The leftist war that won’t go away….

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The grim fact of the matter at hand is that the left is at war with us (and has been seemingly for decades), but we haven’t been at war with them. A criminal syndicate traditionally referred to as the “demoMarxocrat party”, should have been cast on the ash heap of history long ago, but the GOP has been feckless in the face of this assault and all too comfortable playing the controlled opposition.

It has become well past the time (and hopefully not too late) to turn the tables and practice non-kinetic unrestricted warfare, with Chinese characteristics, as in lawfare; psychological warfare; media/information warfare; economic/financial warfare; election process warfare, etc., etc.

All the above have been aggressively waged by the left, but they also include biological / bioterror warfare (which doesn’t quite fit the definition of “non-kinetic”) as an avenue of exploitation in their unrestricted warfare campaign. The latter has been leveraged rather successfully so far having been the important factor in the coup d’ etat of Nov 2020. The leftist war that won’t go away.

The leftist war that won’t go away

The actual extremists – the ones who speak of “reset” and “transformation” – are inherently violent people who use violence as a tool. “The purpose of violence is violence.” They live by the sword, so (metaphorically speaking) the only thing they know to expect is that they will also die by it. They believe that they can set the rules of engagement: that they can force the people to resort to the violence which they themselves crave (yet, also hide from). Therefore, they know nothing of non-violence and can’t appreciate its greater power.

An important step, but hardly sufficient in the face of the rapidly escalating tyranny. There’s more to non-kinetic warfare than this. A main problem with right wingers for example, is we all have too much to live for. Too many things, too many loved ones, too much enjoyment in life. Yours truly is getting to the age (hah, already there and beyond!) where “life in prison without possibility of parole” isn’t the deterrent that it used to be. Maybe the solution is a bunch of lone wolf 60- somethings each acting alone for the betterment of society. They can’t catch a conspiracy after all, when there are none conspiring.

The Left is trying to wish [lie] that the Jan. 6th event was a “violent insurrection”, but they ought to be careful – they may just get what they’re wishing for. Remember the police force present that day was purposefully under manned, to the end that slowly but surely the truth of that day is being revealed. The leftist war that won’t go away.

Blaine Pardoe, American Greatness: Are We in a Civil War? …

This civil war is one that will be marked more by virtual mob justice and battles in the streets. It isn’t a war to seize territory, it is a war of exerting control over your enemies.

I have been posed with this question, both as a conservative and a military historian. I contend that we are in a civil war. It is not a conflict on a traditional battlefield . . . yet, but a war is waging—digitally, verbally, and physically. People are attempting to use force and coercion to change the way others act, behave, and comply against their will. Values and our rule of law have become targets. One side seeks to impose its lifestyle and culture on a massive part of the population simply based on its self-perceived moral authority.

We are at a stage of war where one side, the Left, is fighting a war against the Right. Conservatives, for the most part, try to ignore the constant attacks, many still harboring the illusion that things can be resolved with compromise or concession. It is much like America prior to 9/11. Islamic extremists had been at war with the United States for years, but it took a major attack to convince us we were in a conflict. We simply have not had our 9/11 moment yet.

January 6 was not a trigger point for liberals; it is their justification or impetus for what is to come. Portraying Republicans as supporting an insurrection gives them all the reason they need to come down and come down hard. [-]

[+] … We are facing an enemy who thinks nothing about calling your employer and trying to get you fired. The woke consider any associates or family as legitimate targets of their wrath. The truth has no meaning to them, nor do your First Amendment rights, all that matters is them crushing you, then moving onto their next target. Look at what they did with Brett Kavanaugh. When their flimsy accusations failed, they whipped up completely false accusations to go after him, his family, and smear his reputation. There were no apologies, no sense of guilt.

The truth was the first victim of the civil war we are engaged in. The Left intends to control it, and, when it stands in their way, they simply sidestep it. [-]

[+] … This civil war is one that will be marked more by virtual mob justice and battles in the streets. It isn’t a war to seize territory, it is a war of exerting control over your enemies. Few armies will take to the field beyond the National Guard. Everyone is a potential target . . . everyone is a potential warrior at this stage. The Left is not above targeting spouses and children in this fight.

Yes, this war is on. Yes, we are in the early stages, but make no mistake, this is a new kind of civil war, a new variety of open conflict. The battle lines of this conflict are blurred and frustrating. This time it will not just be brother against brother, but indoctrinated children against their own parents, neighbor against neighbor, rural citizens versus urban residents. What is at stake is our way of living, our freedoms, and the future direction of our nation . . . and we are only in the early stages of this civil war. [end]

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The leftist war that won’t go away.

The urban blue states are out to conquer and dominate the more rural red states. They want to rewrite the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College; congressional district gerrymandering; and the small-state advantage in the Senate. Blue states want to dominate American politics by changing all the rules so that they never lose again. They’re after getting rid of the checks-and-balances and other structural inertia designed into the Constitution that prevent progressives from making “progress”.

Progressives are currently working to change the rules by eliminating the filibuster and ramming through “voting rights legislation” with a bare 50/50 Senate and a roughly 50/50 House of Representatives. Which puts We the (80 million+) People engaged in all-out political civil war. The other side understands it, but we don’t. Republicans en-masse, need to focus on winning elections while avoiding actions that give Washington elites the opportunity and excuse to roll tanks in the streets.

The leftist war that won’t go away.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! – KAG!