Victor Davis Hanson on saying it all

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Having been a small business entrepreneur in a former life, I well understand that CreepyJoeMoe doesn’t write his own speeches, he simply reads what he’s been given. Whoever it was who provoked him to deliver that speech the other night has absolutely no idea what it takes to run a business. Period!

There are presently some 32 million small businesses making up 99.9% throughout the United States and every single one of those 32 million business owners know exactly that CreepyJoeMoe has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about when he cobbled: “The way to control inflation is for businesses to lower their cost of operation”.

CreeepyJoeMoe needs to get an education where he can come to grips with the fact that every owner knows that the cost of doing business always increases, never decreases unless for special sales and marketing promotions. Yet another thing that CreepyJoeMoe doesn’t know diddlysquat, is when faced with overwhelming costs of doing business, owners generally have no other option than to lay off employees and do the work themselves; sad but true.

Victor Davis Hanson on saying it all

Puppet-meister demented village idiot CreepyJoeMoe is just another grafting Washington politician who believes that what’s good for him is good for the country. He reads whatever Susan Rice (or whoever else) puts on his teleprompter without understanding or much caring what they actually say. He signs whatever is placed on his desk. He mouths off at someone now and then to convince himself he’s not a wreck.

Until we are certain that the demoMarxocrat “greatest vote fraud” system has been destroyed, the outcome of the November elections remains uncertain. Evil CreepyJoeMoe is “president in name only” because of blatant voter fraud. So far, despite overwhelming evidence of fraud, neither the “Stupid Party” nor the 9 self-proclaimed “gods in black dresses” have done anything to prevent a recurrence.

Le’s all understand that he’s faux-president at the moment because the seriously-corrupt demoMarxocrat criminals needed to put blinders on octogenarian Bernie Sanders of all people, having no one else to throw his way. Hopefully, he won’t be president much longer because the totally out-of-control demoMarxocrat Party can’t afford to pay the political bill for what it has done. Clear the SWAMP!

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness: ‘The Biden Inflation Octopus’ …

In the end it doesn’t matter whether Biden was deluded or diabolical. Come November, Americans will rightfully blame him for willfully damaging their lives.

The Democrats will suffer historic losses in the November midterms.

This disaster for their party will come about not just because of the Afghanistan debacle, an appeased Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the destruction of the southern border, the supply chain mess, or their support for critical race theory demagoguery. The culprit for the political wipeout will be out-of-control inflation—and for several reasons.

First, the Biden Administration is in such denial of inflation that it sounds to Americans simply callous and indifferent to the misery it has unleashed. Biden officials have scoffed at price spikes as “transitory.” Or they have preposterously claimed spiraling costs are a concern only to the elite. They blame the Ukraine crisis. Or they fault the out-of-office bogeyman, Donald Trump.

The administration assures us that consumer prices are only rising at an annualized rate of 7.5 percent—as if the steepest increase in 40 years actually is not all that bad. Yet the middle class knows that inflation is far worse when it comes to the stuff of life: buying a house, car, gas, meat, or lumber.

Second, inflation is an equal opportunity destroyer of dreams. It undermines rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals. It unites all tribes, all ideologies, all politics against those who are perceived to have birthed the monstrous octopus that squeezes everything and everyone it touches.

Third, inflation is ubiquitous, inescapable, omnipotent—and humiliating. It destroys personal dignity. And its toxicity is insidious, sort of like seeping, odorless, colorless, but nevertheless lethal carbon monoxide.

Fourth, inflation undermines a civil and ordered society. It unleashes a selfish “every man for himself” mentality, the Hobbesian cruelty of a “war of all against all.”

Inflation is the economic and emotional equivalent of smash-and-grab or carjacking. It is a brazen robber in broad daylight that so infuriates Americans by its boldness. It convinces them their very civilization is dying.

Fifth, Americans know that our current inflation is self-induced, not a product of a war abroad, an earthquake, or the exhaustion of gas and oil deposits. [-]

[+] … In just a year, Biden reduced America from the greatest producer of gas and oil in the history of civilization to an energy panhandler begging the Saudis and Russians to pump more of the oil that America needs but will not tap for itself.

Americans know the inflation octopus was willfully birthed. They are confused only whether Team Biden unleashed it out of incompetence—or a neosocialist idea of eroding the value of money for those who had it while gifting cash to those who didn’t.

Or was Biden deluded by crackpot “modern monetary theory,” the fool’s gold that claims printing money ensures prosperity?

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether Biden was deluded or diabolical. Come November, Americans will rightfully blame him for willfully damaging their lives. [end]

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Victor Davis Hanson on saying it all

Compared to the previous administration there is such a stark and revealing contrast, with such obvious cause and effect, that even some demoMarxocrats might wake up. The consequences of affordable domestic energy compared to inflationary imported energy are almost as huge as the difference between a Citizen President and a political careerist.

Diabolical and deluded are certainly not mutually exclusive. Yours truly would opt for both. One thing is clear: demoMarxocrats must never again gain control of our national government, because they govern not to the benefit of the nation but exclusively to the benefit of their globalist cronies around the world.

Consider for instance, if you’ve built your entire life and perception of reality on lies, untruths, self-delusion and wishing things that aren’t real are, just what other choice at this point do they have but continue to “believe”?

As John Wayne once said, “The reason there are so many stupid people is because it’s illegal to kill them.”

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump still waiting in the wings – MAGA! KAG!