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With all the fake news blowing around the halls of a supposed less-than-fake news media, assume that anything from the WAPO, NY Slimes, CNN, MessNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR and the rest etc., is marginal at best. Fairy-tale worthy at worst.

Early this morning for instance, ‘Whatfinger’ went so far as to pull no punches in a header that rattled: ‘FAKE NEWS ALERT – ON ALL SITES – Top Story at Drudge 8:30 am – ALL FAKE (See info on right in Quick Top News): AP source: Barr tells people he might quit over Trump tweets – AP News.’

By way of perspective, it is exactly one year ago – (actually Valentine’s Day 2019) – that Bill Barr was appointed AG. Maybe, perhaps, he surmised there might be some overzealous FBI agents hunting around when he took the job. A little clean up in aisle three. Then he realized there was a coup. Then he realized Mueller and Rosenstein were involved.

So he decided to stall to figure it out. Durham is another Huber. Let’s assume Barr realizes he’s in over his head and got more than he wanted. He can’t fix it or he’s out of the Washington club. POTUS is not letting him stall anymore. So Barr wants to get fired. But POTUS refuses. He is going to tweet to force him to deal with it or quit.

Plausible scenario? Better than most.

How ’bout this then? Barr and Durham are a head fake like Huber. They were going to stall until summer with no spygate charges. And then put a hold on all political stuff due to the election. POTUS sniffed it out. Kevin Clinesmith is a slam dunk case. Barr has known about that for a year. He hasn’t charged anyone. Horowitz handed him cover to charge Comey and McCabe and they passed. Wolfe, Sean, Clinesmith. C’mon. Not on Jessie Liu. Barr could handle that. One year and not a single case.

Or, Barr must have started with a series of wrong assumptions; that the Russian Collusion hoax started from solid evidence, that the fanatical persecution of President Trump and his people by DOJ officials was just over-zealous hard workers who meant well, and that he (Barr) could talk to his wayward staff members and straighten them out.

Instead, Barr found himself struggling to hold closed a closet stuffed with leftist honey badgers. No wonder he wants to just go home.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘WaPo Report: AG Bill Barr Threatens to Quit’…

First, the “report” comes from the pathetic beltway crowd of journolist narrative engineers; so there’s likely little-to-no substance to the construct. However, that said, if Bill Barr is so weak, pathetic and incapable of doing his job, that he needs to threaten to resign if President Trump tweets his opinion, then Barr is in the wrong profession.

…Unless, of course, President Trump’s pressure on Bill Barr is actually forcing the Attorney General to do something the AG is predisposed not to undertake. Which, given the background history of Bill Barr, is also entirely possible.

Right around this moment-in-time is where a multitude of mutually aligned beltway quisling pundits will declare that Bill Barr’s delicate sensibilities are being wounded by a President who demands forceful accountability; ie. traditional DC republican pundits [insert Laura Ingraham and Max Boot here].

The bottom line is President Trump is doing absolutely nothing to impede Bill Barr from doing his job; if the U.S. Attorney General is factually intent on doing that job.

Ever since he assumed office the Attorney General has been praising the likes of Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller and Christopher Wray. Given the nature of what is widely available in review, that level of logical disconnect is not representative of an individual who possesses reasonable judgement in the quest for deliberate justice…. just sayin’.

So until Bill Barr actually man’s-up and does something with the authority he has requested, the image of Bondo Barr attempting to cover-up the rot and wrongdoing while surrounded by visible and overwhelming corruption; and pontificating about “constitutional norms”; is a more apt descriptive.

President Trump has been victimized by the same institutions AG Bill Barr is now in charge of. So forgive me if I don’t impart sympathy upon a person who is in charge of those institutions, whining about background noise, and seemingly incapable of addressing the abuse unless all of the planets are aligned to provide him the quiet atmosphere he requires while thumbing through the final chapters of his indulgent memoirs over a glass of chardonnay.

Enthralling read to completion link below…

The ‘sundance’ closer is the killer: Barr’s job is the same with or without President Trump expressing opinion on the visible DOJ and FBI corruption. The president is simply reflecting outrage felt by a significant portion of the electorate. It was a mistake for Barr to start whining about the issue, not because of anything Trump, but more specifically because Barr showed weakness within the same fishbowl he is supposed to control.

In the aftermath of a failed coup, powerful interests in DC now understand President Trump is strong; he’s dangerous. And those same voices in DC now see Bill Barr publicly admitting how weak and pathetic he is.

Those who dispatch and coordinate the narrative engineering, the piranhas per se’, know that once they can identify weakness they will exploit it to achieve their beltway objectives.

If the reporting is accurate, Bill Barr is pathetic; and that weakness simply highlights a likelihood his purpose was never to deal with corrupt issues in the first place. Let us hope the reporting is inaccurate.

Now, go make me a sandwich – and tell the Attorney General to bring me a Diet Coke. President Trump is an apex predator. A genuine titan; not a politician. [end]

And on that note – time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: WaPo Report: AG Bill Barr Threatens to Quit

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