When the fix is in & doesn’t truly fit

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It’s been blatantly obvious from at least the demoMarxocrat primary that Goofy Uncle Joe had seen much better days – whatever that means. Even in his so-called “better years” he was actually nothing more than a useless political hack, and what’s interesting now is how we’re still prone to attribute the actions of this so-called administration to “Corn Pop”.

Sorry folks, but there’s absolutely no way this malevolent village idiot is calling the shots. He couldn’t even throw his own hat in the ring in the first place but somehow his back-roomers are attempting to fashion a pitiful narrative that the future of our nation rests upon the shoulders of a senile old gangster whose family is nothing more than a bunch of robber-barons.

When the fix is in & doesn’t truly fit. Cellar dweller’s creed

As a village idiot with obvious cognitive dissonance and severe dementia, this wanna-be “president in name only” hasn’t been in charge of jack-squat except the ‘family business’ since he’s been 54 years in politics – and he’s not ‘in charge’ now. Someone ought to abandon the narrative altogether and ‘circle back’ to the truth of what is actually transpiring in the country while there’s still time to do something about it.

It’s been well over a year of stumbling upstairs; getting lost in the White House; making a hash of press conferences; cursing angrily; walking away from questions; smiling inappropriately; falling asleep while seated; and public appearances kept to a minimum by toothless Republicans – who to this day – still haven’t demanded a cognitive assessment test, the likes of which was demanded of President Trump for no reason whatsoever.

The so-called “policies” of the current administration are, without exception, destructive and therefore the work of nincompoops or malevolent leftists, yet those decisions are left to handlers while dopey-Joe attempts to figure out which ice cream flavor he wants. Just when are the backroom boys who are really running the US into the ground going to trade in their senile corrupt puppet for their brown giggling robot puppet? Answer is it won’t make any difference to their poisonous policies whether it’s the giggle-gaggle-queen or ice-cream dementia-Joe. Burp!  When the fix is in & doesn’t truly fit.

Carol Lieberman, American Greatness: ‘Time for Biden to Have a Cognitive Test’ …

An American psychiatrist calls out Biden’s obvious deficiencies and recommends he address them now.

Dear Joe Biden: You are undoubtedly feeling the walls closing in now that Putin is invading Ukraine and bringing the world to the brink of all-out war. Europe faces its worst crisis in 80 years. You’re wondering if this is too much for your brain to handle. I know you care about America and want to do the right thing. I love America, too. So, I want to help you.

As a forensic psychiatrist and expert witness, with over 20 years of experience in hundreds of civil and criminal cases, I have done countless cognitive assessments to determine a person’s competency—and I am offering my services to you. I know that Dr. Ronny Jackson has already written to you asking that you take such a test. I am writing to you now to explain why you need to take such a test—and even to offer to administer it to you myself.

You may already know that I have been speaking about your “encroaching dementia” since before the election, trying to warn people about your not being able to handle the job, especially on the world stage. At that point, I could have been accused of just saying this to get Trump elected—and I will not hide that I am a Trump supporter. But, what I was most concerned about was that your encroaching dementia (which has sadly continued encroaching) would endanger America. And, indeed, it has.

Let me explain what I have observed as symptoms of your encroaching dementia. Your memory lapses have become more frequent and more serious—such as forgetting Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s name and calling him “the guy who runs that outfit over there.” When you realize you forget something, you often try to hide it by making something up or distracting your audience. This is called confabulation. Your sentences have become “word salad”—where words are just tossed around and don’t make any sense anymore …

After you finish your speeches, you look around and sometimes even mutter under your breath, “Where am I?” This is disorientation. But, the worst cognitive deficiency that you have is poor abstract thinking. This is where you need to juggle complex concepts and analyze them to solve problems. Your debacle in Afghanistan has made this deficiency glaringly apparent.

Since I have not examined you, I cannot say where these cognitive deficiencies come from. Alzheimer’s is the most common dementia, but you have already had vascular problems, including your two brain aneurysms, your brain bleed, and your ongoing atrial fibrillation, which can cause transient ischemic attacks that could explain some of your problems. I recommend, however, that you go to a neurologist to get a full workup to find out the root of your problems.

The first step is the cognitive test. Then, comes the neurologist. Then comes being on your way to a better tomorrow for us all. Ask yourself, “What would Beau say?” [end]

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When the fix is in & doesn’t truly fit. Bidin’ time and makin’ haste slowly…

The good Dr. Lieberman lays it all out exactly as to what everyone knows and can clearly see, yet quietly hide behind their whispered hands! – demoMarxocrats, the village idiot’s Minister of Propaganda, Psaki, and a host of leftist media pundits will castigate her; but she deserves a resounding Thank You. The cognitive dissident dementia-riven patient is already responsible for multiple concurrent crises. In his deteriorating mental state, he has become increasingly dangerous to our national security. He has to go.

OK – and then what? President Kamala Harris? (BURP!) Or President Nancy Pelosi? (Double BURP!) NO – actually, a much better scenario would be for the Supreme Court to grow some ‘you-know-whats’, look at the evidence that the election was stolen, and re-instate still-President Donald John Trump, who remember, didn’t concede to the village idiot. That’s perhaps the only move that will actually save the Republic!

When the fix is in & doesn’t truly fit. And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our warrior-president Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep and save our Constitutional Republic – MAGA! KAG!