Clinton*Bush*Obama ‘woke cartel’

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When the Bush family began its political involvement, America was a united, powerful nation, dominated by traditionalists, one that would be recognizable to our Founders and filled with optimism. After three generations of Bushes, however, America has morphed into a collection of warring factions, every institution taken over by anti-American activists, its people awaiting its inevitable decline to historic footnote. That’s their legacy.

They’re among the many Republicans with a 20th century mindset that still dominate. Their mindset is to attain and keep power and wealth while managing – not stopping – the decline of America. They advocate doing what they’ve always done: surrender our nation and heritage without firing a shot.

G. W. Bush got what he wanted – fleeting acceptance by the cultural demoMarxocrat Left that dominates society. Perhaps the Left will allow the next generation of Bushes to play the role of timid opposition and graceful losers. But they will always be disdained by the Left, and particularly now that they’ve lost whatever shred of moral authority that remained within the ranks of the Right.

Clinton*Bush*Obama ‘woke cartel’. From where did all their money come?

Forgetting about all of that, basically out of nowhere comes along President Donald John Trump in real danger of overturning the gigantic apple cart of the deep state, all its agencies plus the corporate and banking world, of whom most are heavily in bed with the Federal government – for some of them, coming close to a century. Then there are the foreign governments and the billions in arms and other contracts, all in all, trillions in various forms – public, private, international – for many decades on end, making many numbers of people extremely rich and powerful. When you look at the Bush family history they’ve had their hands in this pot for a century or more, and are definitely NOT looking to walk away from it any time soon.

Trump in his own way was putting all this in danger, by challenging China, NATO, the UN, etc., etc., and all the shenanigans in the Federal government agencies and their vast “dark” programs being accountable to no one; basically a “Bush Bounty” always hidden from sight. And this is only what we know. It’s definitely more than possible he’d signalled his wish to do a lot more which would’ve upset – if not put in jail – a whole bunch of lifelong grafters and grifters at all levels of the government and the private sector.

The Clinton*Bush*Obama ‘woke cartel’…

Lane Scott, American Greatness: ‘The ‘Foul Spirit’ of George W. Bush and America’s Ruling Class’…

Bush’s complete misunderstanding of that day, coupled with his apparent desire to rub our noses in his own failure and the failures of his class, is profoundly offensive.

As with so many other aspects of our time, we seem destined to suffer the most trite and underwhelming imitations of things that once were great or at least impressive. Exhibit A would be the great war advocate, George W. Bush. Can there be a more perfect synthesis of the last 20 years of disappointing American politics than this man? He exemplifies everything—unaware, unashamed, unapologetic—that the American ruling class has become. NeverTrumpers and neocons yearn for a return to the days of measured, steady Bush leadership. We are told constantly now that he is kind, polite, well-bred: a politician from a more dignified tradition of public servants than those of late. But of course, in reality he is none of these things.

The everlasting incompetence and mesmerizing self-delusion on display at his recent 9/11 remarks make that clear.

What kind of a person stands on the very spot where heroic, valiant Americans perished in a tragic last-ditch effort to save a symbol of their ruling class—either the Capitol or the White House, no one knows for certain—and dares to offer criticism of the American people? What kind of cretin could possibly stir himself to lecture the public while standing on the very spot where common, average, everyday people sacrificed themselves to save members of the elite?

Does any thinking person for a moment believe, were the shoe on the other foot, that a plane load of Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas, highjacked and heading straight for Dollywood with the intention of killing as many ordinary Americans as possible, would rise up and sacrifice themselves to save us? [-]

[+] … Instead of heaping praise on this small group of valiant Flight 93 Americans, and humbly asking their forgiveness for his errant and misguided attempts to avenge them, including the embarrassing foreign adventurism undertaken in their name, Bush instead searched the American landscape for a recent, festering wound to scratch . . . and broke it wide open. Why? Why did he feel the need to do this?

Alluding to the events on January 6, 2021, Bush lectured ordinary Americans—some of them the very people who felt compelled to answer his call to defend America 20 years ago at Ground Zero—on what he considers to be their latent propensity to act like the terrorists he and his fellow negligent elites allowed to murder nearly 3,000 of us. One can believe that the misguided and foolish rioting of January 6 was profoundly wrong, and still feel in one’s bones how inappropriate and small Bush was to profane the remembrance of our heroes with his tedious little lecture. [-]

[+] …  When each and every one of our elite institutions failed us, necessitating hundreds of valiant first responders to go to their deaths in an attempt to abate the crisis, one plane load of 40 average Americans rose up and stopped the terrorists. One group of ordinary Americans, with no warning or special training, managed to hold the devil at bay. Once they found out where that plane was headed and what the terrorists had in mind, they were resolved to stop them. And they did. Their courageous stand allowed us some dignity and pride in ourselves amidst the crushing pain, shock, disbelief, and failure.

President Bush’s complete misunderstanding of that day, together with his apparent desire to rub our noses into his own failures and those of his class, blaming us for the difficult political situation in which we now find ourselves, is profoundly offensive. [end]

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A man for all seasons tackles the enemy. The Clinton*Bush*Obama ‘woke cartel’. When in the course of … Freedom!!

When President Donald John Trump went full bore and first decided to donate his presidential salary to the country, it likely scared the very wits out of them and even more so when he further cancelled the order for a new Air Force One in 2017 running at a cost of over $4 billion!. You can imagine them right off the bat wailing “My gosh, this patriotic idiot lunatic is going to shut us down and expose us all!”

Then we had a snarly Bush – who rarely has an opinion – in Shanksville treading where only a progressive elite moron would go, expressing to the good, hard-working patriotic American people in no uncertain terms, how he doesn’t understand them and how totally unaware of their sentiment he was on January 6:

“One can believe that the misguided and foolish rioting of January 6 was profoundly wrong”. Barf! Barf! Barf!

In the end it took ’em all – the crooks, that is – the full four years, but inevitably, using the heavy tactic of naked electoral fraud, they crushed him for it. One man can only do so much. Love him. Like him. Or – in their case – hate him with a vengeance. Whatever.

The Clinton*Bush*Obama ‘woke cartel’ … One should never, ever, take Donald John Trump for granted. Ever!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – president scrappy-as-ever Donald John Trump doing his very best to make and keep America great yet again, Bushwhackers or not – MAGA! KAG!


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  1. I really don’t like being lectured to by a Nazi collaborator family. Get over yourself, Georgy. We are just not into you. Be best if you remained silent on this and well everything. I don’t want to hear you. At all

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