Conservative Status Takes a Hit…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

CON*SERV*A*TIVE adjective: holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion/ noun: a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics…

The definition of “Conservative” above, hardly describes what the current Republican Party stands for anymore, if indeed it was considered “conservative” in the first place; the word “republican” itself denoting more of a constitutional republic of a states form of government as opposed to a “democracy.”

I define it for us in light of the shenanigans which have taken place over the past four days following the “Fox Moderator’s Show” from Thursday evening, and more particularly with the invented slurs and non-sequiturs which have been slinging back and forth as to whether Donald Trump meant what prognosticators have inferred he meant when mentioning blood flowing from eyes, nose, and any place else from the bodies of Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace. Like him or lump him, Trump has definitely stirred up a hornet’s nest of (generally) confusion in both parties, and likely will not win the Republican nomination, but as the front guard of exposing the hypocritical and slanderous Political Correctness nonsense prevailing these days, he may well be forging the road ahead for true conservatives the likes of Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and scores of others; sometimes the cage needs to be rattled loudly.

Blood? It was everywhere, gushing like never before as Erickson and the GOP Establishment squealing like stuck pigs spattered every newspaper of the land in defense of “Poor little Miss Megyn Kelly.” But such is the “Don Quixote Brigade” defending honor where there is none! Red State shouldn’t have disinvited Trump to their weekend gig in Atlanta for a remark made outside of the debate forum. This sounds like a Thought Crime to me, and good for Trump for getting the Republican Establishment to reveal that voting moderate (such as for Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina) is just a weakened version of DemoMarxist party groupthink. It’s not just political correctness but white knight chivalry in the worst way: insecure men defending damsels-in-distress so they can have their way with them or please mommy. They aren’t noble. They’re cowards. When the Titanic disaster happened, children had a greater death rate than women. Women came first, then children, and lastly men. If the Republican party wants to address the abortion paradigm, they have to attack modern feminine entitlement chivalry first.

Megyn (Tawana Brawley) Kelly’s accusation was that Trump “liked pretty girls on their knees.” This was clearly opposition research by Fox (Al Sharpton) News management and a disgusting tactic by an alleged conservative news operation. It came from a season six “Apprentice” episode where a young, female contestant said she begged her teammates on her knees regarding their strategy. If Tawana Brawley Kelly wants to throw punches, she deserves to be verbally smacked right back.

Weasels both...

Weasels both…

As Arkansas Governor, sex pervert Billy J. Clinton is alleged to have committed sexual harassment of State Worker Paula Jones, then was caught with DNA evidence of exploiting a lowly intern in the White House and destroying her life, as well as being accused of the rape of Juanita Broaddrick and dozens and scores of other women. This apparently does not concern FOX “Sharpton” News, but question the Establishment on Amnesty or Corporatism, and they will cut your heart out.

Why The Donald resonates with We the People is that he represents Free Market Capitalism! He can’t be bought as he has $10 billion of his own money (“hey! you didn’t make that” somehow comes to mind) and he is telling the country that to do business in America, both Parties must be paid off. Hayek wrote in “Law Legislation and Liberty” that the flaw in our Constitution is that the House Legislates Just Conduct and Appropriates Funds. It was only a matter of time before Congress sold influence and favors for bribes and votes, and THAT is the overriding problem We The People face today.

Americans are sick and damn tired of corrupt politicians bankrupting our children’s future, academia poisoning our children’s minds and the MSM serving as a propaganda machine for fascism. Thousands attended the packed Levin book signing this weekend and people from all backgrounds waited for hours to thank Mark for his sterling work on behalf of We The People and while in line, they had a great time fellowshipping together and meeting real Patriots. Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Brett Baier, along with FOX management are not part of that group by any means.

And finally, I must get this off my chest from the “no-debate” the other night, put together for my convenience by C. Edmund Wright in American Thinker… (which I also shared in my SONday blog yesterday on “Character and Integrity”)

284px-American_Thinker_logoHow low has Fox slipped?

According to the social media outlets dominated by conservatives, that is the consensus question.  Fox’s debate moderation was nothing short of cringe-worthy.  The network’s moderators were obsessed with their own face time and with starting fights on stage between participants. It is clear they are intending to doom Donald Trump, while remaining committed to ignoring Ted Cruz.

Consider a few stunning – and what should be embarrassing – numbers from Thursday’s “debate”:

40: Ted Cruz was ignored for 40 straight minutes during the debate – with the mods even skipping Cruz on the topics of Iran and yes, Obamacare.  How in the world can you take yourself seriously when you don’t invite Cruz into an Obamacare discussion?  Perhaps it’s because Fox was so arrogantly assuring everyone back during the Cruz Obamacare shutdown filibuster that it was going to cost the Republicans the Senate in 2014.  How did that turn out?

59: It was 59 minutes before a single moderator mentioned any Democrat – and it was a question that involved Hillary Clinton.  It’s as if Barack Obama hasn’t been president for almost 7 years and as if these are just normal times and this is just a normal election.  Maybe that’s what Fox thinks.  It apparently has never crossed their collective minds that what voters want is a plan for defeating the Democrats and then for rolling back the 7 years of devastation that have been wrought by them.  They’re not interested in any of that.

31: Talk about ego.  The three moderators of the prime-time debate spent nearly a third of their time on themselves!  Yes, with 10 candidates needing exposure, 31 percent of the airtime went to the Fox crew.  Not even Donald Trump got close to that kind of exposure – and he got more than any other candidate by far.

1: Bret Baier doggone well knew that one, and only one candidate, would refuse to pledge to support whoever the Republican nominee is, and he started off the entire debate with that insulting and smarmy “by a show of hands” charade.  This is the utmost in subtle pomposity, as it puts the moderator in the position of professor while the candidates are subconsciously relegated to student status.  By the way, over the years, it’s been intellectually vapid as well; almost all of the “show of hands” questions are impossible-to-fully-answer theoreticals.

3 out of 4: Three out of the first four questions asked by Chris Wallace were specifically designed to get two specific candidates on the stage at each other’s throats.  They wanted a catfight – and when they got it with the Rand Paul v. Chris Christie exchange, Megyn Kelly squealed her delight like a schoolgirl.

And so on.  And this is why Fox is being widely criticized on conservative social media and by talk radio hosts.  But not all is lost for Fox, I guess.  The New York Times and CNN gave them rave reviews.  Unabashedly.  And why not?  Fox left Obama and Hillary largely unscathed.  They barely mentioned Planned Parenthood.  Just a few seconds on Obamacare.  No wonder the far left loved Fox last night.

That’s called damning with praise.  I rest my case.

… as I do mine. Our Conservative status has definitely taken quite a hit. Thank The Donald for stirring the pot and grabbing people’s attention. The Republican Establishment simply doesn’t know how to handle him, nor it now appears, does Fox News.


For further reading there’s a great piece in today’s American Spectator from Jeffrey Lord, titled “The Disgusting Big Lie About Donald Trump”…