low-life batteries, dim bulbs that cost a fortune, toilet flushes that have a hard time going down the bowl, and washing machines that actually wash nothing!

Welcome to the latest in a hysterically funny and no less than absolutely true PDJT high-energy rally that had the thousands in attendance absolutely engaged. Much, much, better ‘entertainment’ than the sham of a so-called ‘debate’ going on in Des Moines Iowa.

Only someone like #44 who understands nothing about science but is a Marxist ideologue would think of ordering a whole nation to abandon the types of light bulbs they use; same for toilet tanks. Way, way back in the late 1970s when peanut farmer Jimmy Carter was screwing up the American way of life, he ordered limited toilet tanks to save water. Which made absolutely no sense to those in many areas of the country who didn’t have water issues.

PDJT light bulbs and toilet flushes .. no Pelosi

Yet PDJT removes another burdensome regulation and gives the people more choice, and the left is in a wad. Color me shocked. Shocked I say!

When bulbs were banned (which we hated, of course) the only option available were halogen (too hot and limited usefulness) and those horrible CFC bulbs. We the (63 million) People were furious. Same thing with the toilets. Most low-flow toilets don’t flush worth a darn. What to do, What to do? The #44 bulbs contained Mercury and have to be disposed in certified land fills (and they don’t last 10 years like they claim). It was just another scam on the order of the Affordable Care Act, the IRS scandal and Russian Collusion.

What was yet again very obvious in last night’s latest rally, is that We the (63 million) People are not yet tired of winning. As long as PDJT keeps preaching things that live in the demoMarxocrats’ heads for weeks at a time, their anguish is our delight.

Megan Fox, PJMedia: ‘High-Energy Trump Rally in Milwaukee Full of Fun’…

President Trump has made it a practice to hold rallies on the same nights as Democrat debates so those of us who don’t want to suffer through a panel of never-will-be’s repeating stale talking points have an alternative. You can almost feel Trump’s rallies sucking the energy right out of the Democrat debate stage. I, for one, can’t keep tuning in to listen to droning Democrats arguing about who’s going to screw up America the most when I could be watching a Trump rally.[-]

[+] … Everyone hates low-flow toilets and sinks and showers. The fact that Trump does talk about the things in our daily lives that need attention, like expensive light bulbs that need a hazmat team to clean up if you break one, are important. If he can solve the low-water pressure issue and water restrictions on appliances like washing machines that DO NOT CLEAN CLOTHES, he will be king forever.

The moms of America want better appliances; there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for a working dishwasher and washing machine again. My dishwasher just broke and I’m considering not replacing it because hand washing gets them cleaner. That’s how bad it is.[-]

[+] … Women I know are finding old washing machines and old dishwashers and fighting other women for them in resale shops. I’m not kidding. It may be the biggest issue facing American women right now. Trump has hit on a very important campaign promise here. If he solves this, the mothers of America will be forever grateful. This is why the left doesn’t understand Trump’s success. He’s talking about things that affect our daily lives, while the Democrats are debating how to give more of our tax money to people who aren’t even citizens. Meanwhile, they leave us without working appliances because it’s beneath their pay grade and they cut a deal with the green appliance suppliers for “climate change” lies.[end]

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Thousands at PDJT rally Milwaukee…

And of course, the conspiracy theories abound!

Since #44 buried this in his energy bill so it would escape notice did anyone bother to see if Westinghouse or the other big bulb manufacturers had a ‘quid pro quo’ going on with #44 to get this done?

Everyone knows the ‘cheap green bulbs’ cost 2 – 5 times more than the incandescent counterparts and are made with slave labor and toxic parts overseas, so it begs the question of who got paid off for this scam because the big bulb manufactures got VERY rich from this one piece of legislation. MMmmmmmm…

Investigative odds from research are that it was GE that #44 was getting the biggest ‘quid pro quo’ from. And Fred Upton, Congressman from Michigan, was very vocally behind that ridiculous energy bill that has us replacing household appliances far more frequently these days because the products are so inferior. Why would Upton, a Republican, be behind ‘green’ legislation that results in a shorter life span for appliances? Well, perhaps being heir to Whirlpool, the company that makes and markets Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Maytag, Hotpoint, Kenmore and a host of other international appliance brands, certainly helps. Follow the money…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-PDJT – MAGA! KAG!


Megan Fox, PJMedia: High Energy Trump Rally in Milwaukee

Monica Showalter, American Thinker: Trump gives us back our light bulbs


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