Voter fraud bids farewell valid votes

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The perfect scam artistes hollow out every election stolen, and if you want to audit, you are attacked and even if you get to audit, it’s months later with such vilification that no one gives a flying hoot anymore. DemoMarxocrats never really have an urge to audit, the reason being that they commit massive fraud up front to the vote itself, yet just not enough to win bigly which would all show up in an audit – and they definitely don’t want that. They simply make a note to cheat better.

A perfect example of this is closing down counting in 5 key states say at 10pm-to-midnight where you’re losing by massive amounts, only to make a huge comeback and win them all by just a few thousand votes a couple or three hours later once the counting starts again. Of course it helps immensely if you’re also controlling the right kind of machinery to help hit your goal. Whatever it takes!

Voter fraud bids farewell valid votes. Maricopa County audit for the ages…

The sad truth is of course, that Republicans are not going to “save the day” on voter fraud, because they’ve participated in it for themselves. Primarying an incumbent and/or term limits to end the “career politician” is what’s needed. Having conspired to remove our fearless Trump at any cost, the Bush, McCain, McConnel (and others) “leadership” cartel is just as corrupt as the Clinton, Obama, Pelosi grift. And they conspired to remove Trump at any cost – now even by colluding with China under the demented village idiot cellar-dweller who thinks he’s president or something.

To the demoMarxocrat thugs, the only thing that matters is keeping, and infinitely expanding, their tyranny over us, by whatever means necessary while attempting to maintain the pretense that that’s what the American people want. It’s not the mail-in ballots that are the problem after all, because Republicans can cheat at home just as much as demoMarxocrats can. It’s the people, or machines, that count the votes that are the problem. Any society that can, and does, collect vehicle tolls as the vehicles pass by on the highway has no excuse for not conducting elections similarly. So what’s the big holdup – Voter fraud bids farewell greed?!

Lloyd Billingsley, FrontPageMag: ‘California’s Audit-Proof Scheme to Steal Elections’…

“California media called the recall election minutes after polls closed at 8:00pm Tuesday evening [while] announcing that Gov. Gavin Newsom had defeated the recall,” the California Globe reports.

In reality, Democrat mouthpieces such as the Sacramento Bee were touting Newsom’s “victory” days before the election took place.  With the final tally still weeks away, Californians might wonder how that is possible. One thing they might consider is the Remote Accessible Vote by Mail system.

RAVBM allows Californians to “vote independently and privately in the comfort of their own home” by printing their own ballots and mailing them in, even with their own envelope. RAVBM was developed for the 2020 election, when similar tactics carried the day for one of the biggest scams in state history. [-]

[+] … In 2013, a report by the Institute of Medicine found that CIRM directed a full 91 percent of research funding to institutions with representatives on its governing board. In similar style, the CIRM board overruled the Institute’s own scientific reviewers, who twice rejected a proposal to fund a for-profit company on whose behalf CIRM founder Robert Klein had lobbied.

By 2018, CIRM had spent most of the $3 billion but a ballpark figure for the number of FDA-approved cures and therapies was zero, so the promised financial windfall never materialized. Through the sponsoring agency Americans For Cures, CIRM bosses went back to the voters, this time for $5.5 billion. Signature gathering proved troublesome during a pandemic, and as the deadline approached, Don Reed, Americans for Cures vice president of public policy, began pushing for mail-in signatures. [-]

[+] … Newsom signed a $1 billion deal for masks with a Chinese company and hid the details even from fellow Democrats. Newsom locked down Californians while cavorting with colleagues sans mask at the upscale French Laundry. While many public schools remained shuttered, Newsom sent his own children to an upscale private school. And so on.

In California, where voter fraud has been institutionalized, Newsom can do that with impunity.

With midterms on the horizon, Democrats will be looking to expand print-your-own-ballot measures such as RAVBM across the country. Premature ballot harvesting does not bode well for the future of American democracy.

“Can you print out more than one ballot?” wondered Katy Grimes of the California Globe. “Did California invent an audit-proof way to steal elections?” People across the country have plenty to ponder going forward. [end]

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Voter fraud bids farewell valid votes. Ballot count jitters not going away. Squeaky bums=squeaky seats alarm…

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book re-written, every picture repainted … every statue and street has been re-named and buildings taken down. Every date altered and the process has been continuing day after day, minute by minute, history has stopped. Nothing exists except the endless present in which THE PARTY is always right”. ~ George Orwell – 1984

In order to change anything, one needs to create something, since nothing was ever changed by words alone. And the present “woke” mob – along with their collaborators and well-wishers in the demoMarxocrat Party, the timid RINO cowards, and the media – embrace our own, home-grown Taliban, just as fanatically totalitarian, and soon just as murderous of anyone who simply doesn’t agree with them.

The leftist elites destroy their history, which is easy enough, but creating is much more difficult and that requires innovation which emanates from the free individual not an oppressed socialist society. Globalist organizations are not afraid of competition. They’re so arrogant that they now regularly promote Marxist lies against political issues without regard, from which they willingly alienate at least one half of their customers. They’re in bed with our present American Marxist government, and if you don’t believe it just read Mark Levin’s book American Marxism.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump forever doing his darnedest to restore our Republic to greatness yet again – MAGA! KAG!