Clinton compromise Danger to U.S.

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

The continuing problem with the whole Hillary Clinton fiasco is that We the People haven’t a clue what the adversaries of the USA know about her due to her compromised information. Therefore, she is damaged goods and can’t be trusted because she could be under blackmail from anyone, anywhere, at any time. Period. In a former ‘age of honor’ she would have done the right thing and resigned for this obvious flaw, yet today, I feel like I’m sitting on this observation alone since she doesn’t even acknowledge that there is a problem. How can the entire DemoMarxist/Communist/Progressive movement continue to stay with this woman who is so clearly damaged? Then I remind myself of the key characteristic of the entire Clinton Crime family, in that it has been closely involved (very closely!) to an amazing number of “suicides”, accidents, and odd murders among its associates and close “friends”.

In about the sixth paragraph of the piece under review by Michael Cutler in FrontPageMagazine, we read: “Finally, people may also be compromised also when they act in a nefarious way and others become aware of their conduct. This sort of compromise creates a vulnerability for that person and can leave such an individual open to blackmail or other covert coercion.”

These statements perfectly describe the relationship between the NSA, CIA, and FBI concerning Hillary Clinton. With everything those agencies have accumulated concerning her criminal conduct, she is now their puppet, and therefore certainly their favorite presidential candidate.

Just too close for comfort .. Each hiding secrets from one another.

Clinton to Obama .. Each hiding secrets from one another.

As I made reference-to in my piece yesterday, we have members of Congress who are pretending to investigate Hillary Clinton while also pretending to have forgotten that the NSA was collecting all communication data concerning everybody while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. It was only after she left office remember, that Edward Snowden revealed what the NSA was up to and it had to reduce its data collection to only “metadata.”

The NSA has all of Hillary’s deleted emails – everything that she tried to prevent anyone from ever learning when she…

  • rerouted government records to her basement email server;
  • deleted “thousands” of government records;
  • scrubbed the email server so that even the FBI wouldn’t be able to discover what was in those records; and
  • claimed that she’d turned over “all” of her work-related emails — if anything, turning over too much rather than too little, just so as to err on the side of “transparency.”

What we have to do is stand back let her own her own corruption. Her arrogance now is to the point that she’s openly flaunting it, and it’s only a matter of time, even with her personally-owned press, before ‘we’ turn on her. The question remains, will even that matter?

Checking on her email count perhaps? The "lost" ones, that is...

Clinton checking on her email count perhaps? The “lost” ones, that is…

It seems to me that we’re at a tipping point where most of the legitimate political institutions have failed us, since there is no longer any recourse against a tyrant through normal means. There are no laws, no one to enforce them. Impeachment for her is as absurd as it would be for OBO the Clown Prince of Fools, since it would never happen under the current Congress. We are more corrupt and broken than Brazil for goodness’ sake, which is itself holding its own impeachment trial for the largest documented corruption scheme in modern history; and that doesn’t involve state secrets, foreign policy or foreign control of the lever of government. Their’s is just plain old bid-rigging, bribery, influence-peddling, graft and Tammany Hall things. What we have is far, far, worse. It’s not about money it’s about the takeover of an entire nation.

It’s no coincidence that Paul Wolfowitz (the architect of the phony weapons-of-mass-destruction Iraq War) has come out in support of Clinton, and, one can only imagine J. Edgar Hoover frantically clawing at the lid of his coffin, trying to dig his way out of his grave in order to support Hillary. Just remember this, if  the worst happens and she squeaks into the White House on the backs of the dead voters society (like OBO the Clown Prince of Fools before her) Hillary Clinton will be taking orders, not giving them, from George Soros.

God forbid.

Now on to Michael Cutler and his Hillary’s Hacked Emails and Blackmail… 

frontpage_logoThe ability to compromise can be a virtue when reasonable people of differing perspectives are able to set aside their differences and come to an agreement that, while not perfect, is fair and equitable and provides a common ground for all concerned.  This enables the participants in such a negotiation to satisfy enough of their core requirements and adequately address the concerns of those involved that such an agreement is sensible and, indeed, desirable.

Politicians frequently work out compromises in order the achieve a consensus among politicians from both sides of the aisle so that legislation can go forward.

However, there is another meaning to that term “compromise.”  This “compromise” is hardly virtuous, but treacherous.  In this regard, “to compromise” means to weaken or undermine.

When an undercover agent’s identity and mission is divulged to his/her adversaries, it can be properly said that the agent has been “compromised.”

When a nation’s secrets are provided to its enemies it may be said that the nation’s security has been compromised.

Continues in FrontPageMagazine…

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