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For all his pomposity most times and his wobbling back and forth within his disguise as a Democrat / RINOstone Cowboy, Bret Baier occasionally puts on the mask of a real shoe-shuffling street-wise investigative news hound which throws everybody for a loop – somewhat along the lines of the similarly-identified Anderson Cooper the other day shelling ‘Comey caught red-sprinkled face’ the peanut book-peddler with the same kind of questioning during a town hall gathering. Jaw-dropping!

Courtesy of ‘sundance’ at Conservative Treehouse – The Last Refuge, a couple of videos for your edification and entertainment from ‘Comey caught the Comic’ as he uncomfortably subsists through the maelstrom of bombardment from the energetic Baier (more like ‘bear-attack’ if you ask me).

As ‘sundance’ describes in his opener: Former FBI Director James Comey strategically, and intentionally, showed up 20 minutes late for a scheduled live interview with Fox News Bret Baier thereby limiting the amount of time available for questions.

There are two segments to the interview. The first segment is 20 minutes long. In the first segment James Comey showcases his forward-moving legal defense strategy. Comey outlines that he was kept in the dark, and did not know, about almost all of the central elements within the actions taken by those under his leadership.  WATCH:

A couple of comments culled from one of the threads that I would like to have heard Baier ask Comey …

  • Hillary Rob’em Clinton as Secretary of State, sent nearly a billion dollars to your former employer Boeing of which you netted six million dollars for yourself. Do you believe that the transaction was ethically correct?
  • You then went to work for banking giant ‘HSBC’ (aka drug money-laundering clearing house) who facilitated several tens of millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation for which you received a stipend. Does becoming a multi-millionaire due to your association with Hillary Rob’em Clinton affect your objectivity in truthfully investigating her?
  • You claim that Donald Trump is morally unfit for office, yet a woman who flagrantly obstructed justice and committed high treason is fit for office? Is that what you believe?

Baier continues his interrogation…

I’ve always believed that having a guilty conscience makes a person do strange things. Body language and the pained look in his eyes is jaw dropping. We know he’s lying because….

He testified to Congress that he took the notes because Trump’s comments were unusual and concerning to him in the context of ongoing FBI investigations. Comey’s latest excuse — that the memos are merely a personal diary — very clearly contradicts the reasons he gave to Congress for taking the notes. He admitted that he took the notes on his FBI computer immediately after the meetings in the back of the car (did I say on his FBI computer?), because he felt it was important to document them immediately because they might have some legal significance.


As I opined the other day: James Comey in attempting to weasel out of the deep, dark, swamphole that he continues to dig himself into, has repeatedly said that he was a ‘private’ citizen when he leaked conversations between he and President Trump; that however, doesn’t make leaking classified information legal. Imagine if every former government official or military member, broadcast all of our nation’s top secrets on the excuse that they were now ‘private’ citizens.


If you ask me, ‘James Comey caught’, ex FBI or not, is very simply a convoluted serial liar.

Which brings us to the heart of the matter … Comey caught red sprinkle-faced…

The body language says it all; even when there’s just nowhere to hide …

Awwww … But ain’t he the cutest?!


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