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Opening up today with a reminder of what a Constitutional Republic actually represents, and how quickly the robber-barons hidden down under in the deep state corrupted mud bath where the swamp-dwellers reside, can do the political topsey-turvey so perniciously that you turn around one day and find yourself enslaved as a Marxist Communist with the nom de plume` ‘Democrat Party!’

En Garde, Patriots.

‘Loyalty to the president’ is something that must be carefully applied in practice. ‘Loyalty’ for any federal government official MUST, first and foremost be to the Constitution, consistent with the very specific oath of office each takes. Subordinate to that, any official working in a president’s administration should be ‘loyal’ to his or her superiors, and ultimately and consistent with, ‘loyalty’ to the president.

If the personal moral convictions of a public servant (in stark contrast to ANY other reason such as party loyalty) irreconcilably conflict (after reasonable and open efforts to clarify issues and resolve the conflict) with this multilayered duty of loyalty, the person must resign. Deep state or not. Additionally, to the extent such person acquired confidential information (classified information of course is subject to separate laws regarding use and disclosure) in the performance of his or her duties, the duty of loyalty still applies and should prohibit any subsequent disclosure unless released by the president or ordered disclosed by a competent court.

Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Warner… Deep state

Got it? Period. Over. Out.

Yes, indeed folks, our fearless president Trump’s ever-impeccable timing has placed Richard Grennell’s full Senate confirmation directly into the 2020 general election campaign.

Recall if you will, Trump’s trial move was last August with John Ratcliffe, which was a shot across Mitch McConnell’s bow. His nomination was immediately rejected without comment, as I’m sure Trump and Ratcliffe knew it would be, but now comes the full barrage – Grennell.

Your ‘deep state’ move, Mitch. You’re going to have to immediately break out Romney, Miss Lindsey and the whole cabal to put this one down. Half measures and Swampy machinations won’t get it this time around.

Let’s head to ‘sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: ‘A Possible Inflection Point – ODNI Ric Grenell’…

President Trump appointed Ric Grenell to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the surprise appointment begins immediately. Within minutes the media intelligence apparatus displayed apoplexy at the announcement.

All of the right administrative state interests are visibly triggered by the appointment; and it appears this could be a key turning point in President Trump’s push-back against the permanent intelligence apparatus that has targeted his administration for three years.

It does not seem accidental the appointment of Ric Grenell as Acting DNI comes after AG Bill Barr publicly displayed his weakness in managing the DOJ and FBI. When the U.S. Attorney General chooses to complain about POTUS tweets making it “impossible to do his job” via public statements, the underlying message is an AG unwilling to do his job.

The challenge for the Office of the Presidency has been executive leadership unwilling to confront visible corruption within the DOJ, FBI and Intelligence Community (IC).

Failed executive leadership includes Jeff Sessions (DOJ), Rod Rosenstein (DOJ), Chris Wray (FBI), David Bowditch (FBI), Dana Boente (FBI), Michael Horowitz (OIG) Mike Pompeo (CIA), Gina Haspel (CIA), Michael Atkinson (DOJ-NSD/ICIG), Matt Whitaker (DOJ), Dan Coats (DNI), Rex Tillerson (DoS), James Mattis (DoD), the list is long.[-]

[+] … With all of this in mind it is no surprise to see President Trump tweeting a little frustration when contrast against another blind Attorney General praising current DOJ and FBI officials; who have done nothing, except talk, while stacks of IG reports containing evidence of corruption – from 3 years of investigation – sits on office shelves gathering dust.[-]

[+] … The legislative branch has created an internal system of checks and balances where their oversight gets to check, approve or deny, anyone who would be a threat to their power. It really is a remarkable constitutional breakdown within the framework of government.

This is the accurate backdrop to consider President Trump appointing Ric Grenell to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.  However, this appointee will now have the full and focused attention of the SSCI and Intelligence Community, the Eye of Sauron.[end]

Full exposure in link below…

President Trump and Ric Grenell…

The DNI is a key position, being the head of the U.S. intelligence community and overseeing the national intelligence program. This position has the power to declassify. Those appointed also serve as advisors to the NSC (the infamous council that was infected with corruption and packed with Obama-appointees and holdovers) and the Homeland Security Council (which also has anti-Trumpers inside).

An un-corrupted, pro-American DNI will oversee the goings-on here as an advisor to the President and ensure bad, corrupt people are judiciously moved out. Obama and his cohorts like Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, and the rest of the plants corrupted many of these intelligence agencies by politicizing and weaponizing them against American citizens with opposing viewpoints.

Obama placed – purposely in most opinions  – an absolute dolt in this position named James Clapper, the sole objective of which was to control the DNI without the DNI presenting any kind of pushback. If you will, a ‘wet noodle’ by any stretch of the imagination. Fully bought and paid for.

Thank goodness for warrior-president Donald J. Trump and his willingness to go forth and battle the enemy within!

And on that positive note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump and MAGA! KAG!


Full ‘sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: ODNI Ric Grenell

See also, the Federalist: Why Richard Grenell is a Loss for the Deep State

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