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Like millions more, yours truly refused to watch the clown show last night as it was all just “Barbara Streisand & Co”. But this morning, suffice to say, it’s all over the place. Which definitely shows the true character of the lamestream media and their specious determination to rule the roost whenever they can.

Checking who the three on the podium were last night, ie 1) the demented Pretender Resident; 2) Cackles; and 3) the Gang Moll – tells you all you need to know about our nation’s state of Governance at present. To say it’s time to vote these b******ds OUT is a determined understatement of statements!

Thankfully we have the celebrated Daniel Greenfield of David Horowitz’ FrontPageMag fame to sort it all out for we weaklings, which yours truly is about to come forth with right now. What was particularly galling was the demented village idiot lying through his finger-picking teeth that President Trump “undermined” the watchdogs whose job was to keep pandemic relief funds from being wasted.

Culled from really grumpy old man

And then the cognitively dissonant dementia-riven idiot – the fiend – actually said “We are going after the criminals who stole billions in relief money meant for small businesses and millions of Americans. I am announcing tonight the Justice Department will name a chief prosecutor for pandemic fraud.”

To cast any kind of aspersions on President Trump in that regard from a man who was not rightfully elected to POTUS – and who is so obviously out to destroy America – is like listening to a sound bite from Satan himself.

Joe needs to be asked perhaps, why not a prosecutor for he and his son from the FBI, CIA, Bagpipes Bill Barr and other agencies about three laptops gone missing together with other nefarious “goings-on”. Mmmmm?

Thankfully, Daniel Greenfield speaks raw truth to utterly corrupt power – always has, always will. That this treasonous, mendacious piece of Alzheimer-afflicted vermin has somehow become the appointed leader of what was – until barely more than a year ago, that is – the greatest nation on Earth continues to astonish.

There are literally millions of us believing we cannot last another three years if he’s not removed forcefully from office, and we mean immediately. Impeach, you Republicans and still-sane demoMarxocrats – if any of you still actually exist, that is – and do so now. God alone knows Harris would be a terrible replacement, but with everyone in Congress despising her and without sufficient support, she’d be less able to continue the current administration’s destructive policies. The very future of the Constitutional Republic is at stake.

Culled from really grumpy old man. Period. Over Out!

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Confused Old Man Yells at Nation for an Hour’ …

[Some] 3,720 seconds of lies, fearmongering, and malapropisms. A confused political hack from Delaware [who] staged a one-man insurrection by invading the sacred precincts of the Capitol building, hijacking all the TV networks, and yelling that the planet would be destroyed unless we gave him all our money so he could burn it and turn it into green energy.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, who loves the sound of his voice more than his crackhead son or the bastard grandchild of a stripper, had already inflicted the second longest opening address in the history of this nation with a 2021 marathon address that killed more brain cells than meth.

Like the star of a slasher movie sequel, Biden Jr., returned to ramble through a worse sequel, but kept it down to a mere hour and two minutes of torture. The two minutes are significant because when you have to endure the Vogon poetry of word salads, non-sequiturs, mumbles, grumbles, malapropisms, and random interjections, 120 extra seconds is an eternity.

During those 3,720 seconds of lies, fearmongering, and malapropisms, Biden took credit for defeating COVID, Putin, and the English language. While viruses and nations can’t be defeated with hot air, English never stands a chance once Biden’s mouth gets its slimy tongue on it. [-]

[+] … Biden’s alcoholic father was a successful executive with his uncle’s company who ran through a series of failed independent ventures before becoming a used car salesman. Like many of you.

Having nailed down his working class cred, Biden began touting his various pork boondoggles, past, present, and future which helped push the national debt past $30 trillion. Deep in inflationary territory, Biden relaunched a pitch for his Build Back Better plan including spending billions to build 500,000 electric car chargers for the starving Tesla owners of California.

Congenitally unable to take responsibility for a single damn thing, Biden blamed inflation, high prices, and everything wrong with the economy on some sort of corporate conspiracy. The doddering failure-in-chief wanted to talk about a lot of things, but like most politicians what he really wanted was our money.

All of it if he can get it, lots of it if he can’t. [-] …

[+] … Biden then wrapped up the extended torture session that would have broken any of the Al Qaeda terrorists he recently freed from Gitmo by calling for open borders, illegal alien amnesty, abortion, and conducting gender experiments on young children. Then he closed by invoking God. At least unlike at the presidential debates, he didn’t invoke Allah.

At this point, not even Allah wants to be associated with the Biden administration. Squinting in defiant confusion, Biden angrily concluded by shouting, “Go get him.” The dozens of people watching were left to wonder whether he was talking to the voices in his head, an imaginary leprechaun, or his handlers in Beijing.

Americans meanwhile have already spoken. In a USA Today poll, the top response from registered voters asking what they want Biden to do in the next year was, “resign, retire, or quit”. Only 5% wanted him to tackle infrastructure, 3% wanted him to address health care, and only 3% were interested in global warming.

The country doesn’t want any of the clunkers that the son of a used car salesman wants to foist on them. It doesn’t want trillions more in debt so that Biden’s donors can get even richer. It doesn’t want to hear his inane ramblings or listen to his lies. All it wants is for him to go away. [end]

Full link below with other …

Culled from really grumpy old man

Just what can one say? It was a truly awful speech that denied responsibility for any of the dementia-riven decisions and events of the past year, or to be honest, even further back than that. Pretty soon we’ll need to be calling him “cover-up Joe” for all the mess he’s becoming responsible for.

As to the village idiot himself, whoever his handlers are, have kept him away from the White House all weekend in the middle of a war in Europe to pump him (it seemed) full of Adderall to keep him semi-coherent, almost like a junkie who got his fix. Someone had him on cognizant enhancing drugs for sure.

“A confused old man” – aka for the demoMarxocrats it’s a comical charade and the joke is on us; deliberately destroying our country so they can “build back better” in their own eyes. Culled from really grumpy old man.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior still-our-president Donald John Trump keeping his eyes peeled on this Constitutional Republic of the United States – MAGA! KAG! – Glory!