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Like most observing observers, I’m familiar with early dementia / Alzheimer’s and poor Robert Mueller definitely looked and spoke like he has the beginning (or even development) stages of one or the other. His eyes were open but there was no recognition of what he was being asked.

Full disclosure, I’ve never been a fan of what his historical biography reveals (or that of James Comey for that matter) but nevertheless, I have a real empathy for him these days and his condition. Seems to me like he’s been used as a set-up stooge, likely by Weissmann and his mafia soldier-handlers.

On the other hand, it’s also entirely possible he went for the ‘confusion angle’ so he could avoid questions that would have led to prosecution for perjury and other crimes. Somewhat akin to surreptitiously playing the old party game for instance, ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ – Yes. No. Maybe.

Can You Repeat the Question? It had to be a delay tactic to run out 5 minute clocks. It couldn’t possibly be ‘conscience’.

As I mentioned the other day, Mueller has no conscience (well, part of him, anyway) … 1) Arthur Anderson; 2) Four Boston low level mobsters he let sit in jail for murder they had nothing to do with; 3) the entire New England crooked FBI gang with the Whitey Bulger affair; 4) The ANTHRAX professor mess, another innocent life ruined … Then there’s Sidney Powell’s Licence to Lie … No conscience at all.

But I digress … To be guilty, a conscience must first exist, and long before any of this, Mueller proved conclusively that he has none. The more likely supposition of course, is that he and Comey, and Clapper, and Brennan etal are feeling the walls closing in, and that they are not immune from anyone ratting them out to avoid the consequences of their own lawlessness.

Which provides a good segue’ into Roger L. Simon and his piece in his own PJMedia and ‘Does guilty conscience explain Mueller’s fumbling testimony?’…

It may be that Robert Mueller being — to be polite — a bit past it accounts for his surprisingly befuddled demeanor and seeming unfamiliarity with his own report at Wednesday’s hearings. The imputation that Mueller does little or none of his own writing — many credibly believe Andrew Weissman and/or his cohorts are the true authors of the report — may also be an explanation for this behavior. On multiple occasions when questioned about his own text Mueller had a blank expression or looked over to his last-minute sidekick Aaron Zebley for answers that should have been obvious. (Zebley’s presence was itself a sign of nervous desperation.)

I have another suggestion for something else that further explains the former special counsel’s behavior, a particularly precipitous decline from when we have last seen him, from competent to doddering.

He has a guilty conscience.

He should. And not just because Peter Strzok texted to his paramour what feels like decades ago that there was “no there there.” Anyone with an IQ in the proverbial triple digits has known that for a long time. (How distant it seems, months, years, that Dianne Feinstein was asked about the collusion/conspiracy— pick one — and admitted there was none.) [-]

… [+] Mueller was correct in asserting his investigation wasn’t a “witch hunt.” It was far worse. It was part of a treasonous and/or seditious (depending on your definitions) attempt to prevent a man from winning the presidency and then, once he had done so, to sabotage and unseat him.

As we are now learning, the involvement in this — the real conspiracy — went up to the highest reaches of the previous administration, beginning when they were still in office. And once Trump was in office, the efforts were redoubled.

Here, in case you missed it, is the report from Real Clear Investigations’ Paul Sperry on how Comey lied to Trump, telling the president he was not being investigated at the very moment he was — by Comey. Interesting in all this is the cast of characters: [-]

Read to compelling conclusion in link down below…

President Trump arena clean-up man… MAGA!

The stark fact of the matter is that the increasingly-futile DemoMarxist movement (they’re not a meaningful ‘party’ anymore) think of their voters merely as ‘useful idiots’ and nothing less. They are obviously not the party that once cared about the working men and women of this country.

These days (and for the past umpteen years since ‘Billy-sex-Bob’ and his floosie HillaryRob’em began their mobster attack on the Constitutional Republic) they exist only for power and will say or do anything to gain or retain this power.

Regardless of who actually wrote the report, it went out under Mueller’s name and he is responsible for its contents. This means that he should have read it, which he apparently did not. This reflects a basic lack of professionalism.

If only Mueller’s circumspection about staying within scope during his testimony had been applied during his investigation, he would have closed up shop after Day One.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Roger L. Simon, PJMedia: Guilty Conscience Mueller’s fumbling testimony

And also American Thinker, Thomas Lifson: Mueller’s serial senior moments

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