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From #NoBreadOrCircuses on comment thread: But, but, but… Deep in the heart of Texas we have the Religion of Peace! Invaders plain and simply! Their communities are beachheads on our soil! This is the cult spreading itself throughout the world!

The very fact that the Left feels a need to cover for their conduct in general is indicative that there is a problem between it and interaction with other cultures and religions. The Left will continue to turn a blind eye on the terrorist supporting members of the Left Deep State/Democrat party. They have to, if they don’t they have some explaining to do regarding all the evil they have supported.

The truth is that we’re dealing with a violent and dangerous worldwide cult that will quickly resort to violence if it feels any challenge at all.

FrontPageMag and ‘Texas High School Teacher Incoherent Response to Sharia’…

[Two days ago] on February 19, 2020, Lake Highlands High School (Dallas, Texas) teacher Tracey Bishkin gave a one hour presentation entitled “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.” Bishkin told the audience Israel is to blame for the first and second Intifadas (1987 & 2000) and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was a terrorist but Yassar Arafat was not.

Understanding the Threat (UTT) President John Guandolo asked Ms. Bishkin this question during the presentation: “How can we put this discussing in proper perspective without looking at Palestine’s true intent as detailed in the Cairo Declaration since Palestine is a signatory as a member of the OIC?” Her answer was the Cairo Declaration is not relevant and its one of many treaties and other agreements over the years.

After the presentation, John Guandolo spoke with Ms. Bishkin. The following video captures the conversation and interlaces facts to contradict what Ms. Bishkin shares. A real question here is: How can Texas public schools, in this case the Richardson Independent School District, employ a racist and biased teacher like Tracey Bishkin? This says a lot about how U.S. public school students are not only ignorant about real-world issues, but are intentionally trained to be anti-Israel and pro-jihadi.[end]

Video below in FrontPageMag link…

Deep in the heart of Texas…

More #NoBreadOrCircuses: Six months after its launch, the “1619 Project” Is already a curriculum in 3,500 public high schools in all 50 states. Given the extreme leftwing nature of the teacher unions and the public education establishment, while disturbing this is hardly surprising.

Why in the world are we allowing this perfidy and pile of Bull Schiff to be taught to our children? This will stop or we will remove our children from the already abject failed public school system.  America’s children must be removed from the evil influences of the Left and placed in high quality charter or religious schools. If those are unavailable there are scores of home school groups with curricula taught by professional teachers.

Then starts the battle to retake the education system. It will be a long, hard battle but God willing we will be victorious. Think of the Children – God Bless America! God Bless President Trump!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


FrontPageMag: Texas High School Teacher’s Incoherent Responses to Questions about Sharia

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