Corrupt Obama-Clinton Deception

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Face it folks, Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails reveal that the current US government itself is a giant kickback scheme where the public interest is sold for profit on a daily basis. Corrupt Hillary and her campaign are currently embroiled in trying to paint Donald Trump as having some cozy relationship with Russia; more specifically, that he has some sort of illicit “bro-mance” going with Putin. However, let We The People remember, and never forget, that it was Obama and Hillary’s “reset button” policy that started this new antagonistic relationship between the U.S. and Russia in the first place. And even at that, they couldn’t get it right, miss-interpreting “reset” in English, to “overload” in Russian Cyrillic. Also don’t forget that it was corrupt Hillary who sold American uranium to Putin, not Trump. Out of the mouths of infants and babes.

Qatar is rich in natural gas and they have no way to move it, so their solution is to run a pipeline to their customers. The proposal is to run a pipeline through Iraq, Syria, and Turkey to supply Europe, but Syria stands in the way. Russia is the biggest supplier of natural gas to Europe and their economy relies upon this business. This goes all the way back to the Arab Spring and is one of the main reasons the Arab Spring was fabricated, perpetrated by corrupt Obama and Clinton.

Fast forward to the creation of ISIS and the Benghazi gun-running operation under Hillary’s watch. ISIS was bought and paid for by the US and the money flows through Saudia Arabia and Qatar. John McCain was pictured shaking their hands when he made the visit to meet with the Syrian rebels. If Clinton gets elevated the US will be further embroiled from within and a new global government will be running the show. Billy-Bob-Bubba sold our tech to China and Hillary sold Russia our nuclear materials! They rightly belong in JAIL for treason, malfeasance, and aiding/abetting the enemy!

As for Obama’s “grounding” in Jeremiah Wright’s “Black Theology” it would appear that there’s quite a bit of saucy language available from said pulpit …

…. Leading to this shameful display of sexual perversion in front of the world … What we are witnessing here is the biggest corruption brought on by the Democratic Socialist Party. This is not by accident folks. Check out the credentials of John Podesta and the Soros connection. Seems the Democratic regime is doing a good job at working around the American system of checks and balances. This is all scary stuff and will continue until the American people put a stop to it.

Here’s the problem…


  • 90% of all US Media of all kinds is owned by 6 Companies forming
    an Illegal Oligopoly that the Feds allow to exist.
  • 232 Media Execs Control the Oligopoly with 277 Million TV Viewers
  • Oligopoly Revenue 2010 = $276 Billion Dollars
  • Oligopoly 80% of USA Radio Stations have the same “Playlist”
  • Oligopoly Controls 70% of Cable Programming
  • Oligopoly Controls 66% of Movie Revenue aka ticket sales

Source: Business Insider

Note: Redstone has controlling interest in 2 so it’s really only 5 Companies


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