Cellar dweller’s creed, seed of greed

En Garde in the bunker…

A Mr. Magoo stunt double showed up at CNN last night and couldn’t fill up a movie-theater sized auditorium 6 months into his presidency(sic), yet we’re all expected to believe that he buried every single candidate’s vote total since George Washington back in the heady days of 1776. Really? Erm, yeah, okay, I believe you. By the way, I’m in the market to buy a bridge, anyone looking to sell?

It’s hard bars to watch anything where the Village Idiot is meant to speak. He’s obviously a very sick puppy, and his money-grubbing wife and crackhead son are doing nothing but exploiting that sick old man for whatever they can get. To say nothing about his fake female VP. Talk about a life devoid of love, huh? Yours truly would venture to say that even if you’re totally alone in this world, you’re doing much, much better than a demented cellar-dweller pretending he’s president or something, while surrounded only by sociopaths feeding him the lies, lies, and fairytales.

Cellar dweller’s creed, seed of greed…

The idiot’s performances have become very predictable. Knowing this why do his handlers permit these excursions when the cackling hyena Kamala is another public relations nightmare. They’ve put themselves in this awkward position by selecting the absolute worst least capable people for leadership. Could this be part of the plan?

He lied his way to whatever choices seemed right to him earlier in life, but those same choices carried him to where he is now. One simply has to wonder if he has enough of a mind left to reflect on any of that. Not that it’s a worry to yours truly – just saying. After all, the entire world is watching this troublesome fiasco play out in real time, and more’s the pity that it hasn’t yet been brought to a screeching halt by the adults supposedly in charge of everything!

While I would agree that the demoMarxocrats have worked diligently to destroy this Constitutional Republic, rig elections, accept gifts from the bad guys, and lie through their rotten teeth throughout the entire halls of governance, a far more troublesome happenstance has been that our dear Republicans emblazoned with flag pins, have facilitated, and in many cases, aided in this criminality, thereby placing We the (80 million+) People at the crossroads of our nation’s future. If something substantially effective does not happen to alter the current trajectory upon which this nation is currently teeter-tottering, we as a nation, will simply not survive. Cellar dweller’s creed, seed of greed…

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: ‘Biden Drifts off Answering Don Lemon Question at CNN Townhall’ …

We’ve all seen this before, as has every leader of every country in the world. A sitting president of the United States cannot put together a coherent answer to a simple question. He pauses, appears puzzled, and then comes up with a string of words that appear to have entered his brain via an earpiece. If the stakes weren’t so high, it would be comic.

Wednesday saw the president of the United States engage in a town hall–format discussion, on friendly territory, with Don Lemon moderating on CNN. It must have been one of those “good days” that dementia-sufferers sometime enjoy — in Biden’s case, meaning no “lid” was called, removing the leader of the free world from public scrutiny.

(“Calling a lid” is an unprecedented admission that the POTUS is not in full command of his mental faculties and would have Democrats demanding that the 25th Amendment be invoked if a Republican were in office. But Republicans are far too polite and far too scared of the media to make an issue of it with Biden.)

Even with the friendliest, least demanding moderator imaginable, Don Lemon, it was a challenge for President Joe Biden to get through the entire hour. His handlers must have believed that with familiar questions and maybe a good earpiece helping him along, he could handle the challenge.

They were wrong. [-]


Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Joe Biden Arranges Words into Odd Cringe-worthy Sequence at CNN Townhall’ …

What do you call it when you combine cringe with awkward discomfort? Whatever it is, this is full of it.

The White House coordinated with CNN to put Joe Biden on stage so that the administration could convey a message of importance to CNN viewers. The event was so terribly horrible it’s doubtful the person in the White House is still employed.  EXAMPLE WATCH:

[TRANSCRIPT] …”And the question is whether or not we should be in a position where, you, er, um, are why can’t the, um, the experts say we know that this virus is in fact, er, er, um, uh, its this its going to be or, excuse me, we, we, we know why all the drugs approved are not temporary, temporarily approved, but permanently approved.”

Also, journalist Jennifer Epstein (Bloomberg News) tweeted out a picture from the camera position, to give her followers an idea of the audience. Suffice to say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Oh dear…. Yeah, this guy got 80 million votes?… or something. [-]

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Cellar dweller’s creed, seed of greed…

This comment from the thread summed it up perfectly: “To our enemies. Save your missiles. This guy is destroying our country for you.” BRAVO!

The fact that the progressive leftists in this country and select RINO’s thought they could keep the charade going for any length of time, just shows how much they think of our intellect and awareness. To be fair, in the past there were only a few of us that paid enough attention to see behind the curtain. Now that the general population is having their “great awakening” that ain’t gonna fly anymore. More the likes of “C’Mon man and you know the thing! And I got hairy legs!”

Shame on these fraudsters that installed him. Or should it be rather, thank you, for installing a decrepit old fool. It will make it easier to destroy you when the voter fraud is proven! One has to hope these Commie clowns are left in the smoldering heap that will be the current demoMarxocrat and Republican parties gone way, way, south.

A lifetime in government with nothing – NOTHING! – to show for it other than corruption, perversion, sedition and treason finally having taken their toll, left their mark and squeezed this shell of a (sic) man into the shameless, gutless, stuttering, masquerading huckster, barely standing upright – greedy and unprincipled in every way; except of course, for the lust for power; raw power. Always power. Cellar dweller’s creed, seed of greed…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still our Warrior President Donald John Trump, doing his darnedest to make America great again – MAGA! KAG!