Can Climate Idiots Shut Up Now?

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

It is amazing how a hoax like this can capture the attention of so many people in high places. It goes to show the power of frightening people into turning control of their lives over to idiots in the hopes of gaining security. That is what socialism offers though it can never deliver. It is contrary to human nature; human nature that is a part of the very people advocating it. One indisputable fact, the champions of the planet left the mother of all historic carbon footprints that may never be rivaled. So it’s hard to take them seriously. It looks like it was all about money and power. Our money and their power, and the redistribution into somebody’s pockets, thereof.

The global warming hoaxers, or religionists, are in a panic because fewer and fewer people are buying their emotionally-charged nonsense. They would have you believe they have received the divine wisdom that carbon dioxide has been isolated from the host of natural factors that have always driven climate. Even their attempt to paint realists as “climate change deniers” shows them to be imbeciles. No one denies that climate changes. The issue is: by how much? Who or what is responsible? And is it worth throwing a wrench into our economies in a ludicrous attempt to “fix” it? The answers being: nothing at all to be concerned about; natural climate variability; and HELL NO, are you crazy?

GloBULL Warming Scam 2 Paris Dec 2015..

Paris Party Time for GloBULL Warming Politburo…

These people have overreacted for political reasons, to a phenomenon that can only be measured in geologic time, not over short-term political cycles that just happened to coincide with the rise of the modern environmental movement, the parallel desire of some scientists to glom on to the movement for grant-seeking benefits, and the political aspirations of AlGoreythm Gore who, having flunked out of divinity school, needed a new religion to ride into the White House – thank you Florida Supreme Court (at least on that score).

Hundreds of the NOAA temperature sites are poorly maintained, placed in asphalt parking lots, near AC exhausts and close to airport runways where jet exhaust blows past them 100 times a day or more. They also are not evenly distributed, especially in less-developed countries. They claim to have “compensated” for these descrepancies, but just how do you do that? Make up the numbers? This remember, is the data they use to decide that the earth is warming and that last year, 2014, was the hottest on record, all the while knowing that satellite observations are sending the complete opposite information!


I don’t know if Steyn and Curry were able to get in a word cross-wise when that whacky senator Markey began babbling about last year being “hottest” and various months in 2015 “hottest”. Markey has been thrown under the bus by NOAA and NASA, with cooperation by the liberal news media and doesn’t even understand he’s the perfect posterboy for “useful idiot”. Both NOAA and NASA revised their claim about 2014 being “hottest” since they really had no choice. The liberal news media didn’t think that was very interesting, and evidently, neither did Markey’s staff. The two agencies revised their original claim by assigning independently determined probabilities for each recent year being hottest (which is also a joke). One agency came up with 48% for 2014, the other 38% for 2014. That implies that both admit that it was less than 50/50 that 2014 was hottest.

And here’s the other reason they had to do that. Both NASA and NOAA use only the terrestrial datasets (as explained above, eg), for some strange reason ignoring the existence of our two weather satellites! Using the EXACT SAME original analysis used by these two supposedly scientific firms, 2014 would be 3rd hottest or 6th hottest based on satellite data. That would imply we are experiencing a short term COOLING period, either 3 years or 6 years. But what’s worse is that the DIFFERENCE in global temperature among recent years is MINISCULE, less than a few hundredths of one degree, which is considerably smaller than the uncertainty error, so MEANINGLESS. (Can you believe that neither “science” organization understood that until skeptics began correcting them?) Markey’s claim is MALARKY.

Meanwhile both agencies have now polluted the sea surface temperatures by throwing in clearly biased SST which are not comparable in accuracy to the 3,600 ARGO buoys designed for just that purpose. This was a fraudulent effort to make the “hiatus” in temperature increase go away. These two firms have converted from science to political science (altho’ perhaps we should call it malarky science.) (h/t Denis Ables)

No matter what they call it, it is still a hoax scam...

No matter what they call it, it is still a hoax scam…

The satellite data is accurate, consistent and evenly distributed. It determines we are not warming and the ice caps agree. Therefore, why do the warmists choose faulty data that is based on 1940s technology when accurate modern data collection is available? They obviously are not interested in the true science nor even the truth, as long as the satellites are not giving them the ammunition they want. For OBO the Clown Prince of Fools to go in front of the cameras on a quiet Saturday afternoon, tells you a lot about his specious antics about a science that doesn’t live up to its own standards. All in the name of tyrannical dictatorship, which We The People thought we got rid of in 1945.

The bottom line, when all is said and done, is that when the output of the Sun goes up, the temperature of the Earth goes up. When the output of the Sun does down, the temperature of the Earth goes down. And that’s a FACT. Imagine that, corrupt President of US trickles down to corrupt scientists.

There is NO Global Warming/Climate Change of any significance whatsoever. More troubling is that OBO the Clown Prince of Fools insisted on the final report from the unelecteds in Paris be written in “funny language”. Quote from AP:

“But the draft appears also to meet A KEY DEMAND from the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION that it NOT INCLUDE LANGUAGE that would NEED APPROVAL from the REPUBLICAN LED U.S. CONGRESS requiring rich countries to pay poor countries hurt by climate change. The document specifies that it “does not involve or provide any basis for any liability or compensation” for countries that are damaged by climate change” (emphasis mine). As another point of tyrannical note, Heinz Baked Beans Kerry confirmed this yesterday on Fox News Sunday .. We The People are being taken straight to the proverbial cleaners. What to do now We The People?

Yet another example of out-of-control tyranny from OBO the Clown Prince of Fools and his Apparatchik Politburo. Sickening.


GloBULL warming hoax ...

GloBULL warming hoax …


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